15 thoughts on “Guns and Death – Where’s the Outrage?

  1. I for one has been around the networks and there is one turd ( I forget his name) but he is pursuing a lively almost to a smile position that Americans should now buy more guns for schools and even have a security officer in the school. Imagine that Republicans denied requests for funds to send more security to consular locations and they are on a rampage to reduce entitlements. More guns is not the answer.It is outrageous.

    We need to reduce assault rapid fire guns or rifles.If hunters want to hunt deer or squirrels,they don’t need to cut the deer in half or fill tree trunks with 50 bullets to catch a goddam squirrel. The adventure of a hunter is to show an ability to kill a deer deftly with humane considerations. If you want to get a gun,get a load and reload type and have these in one’s house or for hunter. Keep rapid firing AK47 and UZI in soldier hands and only military or police forces. God only knows the criminals will try harder to get these for their drug smuggling.

    Be outraged. It is more than time to have a conversation. The loss of children to deranged murderers forces to make sure that their deaths were not in vain. The murderous culture America has enflamed in this society needs to change. In the meantime let us heal our families and bind their wounds. Tomorrow needs to be better on gun safety. PERIOD

  2. Republican Representative Louis Gohmert of (where else) Texas said that if the principal of Sandy Hook had been armed, she could have prevented the shootings by killing Lanza first. It’s too bad Gohmert himself hadn’t been standing hall watch that day. I’d like to see how quickly he would have reacted to an armed and ready gunman coming through that door.

    According to the accounts I read, Lanza was buzzed in because he was recognized as the son of a school worker. There was no expectation of violence, no reason to expect an armed attack and no reason to have an armed response ready (unless, of course, all visitors to all schools are to be subjected to an armed escort). Lanza was, apparently, visible on a monitor – it is reasonable to asume that if his armament had been visible, he wouldn’t have been buzzed in.

    It can’t avoid being said: the word asshole was invented for Louis Gohmert.

  3. Hmmm. They are talking about having more guns – and an armed security inside the schools. I thought we were short on money for teachers. You mean we have lots of money for armed security? Where did it come from?

  4. According to the latest from the sherif’s office Lanza blasted his way through the school’s front doror E.A, They are saying now that his mother did not work at the school and the family had no connection to that school, I think it will be a long time before we get all the actual answers as to what really happened, We may never know why Lanza did what he did. It seems that his mother was sleeping when he shot her. He also trashed his computer and distroyed the hard drive some time before he left for the school. Another strange “fact” it seems that Lanza was a Vegan and was terribly against all animal cruelty. I doubt that we will ever be able to make sense of these murders or why a shy quiet non-violent boy would do such a horrendous crime.

    Gomert wants the teachers to bring their own guns Cheryl. Maybe he will form a group to buy guns for them.

    How can the human race have so many ignorant idiots and send them to congress? NO you idiots more guns will not solve the problem. Just imagine with everyone in a panic and shooting. With stray bulllets flying we would surley have lost even more lives.

    If the gun nuts ( not those who own guns, but those who want everyone armed) send their children to private schools where the teachers can carry guns and leave our public schools to find sane solutions.

  5. We are the only ones in the world having this gun control problem. I cannot believe the mother, knowing her child had some mental issues would encourage him to get involved with guns. She indicated it gave him courage and empowered him. Parents of mentally ill kids/adults should be given classes and instruction on how to deal with the situation. That is not available in the health system. We have to educate the parents, first.

  6. @dinamic: Thank you for the updated information. There’s so much out about this that it’s hard to keep up. The accounts that I had read did not include that version of the events, so I was just going by what I had read and heard so far. It is extremely difficult to keep track of what happens at a time like this, and even more difficult to tease out the fine strands of truth from the tangles web of supposition.

    Still, I think my word for Gohmert is appropriate, especially when preceded by the adjective “flaming“. If there’s anywhere you could expect people to respond to a mass shooting in an effective manner, it would be on an army base, yet that did not prevent the killing of 13 and wounding of 29 at Fort Hood in 2009.

    Over at Crooks and Liars, a commenter offered that it’s now the NRA that should be called baby killers. I uppped the ante be suggesting taking a page from PETA and dumping blood-red paint at the doorstep of every NRA office in the country. Maybe if there’s some real grassroots baclash against the gun lobby they’ll take some notice of how people really feel.

    Meanwhile, there’s this illustration from Florida artist Dick Kulpa. Mario, I’m willing to bet you could get permission to repost it here.

