Boy Scouts Nix Gays As Members

Contributor John Liming discusses the Boy Scouts of America decision to remain a homophobic organization.


The ban on Gays in the ranks appears to have been reaffirmed by the iconic Boy Scouts Of America organization according to reports I have read as recently as 11 hours ago.

I guess this is one fire that someone has ignited that might have far-reaching implications… and maybe even consequences. We will have to be patient and see how this all plays out.

It looks like some of the leaders in the Boy Scout hierarchy feel that their decision to continue the ban on Gays enjoys what they refer to as “Broad Support” and some other observers have apparently concluded the move is based in part, at least, on the influence of a couple of major Church Organizations.

Well, here is some news for The Boy Scouts Of America!

This is one blogger that does not support intolerance in an organization that has always been known for it’s efforts at “Character Building.”

Anti-Gay discrimination might set well with Bible Thumpers and other members of the hallelujah crowd – – – and with the Far Right Wing nut cases, but to me it is totally Anti-American and I do not subscribe to it.

So, until and unless The Boy Scouts of America relents on their position, I for one, will never spend a cent of my money in support of any of their causes.

I guess that is my right as a Citizen!


John Liming publishes The Liming Liberal Democrat.

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16 thoughts on “Boy Scouts Nix Gays As Members

  1. I spent 8 wonderful years as a Cub Scout Leader and it saddens me to see how far downhill the Scouting movement has slid in the last 20 years. The age of X-Box and iPads has taken a toll on participation levels in Scouting. But it saddens me more to know that the movement still hangs on to antiquated notions of intolerance. If I was still a parent of young children, I would refuse to register my children in an organization that supports bigotry of any kind.

  2. You can put it this way – like the dust-up over what Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A restaurants said, at least their bigotry is out in the open, giving people the freedom to unambiguously oppose or support their stance. Better an honest bigot than a hypocrite who hides his true opinions to pander to profit.

  3. So the boy scouts claim they have wide spread support for their homophobia. If I’m not mistaken there was wide spread support for keeping humans in bondage in the middle of the 19th century. There was also wide spread support for burning witches before the enlightenment. The enlightenment doesn’t seem to have caught on as well as it should have.

  4. Both the Catholic Church, and the BSA, have, for years, enjoyed operating behind the illusion of respectability. Until recently, when that mask has fallen away from the Church. I predict it won’t be long until the same exposure shines on the BSA, which has hidden its share of despicable events. Back in the late ’50’s, the leader of our local Boy Scout camp was removed on claims that he did sexual things with, and to, several campers and assistants. It was all a rather hush-hush deal, but it took a few years before the camp’s reputation was restored, and parents were once again willing to send their boys to BSA summer camp. And now, this, with intolerance being the BSA’s public stance. Maybe it’s another public facade, a vain attempt to maintain the organization’s viability. It’s sad that it has to come at the expense of capable leaders, regardless of their sexual orientation.

  5. The Girl Scouts have always been in the forefront of progression – the Boy Scouts way in the back, and demanding to go back in time. That’s why the GS were so maligned this year by the far right – who swore the GSs were sluts that wanted free abortions and birth control, while at the same time advocating lesbianism (wait, why do you need birth control OR abortion if you are a lesbian????). Remember that next cookie drive – and give more (but don’t take the cookies, they are terrible).

  6. Since I first put this article on my blog, I have been contacted by several people who talk a lot like Right Wing Trolls who informed me in no uncertain terms that the BSA is a “Private” organization and can do whatever they want to protect “Family and Moral Values.”

    I was once under the impression that The BSA was “The” iconic American Group for youthful men who had aspirations to become role models for what it means to be truly American in every respect. I often thought of BSA as the ideal initial training ground for leadership skills.

    It never once occurred to me that something so well-ingrained into the American Culture might be a “Private” organization.

    I guess I have learned my lesson!

    The whole thing sounds more like some kind of religion now than anything else and I hate the thought that intolerance is being taught as an “American” value.

    Of course, I am old and very impressionable.

  7. I don’t know why my previous comment posted under “Anonymous”. For some reason, my usual ID was not recognized.

  8. My memory of Boy Scouts was a succession of leaders whose main purpose in guiding the troop was to coddle and promote their own sons’ status in the group. One was a religious fanatic who made us sing one same, tired, droning hymn over and over again until we got it “right” (one evening, we spent forty-five minutes repeating it over and over and…).

