13 thoughts on “The Real Reason Republicans Hate Obamacare

  1. People have been getting professional help about the Tea Party crazies and soon their demise will be confirmed by the electorate for the House change

    So Conservatives,get help from Obamacare and see the light at the end of the tunnel

  2. Dems and the majority of sane Americans keep predicting the eventual demise of The TeaNuts but from what I see and hear it still won’t be easy to do.

    While we were all amused by the Ted Cruz Clown Show the other day – reports are, that he made millions from his zombie supporters, but mostly from the rich special interests groups that support Tea Party’s goal of destroying our government.

    If fact it seems that establishment RNC donations have been gone down and the money is now going to the crazies such as Organizations like Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation and the many affiliated groups that back Tea Bag ideology.

    In fact MSNBC has named Jim DeMint as the real leader of Republican Party. And don’t forget the propaganda wing of the party were assholes like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (Beck reported to have made 80 million) have profited immensely for their part of the tearing down of our country.

    If you think that is nothing to worry about just remember that those creepy anti-Obamacare ads where “Uncle Sam” was in the doctor’s office when a woman was getting her exam (and similar ads) was the work of just one rich guy who threw in $600 thousand of his own money to air those ads done thru some PAC or other he created and which he was the only member of.

    The fight to keep our system of government is no longer just Dems against Republicans but fundamentally the poor and middle-class against the multi-billionaires that would rule our country using the GOP and affiliated right wing and I suspect some DINO’S out there.

    It going to be a very critical mid-term election next year and we can’t waiver in our fight against the selling of our country to corporate special interests.

  3. GoldenSun,
    My understanding about the ad with the woman getting an exam was funded by the Koch brothers. I’m writing an article about it presently myself.

    I cannot understand why ObamaCare matters to someone with billions; you’d think they’d have better things to do with their lives than trying to block health insurance from those who have none.

  4. GoldenSun,
    I think I heard it from Maddow in the the first place, since I watch her regularly, then again on Lawrence O’Donnell and then again on Chris Matthews, and then again on Chris Hayes: I watch the reruns late night at work.

    The Koch brothers are also the real grass roots of the Tea Party with their funding the buses to haul Tea Party people to town hall meetings so that they could shout everything down, which was at the beginning of that movement.

  5. Koch Bros and their ilk is why we should enforce our treason laws. We use to hang traitors that conspired to destroy our system of government.. now they just join the GOP!

  6. fidlerten@9:28
    It mattters to them because it impacts their business model. Their money comes from a loyal base of mindless consumers. John Dean had a book a while back in which he discussed the conservative obsession with authoritarian leaders. Fox and Rush and their ilk have done their best to condition their zombie audience to trush no-one but them, to believe only what they’re told, that everyone else are part of the “other”.

    That’s what the matter with Kansas, that’s why the Tea Party folks protest against tax increases as their taxes go down, that’s why they demonstrate against government involvement in health care while they have Medicare paying their bills.

    The billionaires are zealous in imposing message discipline. They know that they could start to lose their hold over the masses if the masses start figuring out that they’ve been lied to for decades. They know that people will like ObamaCare once they get it, and won’t want to give it up. They know that health care costs will come down. This scares them, since it will create a reality that will make some of their followers waver.

    Imagine a dam that springs a couple of small leaks….

  7. Like other rich billionaires who have used their money to grease the palms of Congress, so that they could get away with selling a poison to a nation and promoting it to kids too; the tobacco industry that is, their money used to promote false information and lies, falls uselessly to the ground when our electorate grows enlightened and too wise to be fooled by their tricks.

    The Koch brothers, like several other millionaires and billionaires, lost millions trying to unseat Barack Obama. Their money fortunately is only so effective in a democratic nation that has a strong free press. Still, they are a clear and present danger, when there is no limit on how much money they can pour into influencing an election.

  8. I’ll have to investigate how much the Koch Bros are involved with Health Care. They do protest too much

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