Walmart, AR-15s and Barbie


Via RawStory:

Mega-retailer Walmart said Wednesday that it is limiting sales of firearm ammunition to three boxes per customer per day, explaining that it is unable to keep up with surging demand.

“In order to take care of as many customers as possible, starting Thursday, Jan. 24, all ammunition sales were limited to three boxes per customer, per day as supply is limited at this time,” a spokesperson told Reuters.

The nation’s largest gun seller has faced criticism for refusing to stop selling semi-automatic assault rifles following the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, where a disturbed young man killed 27 people and then himself, including 20 children, with a Bushmaster AR-15.

The company was sold out of semi-automatic assault rifles in five states immediately following the Newtown massacre in December, reports said. Although it refused to stop selling the guns, it did remove a photo of a Bushmaster M4A3 from its website.

Purchasing guns and ammo at Walmart poses no problem for consumers. The same cannot be said for the following products which have all been banned from Walmart stores.

  • pregnant Barbie dolls
  • Jon Stewart’s book America
  • Sheryl Crow’s debut album (Walmart disapproved of the lyrics to one of the songs)
  • the DVD documentary Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

The more I find out about Walmart, it’s polices, business practices and treatment of employees, the easier it is to stay firm with my commitment to never again set foot in one of their stores.


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9 thoughts on “Walmart, AR-15s and Barbie

  1. To that list of products banned from Wally-World: Dixie Chicks CD’s. The Chicks Were Right about Dumya, when Natalie Maines said, in their London concert, they were ashamed that Dumya was also from their home state of Texas.

  2. Costco is the answer for America’s consumers who want to support good jobs with benefits, who want quality products and want to pay low prices as Costco never marks up any product more than 15%.

  3. Outrageous!! I totally agree, Mario — it shows where their interests lie and its not in being a good neighbor in the communities where they are located. From what I have gathered, they have unfair employee practices, they drive out their competitors, and are now putting their pocketbooks before this critical issue of gun control by selling these semi-automatic assault rifles and ammo to anyone who comes through their doors. They won’t be getting any of my dollars in the future either. It won’t be any loss for me — I’ve never liked them for a host of reasons. We lost our wonderful Target store here not long after they came in and that story gets repeated everytime they come to town!

  4. The taxpayer is subsidizing Walmart with food stamps for employees that make so little money. Shop Walmart and you reward bad behaviour. Shop Costco to reward good behaviour. Costco isn’t about unbridled greed.

    However, for a good laugh – there’s nothing better than

  5. When I saw that some employees wanted to organize for a union,I knew that Walmart practices were subgrade. I cannot understand how this government encourages anything about Walmart who by example shows it is a republican company. More for the rich and less for the poor. They cater to the poor but they do so by getting products from countries with child labor that pay peanuts for existence. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I haven’t gone to Walmart for many years but the sad part is they won’t go away.

  6. There is also the vendor issue:
    I used to go into Walmart to get eggrolls I loved – and no one else carried. Then they stopped carrying them. I contacted the company and found that Walmart’s practice is to squeeze and squeeze the suppliers until the suppliers could no longer afford to sell to them. If you think about it, they do not carry a variety of brands in anything. They may carry Lay’s chips, for example, but not the majority of other brands that are in normal grocery stores. This is even more noticeable in non-food goods.

    Since the eggroll incident (over 2 years ago), I have had no reason to step foot in them. How much did they lose in business by squeezing that one vendor, since I bought other stuff, as long as I was there? I heard their profits are down – and when that happens – they never loosen up – they double-down, to make up the difference.

    It is easier and cleaner to go to Costco.

  7. Guess I’ll have to start a petition for a local Costco!
    Our shopping choices are limited in our small town…and way more so since Wallie’s arrived. It’s a small and not terribly well-stocked Kroger or travel 15 miles east or 30 miles north to find a larger one.

    I’m reminded of the brief conversation with a check-out woman who complained about a young family using food stamps in her line…”get those lazy people off welfare”…too bad the line behind me was crowding in or we could have a longer discussion about all her fellow employees WE pay benefits for because of the company policies.

    I try to imagine what it might be like if they were to go away, which I admit is highly unlikely especially places like where I live, but it’s certainly a tempting daydream. Someone tried to tell me they “own” Lowe’s…does anyone have information?

  8. Carol,

    Wal Mart does not own Lowes. But in some way I believe they sort of “work together” although Lowes does not own any piece of Wal Mart and Wal Mart doesn’t own any piece of Lowes.

    Lowe’s is a publicly traded company with a board of directors that has chairman and CEO Charles Niblock running the show. The rumor of Walmart owning lowes is fueled by another rumor that has Sam Walton’s grandaughter owning a lot of Lowes’ controllable shares. I haven’t been able to confirm this anywhere. The stock holders own Lowe’s.

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