An Openly Gay Senator Is A Real Possibility This November

the Gay Republican - why? :

This is great.

U.S. Rep Tammy Baldwin, currently running for a Wisconsin Senate seat, is four points ahead of her Republican rival, Tommy Thompson. An NBC/WSJ/Marist poll shows that 49% of voters prefer Baldwin, whose win would make her the first openly gay person to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Stuff like this should give hope to anyone who believes that the bigoted, homophobic America that Republicans represent is anything other than an isolated one and not representative of the country as a whole. There are good, tolerant, open-minded people out there but few of them will be voting Republican this November.

And a note on my illustration above. The standard response from gay Republicans is that they are not one dimensional people. They’ll tell you that gay conservatives are also concerned about the economy, smaller government, lower taxes, foreign policy and other issues dear to Republicans. Fine, I get that part…but it’s the rest of it that I really struggle with. How, I ask, can any gay or lesbian support a political party that represents the very essence of homophobic intolerance? How?

The Republican Party wants a constitutional amendment to make same-sex marriage unlawful. The Republican Party has a base that views gays and lesbians as sexual perverts and would like to see them all in therapy where they promise that ‘the gay‘ can be cured.

If I was gay, those two facts alone trump any other conservative principle I might hold. End of story.

I cannot think of a more self-loathing individual than a gay Republican.


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7 thoughts on “An Openly Gay Senator Is A Real Possibility This November

  1. I think that some of these gay republicans are dreamers. They think that they can and will show the party the light, that they will be the one to finally open up the republicans eyes and cause the GOP to see them as human beings. That is never going to happen. They might as well crack their heads against the wall.
    That is the only reason that I can think of why anybody would want to be a member of a club that HATES them.

  2. “I cannot think of a more self-loathing individual than a gay Republican.”

    A Latino Republican, maybe?

  3. “I cannot think of a more self-delusional individual than a “poor” Republican.”….you know, the ones waiting for all the goodies to “trickle down” on them.
    I signed a petition asking the Log Cabin Republicans (their LGBT “wing”) NOT to endorse Romney and the twit…so far so good. Perhaps some of the really young ones will see change in their lifetimes but I’m certain I won’t!

  4. We are all correct on who is the most self-hating. This race should not be this close. Unless you are a straight, white, rich man, you should get medical help if you vote Republican.

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