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A number of states are still reluctant to accept that this summer’s positive Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act combined with Barack Obama’s decisive win in the election ensures that ObamaCare is, and will continue to be, the law of the land. Governors in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska have all stated that they are unwilling to implement essential parts of the health care law. Specifically, they are refusing to set up health insurance exchanges and expand the Medicaid program as stipulated by the ACA.

And now comes news that after strong opposition to the health care law, Florida’s Rick Scott has begun to change his tune.

The election is over and President Obama won. I’m responsible for the families of Florida … If I can get to yes, I want to get to yes.

I don’t think anyone involved in trying to improve health care should say ‘no, no, no. Let’s have a conversation.

That might be the first intelligent thing Rick Scott has said as governor and it should be welcome news to the 25 percent of uninsured in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale corridor who struggle through life with no health insurance. Scott’s reversal follows a Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute report that concludes that there is a substantial financial benefit to be had by states like Florida that implement the law.

The researchers determined the state could save up to $100 million a year because allowing people to join Medicaid would reduce the financial burden on other state-funded safety net programs.

“It is time for Florida’s elected officials to take a serious look at this option,” said Joan Alker, research associate professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. “Our study found that the state can actually save money while ensuring that a million Floridians can get the health coverage they desperately need. And this decision affects all Floridians as Florida’s hospitals will be put in jeopardy if the state does not move forward.”

This report is as good a reason as any for Scott and other governors to work with the feds on implementing the ACA. But the real kicker here, I think, is the slow realization that their president is not Mitt Romney. It’s Barack Obama.

If Romney had won, it’s anyone’s guess as to how successful Republicans would have been in repealing ObamaCares. What you can be certain of is that there would have been at least four years of congressional efforts to defund the law and to hold back its implementation. That’s not going to happen now. There will still be some griping and reluctance on the part of those like Rick Perry who again stated this week that Texas will not take part in setting up the insurance exchanges, but as Rick Scott discovered, there’s some stuff in life that’s inevitable. And one of those inevitable concepts is the idea that decent health care should be affordable and available to every citizen, no matter how poor they are or where they live.

Elections really do have consequences.


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11 thoughts on “Health Care For All

  1. Unfortunately, Indiana Hoosiers may not benefit from the new health care law if our Republican Governor-Elect, Mike Pence, has any say. He is bringing pressure to bear on our outgoing Republican Governor, Mitch Daniels, to opt out of the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion as set out in this article: It angers me when conservative politicians maintain tunnel vision on their rigid idealogies without fully investigating what is in the best interest of their constituents. I applaud Rick Scott for reconsidering his stance on this issue, and siding with this option on behalf of the families of Florida.

  2. If Republicans are to alter the winds of change in ideology or policy on inclusiveness of diverse people,they will ultimately come around. Elections are coming in two years and Republicans ignoring affordable health care will find Democrats more than willing to replace these old and obsolete Republican die hards.

    This is good for a lot of people and staying myopic is a guaranteed Republican demise.

  3. I think it is a good sign when penis brains like Rick Scott compromise and focus on what is best for their state instead of some overarching conservative doctrine that has been shown to be a failure. Maybe progress CAN be made in the next 4 years…

  4. Here in Wisconsin, a number of Republican (who else?) state legislators are trying to draft a bill to declare the ACA illegal and unconstitutional, totally ignoring the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter. If something like that were to pass, you know that Walker would sign it, then waste millions of taxpayer dollars that should have been paid out for programs to defend the bill in the state and US courts. It won’t pass the courts any more than the Voter ID law did.

    @OC Liberal – Please! The average penis thinks better than Rick Scott. My disembodied dick could do a better job of running Florida.

  5. OC – I think you would have to go a long way down to find something that wouldn’t insult whatever you were comparing the wingnuts to. Tapeworms? Dung Beetles? Denebian Slime Devils? Nah – maybe lawyers or bankers.

  6. This is my governor. The damage he has done to this state is unfixable. Now take a good look at that face. Is that a face you can trust?

  7. Wouldn’t it be wonderfully just if, a hundred years from now, the US health plan is still known as “ObamaCare” and Romney is just a Wikipedia footnote?

  8. I live in one of those states – Oklahoma – and I am one of the many who does not have health insurance. I’m in my mid-fifties and as most people who are in their fifties, I have to be concerned that an illness could completely knock me out of a job and onto the Medicaid rolls.

    I hope to work until I am 70 so that my Social Security will be higher but my health has to stay good for me to do that. Having health insurance is important to me to survive the next several years until I can reach my Medicare age – 65. ObamaCare will help me to that as it will subsidize my insurance enough for me to afford it.

    Governor Mary Fallon obviously does not understand the significance of ObamaCare for our state. Fortunately, if states don’t act, the federal government will set up an exchange anyway. Hopefully someday we can get a Democratic governor again or at least a Republican one that isn’t idiotic enough to pass up federal dollars for the state’s health care.

  9. My husband and I both had a good laugh looking at that picture, Mario.
    Makes me sad to think he has done that much damage to your state, Sydney. Never give up on hope! All Americans that are against the mess he has caused are on your side. The election tells us there are more of us then those against. I do wonder if he can ever answer a freakin question beyond “We did the right thing?” Ugh.. I feel for you.
    fidlerten, I’m glad to hear that the new healthcare laws will help you. That is exactly what we fought so hard for.

    In the process of this election I was one of the few in my circle of friends, and family that spoke up, and supported Obamacare. I did everything I could to try and help people understand what the law really means. Throughout the months I have tried hard to educate others. I lost a lot in this election. Friends that may never speak to me again, and family members that will no longer invite me to our family reunions. I knew it would likely go that way, but maybe in time they will see that I did the right thing. I know with all of my heart and soul I did the right thing. It mattered to me most that what the President was doing was helping those that could not help themselves because of the evil that our politicians do to achieve and keep their riches, on the backs of those that actually work for a living. It wasn’t just the healthcare mandate, but everything the President stands for hinges on fairness, and equality for all.

    I agree that the current states that do not want the expansion of Medicaid will give in to the new law. We have proven our strength as a Progressive dominate nation. It’s heartwarming that my Mother tells me she can now sleep at night. That right there is enough to tell me I did the right thing by supporting the President, especially the healthcare laws, and sharing all the info I could with everyone, even when most of them stopped talking to me. It’s unfortunate that it became such a personal issue. I feel the loss, but I am so happy, so blessed that I know I helped people in the process. That’s my gratification, even if we still have to fight on, because of the poor losers that don’t want to let go.

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