The Crazy, The Scum and The Dead

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While gun nuts sink a little deeper into madness with each passing day, Seattle is turning guns into bricks.

The Seattle Police Department collected more than 700 guns during a buyback in January, and now city officials have a plan for what to do with them.

Mayor Mike McGinn is expected to announce Tuesday that they’ll be melted into bricks carrying messages of peace, and the bricks will be placed around the city.

The buyback program was announced a month after last December’s elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., by city leaders sick of hearing about gun violence.

Private sponsors including contributed tens of thousands of dollars so that people could anonymously turn in their weapons for shopping cards worth up to $200.

Some 716 guns were turned in. With support from the charitable foundation of famed glass artist Dale Chihuly, they’ll be turned into bricks.

One thing about the gun crazies, they’re well organized and quick to mobilize. Check out the comments section of the story above to see what I mean. The anti-gun law kooks are in mad frenzy mode regurgitating the crap they’ve heard on Fox and hate radio from NRA types.

“Only from the minds of Seattle’s leadership can you get an idea to turn a perfectly good weapon into a chunk of hippie scrap…”


“Only liberals, who want gov’t to control us, believe that gun laws work.  […]  As far as ‘Peace Bricks’,  MORE liberal garbage.  Our children need to be raised to be better people.”

After reading what these people have to say, I can only say – long live the Peace Brick!


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3 thoughts on “The Crazy, The Scum and The Dead

  1. I “Liked” this, but I don’t like-like it. It’s a great piece of work, but it is so depressingly and disgustingly true. So, I “like” your work, Mario; I don’t like the very real truth it lays out.

  2. I agree with Marc. I like “The Crazy, The Scum, and The Dead” also…so appropriate.

  3. IF ONLY the sane and rational members of the iconic old NRA would follow the ONE elected official and RESIGN…we might have a more intelligible conversation.

    For one of the 3 times in the 13 years since we moved “to the woods” here in WV, I wished I had a I was leaving the barn where my two senior horses were contentedly finishing their buckets, a pack of 5 loose dogs were headed our way.
    Another time, I wish I could have “caught” the critter who was sneaking into the barn in the wee hours and carting off one newborn kitty at a time.
    The third time was when my husband and I were walking up the road to our mailbox with our disabled daughter when the neighbors’ bully little FEIST dog charged and nipped at her ankles, teeth bared.

    My concern in this whole “discussion”, in addition to the horrors that capture our national attention, is that we’re disregarding the handguns…terror in the streets and for our depressed neighbors who feel they can’t go on…we can’t leave them out and expect to have a different outcome.

    I called a police department that was advertising a gun buy-back to give a $ donation…seems local governments foot the bill. For now, we can fervently support those who are trying to start the conversation (I just heard there’s a “companion” to Manchin-Toomey in the House) and urge more of our communities to do buy-backs, ridding more and more of our neighborhoods of lethal weapons.

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