When Will the Insanity End?

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Another mass shooting. Is it okay to bring up a plea, again, for sensible gun laws? Is there ever a good time to do so?

You know the NRA is meeting behind closed doors at this very moment planning their latest all-out assault on snuffing out any possible talk of gun laws. We’ll soon be hearing the entire litany of bullshit from gun nuts. You know, stuff like…’guns don’t kill, people do’ and ‘don’t blame guns. blame video games’ and “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Sadly, nothing is going to happen.  After a whole bunch of shouting, the gun crazies will win out. They always do…which is why they get to applaud jerks who walk into a Starbucks with an assault rifle strapped to their backs. They also get to mock people like David Frum who put out a snarky tweet to illustrate how ludicrous the gun debate has become.

“In wake of this most recent mass-casualty shooting, it is important that we all respect the feelings of America’s gun enthusiasts.”

If today is a typical day in the United States, then 30 people will be killed by firearms and another 162 will be wounded by guns. When does the insanity stop?


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13 thoughts on “When Will the Insanity End?

  1. Meanwhile over 25,000 a year die from gravity (falls). End the insanity!

    Meanwhile over 1,600 are murdered with knives, which are twice as many as are murdered with assault weapons and shotguns combined every year.

    End the insanity!

  2. And there you go. Daniel and his “brilliant” commentary taken straight from the NRA playbook illustrates perfectly as to why the insanity is not about to end anytime soon.

  3. The gun insanity will never end until enough Americans get “Mad As Hell” and take the issue up en masse! The problem with this kind of thing is that there are too many people willing to say, “Why does this matter to me? Nothing like that has ever happened to my family.”

    I find that a lot of apathy rules situations like these – – until it does, in fact come home to roost and then attitudes seem to change rather rapidly.

    But like I said, as long as the majority of Americans are willing to accept this kind of crap, then nothing is ever going to get done about it.

    There can be speeches and marches and rallies and bitching and moaning and griping but until enough voters get pissed and start throwing some a-wads out of their cushy elective offices and replacing them with some who will actually work for the majority of the voters – – – nothing will change.

  4. A huge majority of Americans support sensible gun laws, such as background checks on all purchases and limited ammunition capacity. But, until the voice of those who want sensible gun laws become louder than the voice of those screaming “no gun laws”, Congress – in this case the U.S. House – will sit on their hands and nothing will get passed.

    I suppose it will take the blood of many more innocent Americans, especially innocent children, before the voice for sensible gun laws gets loud enough.

  5. So, Daniel, you’re saying about 800 are killed by guns every year? (Half of 1,600) Where do you get your stats? Faux news?

  6. The chief medical officer of that trauma unit just said that there is a problem in America, concerning all of these killings. Repug outrage in 10-9-8-7…

  7. Innocent americans like,La Pierre,Keene,Gélinas and Platte will gladly shed their blood to save the children from omslaughts by crazies. Then will the insanity end.

  8. I’m afraid it is hopeless, and will not only never end but is likely to get even worse. I don’t mean to sound like doom and gloom but I can’t see the “for” and “against” ever coming to terms on a resolution that would put an end to, or even slow down, this senseless bloodshed.

  9. I don’t get the ‘comparison logic’. Since when is prevention all or nothing? I don’t care if there are other items that can also kill – lets do what we can to eliminate at least some of the violence. It strikes me as a childish argument to compare methods or instruments and decide if you cant stop it all you shouldn’t stop any.

  10. Dr. Janis Orlowski, the chief medical officer at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center, she was in charge of the trauma unit that treats the growing number of gunshot wounds in America,

    she went off on gun violence in the United States by saying –

    “There is something evil in our society… that Americans must try to eradicate.”

    (A video of her comments can be seen at this link –
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEAGMB_TTts )

    She is absolutely right ! There is something “evil” in our society.

    I can pinpoint exactly what it is,

    IMHO it has originated with the pure HATRED, for this President, from the radical right wing and their zombified supporters, the pawns of right wing media and rich special interests, that either unknowingly or deliberately seek to destroy our government.

    Their evil presence is so strong that it often permeates into the societal circles of even the most staunchest supporters of this President, causing doubt in the minds of those who voted for and elected him.

    As Former Supreme Court Justice, Sarah Day O’Conner correctly stated:

    “The more I read and the more I listen, the more apparent it is that our society suffers from an alarming degree of public ignorance.”

    Lies and ignorance has generated the insanity of evil which continues to grow in the vacuum left by the silence or inaction of the sane and the rational.

  11. “The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a good!” Well, not if the bad guy has designs to kill good guys and abscond their more powerful weapons. The Killer undoubtedly planned as such. How pathetic are the arguments? Now, did anyone else notice that CNN and Fox News cut away from the Chief Attending Physician as her remarks moved to, “….evil in society….?” The networks stayed with her remarks long enough to know where she was headed and the puke networks cut the remarks off. She mentioned “evils” at the 36 second mark and by the 40 second mark CNN was gone and so was Fox News. MSNBC moved her to the point of a small screen box, but let the interview run. When media takes the position as did Fox and CNN, many people are deprived of true and complete depictions that are critical to thinking. Those networks stayed with the physician as long as she gave details gory about the shootings, but how dare her move into stuff that would piss off the gun lobby and gun manufacturers.

  12. The thought occurred to me that maybe the administration should threaten to start confiscating guns and ammunition unless the gun nuts start doming up with something more sensible than “Moar gunz fer moar peepul”.

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