Guns, Schools and Freedom

Guns, Schools, NRA   -

In response to the NRA’s ‘brilliant’ plan to arm teachers and place armed guards in every school in America, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy had this to say:

Let me be clear, freedom is not a handgun on the hip of every teacher.

And security should not mean a guard posted outside every classroom. That is not who we are in Connecticut and it is not who we will allow ourselves to become.

Why is this so hard a concept for gun nuts to grasp? Freedom and reasonable gun control are not mutually exclusive ideas except in the minds of those who refuse to factor common sense into the mix. Congress has a decision to make. They can start listening to people like this…


…or continue to cater to the paranoid freaks and bottom dwellers like this next guy. Decisions don’t come packaged any clearer than this.


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12 thoughts on “Guns, Schools and Freedom

  1. I live in CT and have all the time in the world for Gov. Malloy (as I did when he was Mayor of Stamford).

    Well-said, Governor!

  2. Imagine that these crazies defend owning semi-automatic weapons on the ridiculous illusion that their own government will want to take control of all weapons and leave them defenseless. So if the second amendment is to allow citizens to have weapons to build a militia against the government.these crazies would buy Sherman tanks and any weapon from the defense arsenal so they can protect their family??? Is that insanity ???

    Just as there are laws to restrict the carnage in auto accidents by restricting speed limits,there should be laws to restrict carnage in mass killings by restricting access to semi-automatic assault weapons. In both cases,cars and guns do not kill people but both are potential killing machines and are operated by crazy or drunk human beings.

    From what I have read.there are approx 4,300,000 registered NRA members and approx 8 armament manufacturers. I will admit that there are surely more people that own guns that are not members of the NRA but there are 300 000 000 weapons out there and if people like Alex Jones own 50 guns each,we surely have a majority that can control access to butchery weapons.

    Sandy Hook has finally awakened the reasoned population from their complacency. For all the children that had promising futures and taken away from us way before their time,it is the duty of every american to not let their deaths be in vain, Individuals have to talk to their congressman/woman,media has to keep the pressure on the population,Biden needs to continue the push for gun laws and health management for people who have issues and Obama needs to give a weekly announcement on gun control to keep the discussion alive and even look at the possibility of using executive privilege if Republicans do not respond to legislation. There has got to be a way.

  3. It’s one thing to talk about arming teachers but it’s quite another to expect them to respond. That’s something that has been discussed a hundred ways from nowhere in the weeks since the Newtown shootings. Here’s something that I haven’t seen as part of the discussion and it’s a simple four-word statement:

    Teachers are human, too.

    Every single maniac who has opened fire on the innocent public has been a fallible human being, just like the teachers the NRA proposes to arm.

    What is to say that one of these days Mrs. Hasenpfeffer will have had enough guff from her charges and decide that some 9-millimeter discipline is in order? Granted that we generally expect that somebody who has no patience with children would probably not enter the profession, that’s no guarantee of good conduct. Sexual relationships between underage students and teachers is a crime, but it’s been known to happen (Mary Kay Letourneau, anyone?), and a Google search on the phrase “teachers who have had sexual affairs with students” brings up 418,000,000 results. Nobody expexts teachers to shtup their students, but there’s no way to screen out that kind of behavior before it happens – could we expect any different with regard to violence? A teacher who is capable of violent behavior would not only be perfectly infiltrated into the target area, but also armed by the very policies and attitudes enabled by gun supporters in the name of preserving their rights to own weapons and risk the lives of others.

    Maybe the notion of a psycho teacher is farfetched, but so are some of the gun nuts’ claims about conspiracies to disarm the NRA and send its members to camps jointly run by FEMA, ATF and the UN, presided over by a President Obama sporting a Stalin mustache, a Mao jacket with a swastika armband and his arm lifted in a fascist salute* as the prisoners are marched into exile.

    *Which, until 1942, was also the official gesture used when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

  4. E.A….I had the same thought…or that one teacher might “forget” just once to secure her weapon from the kids…the scenarios are endless. I struggle with the idea that what we think of as the “good” teachers may not have it in them to kill…or if they do, we’re condemning them to PTSD for their act, even if it was to save their children.

    The NRA is in the business of SELLING GUNS. Too bad. From what I hear, it used to be a respected and respectful organization. We need to hear from those members who want them to return to that status.

    I hold out hope that as this conversation expands across the country and people like Gabby, Gen. McChrystal, Joe Scarboro and his list of Republicans and the Mayors speak out, we’ll GET THIS DONE.
    YOUR VOICE is important…please call your elected Reps and weigh in, no matter WHICH party they reside with.
    I called our R Rep and was in the minority…others were worried, as usual, that “they’re coming for our guns!”
    The old slippery slope argument…even among those who should know better. What I asked for was a TRUTHFUL, adult conversation…not the usual political rhetoric.

    I love the meme that assault rifles are the “drunk driver” of gun SAFETY (not CONTROL) and that mothers are being called on to gather for justice and sanity.

    We’re gonna “win” this time.

  5. Hey – – – I got the solution to all the NRA bull hockey about putting a gun in the hands of every teacher and principal.

    Just pass a law putting a teacher in every gun shop.

    That should take care of the whole problem.

  6. This Alex Jones is a good example of why gun control is something we need more of. He’s a hothead, a paranoid nut case and he shouldn’t have guns himself.

    Piers Morgan did a good job of showing just what kind of person he was; what a good poster boy he makes for the gun lobby.

  7. Wow ! The discussion about guns has been around for almost 50 years:

    “We are inclined to think that every firearm in the hands of anyone who is not a law enforcement officer constitutes an incitement to violence. Let’s come to our senses before the whole country starts shooting itself up on all its Main Streets in a delirious kind of High Noon.” – Washington Post, 8/19/65.

    Which means that a whole new generation of 2nd Amendment nuts have arisen since this debate started long ago.

  8. Because of the delusion of a few crazies, that one day, their own government might attack them and they must be prepared, we can’t do ANYTHING about the reality of needless gun deaths that are happening everyday?

  9. I’m a preschool teacher. My students are at my hip, in my lap, digging in my pockets all throughout the day. Where would I keep this gun? On my belt? When a madman comes in with a weapon capable of killing me in a fraction of a second with multiple rounds, will I have time to reach for my mediocre shotgun which won’t even stand up to the assault weapon I would be faced with? How many of my precious students will be gunned down by the time I remember to reach for my gun? Or remember how to use it properly? Or get any courage at all to use it? Or by the time I’m done shielding my sweet little ones from harm?

    The human brain is 85% developed by age 5. By age 5, you have the foundations for becoming the person you will grow up to be. Mental illness is the issue here. A lack of nurturing love, early intervention, correct diagnosis and therapy in the first five years of early childhood is the problem. Assault weapons are simply the added fuel to an already burning fire. The end to this madness starts in my early childhood classroom where I am too busy trying to mold beautiful children into self respecting, self sufficient, productive human beings who feel loved to think about a gun.

    Walk a day in my teacher shoes before you put a gun at my hip–a hip that symbolizes love for so many children.

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