    At one point, I had the lead in badges and it looked like I was on the way to being the troop’s first Eagle, and a campout was planned for the same weekend as my mother’s birthday. I declined to go, and all I would say was that it was for personal reasons. The scoutmaster, who was one of the coddlers, told me, “If you’re not going to have fun, you might as well not be a Scout.” I said, “Last campout, you made me sleep in the open air without a tent. Where’s the fun in that? I thought Scouts was about building character and learning and all that. If having fun is all it’s about, I don’t want to be a Scout, at least in your troop.” As I left, I told one of the assistant scoutmasters (who had no kids in the troop and was the only leader with a trace of character) “If Mr. Mxxxxxxxxxxx quits, give me a call. I might come back.” I said it loud enough to make sure everybody heard me (and I didn’t say “Mister” either).

    The Scouts have done nothing since to raise my opinion of them.

  9. I’m glad the BSA held their position against gay. It’s called Boy Scout, and a boy means a boy, not a gay. Why should BSA compromise on the benefits of a majority of people and yield to the benefits of a tiny minority? If you don’t support it, fine, set up a Gay Scout and do your things, you have your constitutional rights to do it.

  10. Raymond, Raymond, Raymond! Sexual orientation has little to do with gender. A gay male is just as much a male as a straight male. Years ago 60 Minutes had a featured story about a gay man on the NYPD. He was a very macho individual and other officers said if they were down they would prefer for him to be the responding officer. The only difference in him and the others was that he loved, and lived with, another man.

    What you suggest is called the tyranny of the majority and In many cases a disliked ethnic, religious or racial group is deliberately penalized by the majority element acting through the democratic process. Discriminating against gays is just as bad as discriminating against blacks, native americans, women or Asians. A true democracy allows none of this.

  11. There was a time when everyone had a Constitutional Right to own other human beings as chattel too. Why don’t they just drop the “America” from their name and just call themselves simply “Boy Scouts?”

    By the way, haven’t we learned the lesson yet that no one can reason with the closed mindedness of The Right?

  12. Mr. Wei – correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming from your surname that you are of Asian ancestry (probably Han Chinese). How would you feel if you had a son who was told that he could only be a Boy Scouts only if he joined a troop reserved for people who shared his ethnic background?

    Three things are pretty clear. 1: On the whole, people in the United States do not stigmatize gay people to the extent they did even in my own lifetime. The fact that gay marriage is now acceptable to more than 50% is proof of that. 2: It is generally accepted that sexual orientation is not a choice. Assuming you are not gay, when did you choose to be straight? The question is ridiculous and its opposite number should also be. 3: The notion of separate but equal was rejected in the US beginning around fifty years ago, and continues to be supported today only by bigots and wingnuts (of course, it was “equal” in theory only; in practice it was separate but inferior, and it’s obvious that a Gay Scouts could not offer the resources that the BSA has).

    You appear to be advocating a separate but inferior status for young gay boys. The question now becomes are you one, the other or both?

  13. Thank you E.A. Blair, for your words of wisdom. I also thought that Mr. Wei was probably Chinese and was treading on thin ice. My son is Caucasian and Asian mixed, he is also gay and married to another man. This really puts him in a minority. Luckily he lives in San Francisco, a city that exhibits a great deal of acceptance for both gays and Asians.

  14. Who the hell’s business is it, anyway, to determine who loves whom? Love happens, no matter the gender of the individuals involved. Big Effin’ Deal. As the buy-bull says, “Judge not, lest, in so doing, ye also be judged and found wanting.”

  15. I remember days back in the late 1940s and all through the 50s when no one cared whether a Scout was gay or straight. No one asked and the matter was never discussed. I don’t think I can support something I now think of as “The Bigot Scouts” and I am not even going to dignify it by adding the words “Of America” to it.

  16. At the risk of breaking my own record of ending more conversations, on Mario’s site, than I have had the pleasure of continuing, lol, I must input my two cents on the subject.

    The BSA issue is a continued part and parcel of the GOP agenda to force their own agenda on the American people while calling it “freedom”.

    Surely, promoting hatred for Gays, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Brown people, Women and whoever else that does not look like or believe like them, will bring us this illusive “freedom” that somehow the right wing claims they do not have now. Insanity !

    What drives sane people crazy, is they apparently don’t know or care that there are people, in ALL the groups above, that are REPUBLICANS !

    How they reason, in their own minds, that this hate rhetoric does not include themselves, is beyond me.
    Not only has history shown there are a significant number of Republicans in the closet, but many of these closeted souls actually are in the forefront on the hate rhetoric for being gay.


    “We need to preserve traditional values for the future of our children. Children must be raised with morals and principles. As a society, we must provide them with a secured and loving environment that allows them to flourish.” ~ California State Sen. Roy Ashburn, a vehemently anti-gay, family values Republican who turned out to be gay.

    It still hasn’t dawned on the delusional minds of the majority of the right wing haters that you cannot “make” a world where there is no Muslims, Blacks, Brown people, Gay people, Jews and others they hate on.

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