    (In case that link doesn’t work, go to http://www.captcartoon.com/images/sandy-hook-crying-santa-800.jpg)

  7. I just had to separate from my husband who has a mental illness and has reverted to alcohol. That was in May. I deeply understand that mother’s problem in knowing how to help her son. I was not allowed to be a part of my husband’s mental health care team because with his paranoia, he decided that me knowing about his condition was a “threat” to him! Mentally ill people often do not have the ability to make good decisions about their care. If any other organ in the body was the problem, it would be one thing to allow them to make medical decisions. but when the patient’s brain is going haywire, to say that they should have the right to eliminate all family members from knowing about their mental illness is really dangerous. But the VA permits these patients to make this decision and treats them as if they don’t have a mental problem bad enough to preclude them from telling the staff how to practice mental health care! And he was taking “anti-psychotic drugs! Well, some of the time! I often found his pill bottle way off count.

    We really need to have a national discussion about mental health care and how the families of the mentally ill are so often excluded from being a part of the care team and from even offering what they know about the patient to the doctors. I was told that they couldn’t be seen talking to me for fear of being accused of violating “patient confidentiality”!! This is sick!

    It’s time we re-examine what constitutes the ability to make medical decisions when mentally ill and when and how to include family members when a patient is obviously unbalanced! We are still in the dark ages about mental illness and understanding how someone can outwardly look at least semi normal and yet harbor within their mind the illness that is severe enough to explode into violence at very little or no provocation. If we don’t listen and learn more about mental illness, we will continue to have families who suffer in shame and silence and who feel like they have no ability to contribute to making a difference for their mentally ill loved one! And that loved one just might be the one who ends up making headlines and causing enormous suffering for so many!

    I hope that my speaking out might be a part of starting this discussion! Please, America, wake up! This issue is not going away!

  8. With Republicans forcing Obama to reduce spending on entitlements,we will be a nation going into difficult times without a parachute. If they reduce spending on Medicaid,Medicare and Obama care,where can we go ! Can’t settle the assault weapons problem because of the 2nd amendment. Can’t solve the mental health problem because we have no money. But we can find money to stay in Afghanistan after 2014 because it helps the armament industry. Republican idiots in Washington and the House are blind to reality. We need a new party in opposition.

  9. The events at Sandy Hook is truly a horrific tragedy that has touched and outraged the hearts of America. We all pray for the families involved and also that Congress has the wherewith-all to finally do something about the growing number of similar tragedies in many of our public places across the Nation.

    The details of how such a thing could happen are still dribbling in, therefore I can’t help but point out the stupidity of Republican mindset by this observation:

    “Apparently there has been confusing information on the timeline of events of this tragedy and several reporter’s initial reports were found to be inaccurate in the face of contradictory data.
    In a related story – the GOP wants all those reporters disqualified from running for Secretary of State.”

  10. In response to Stat 1 vs. Stat 2: The soldiers were much better armed than the victims of crime in the United States. Also please note most Americans do not wear bullet resistant jackets and helmets. These 2 stats have nothing to do with one another and saying they do, just furthers your own political agenda. If we withdraw from the Iraq and Afganastan, things WILL return to the way they were before.
    Crime is down overall in the United States and the majority of the drop is in gun violence (You ignored most of the stats that did not support your opinion). Gun purchases by law abiding citizens are up more than ever in the United States and gun crime is down. Add to that, what happened in Australia? They took away guns from law abiding citizens and murders are up 19%, assults are up 28%, armed roberies are up 69% and home invasions went up 21%. So basically, those who believe outlawing guns will fix the issue are sadly mistaken.

  11. In response to Melody Brynne DeGagne:

    You are right, we do need to alter the way the United States treats mental illness. And we are. Get the facts. In the 1950s a person could be commited by a family member without much oversight and the results were tragic. The medical community (As is Veterans Affairs) is utilizing more advanced techniques and technology each year to combat this health issue. But change takes true understanding and insight as well as time. There is no panacea to this problem. With the polulation of our country and the world expanding at an alarming rate, you should expect that the numbers will go up with any statistic (That’s the way math works), but the overall percentage is what you have to focus on if you want to move in the right direction. A reaction is not necessarily an action.

  12. @Patrick

    Getting your talking points from Fox?

    After the 1996 mass shooting in Port Arthur that killed 35, Australia passed gun laws that banned assault rifles, tightened up gun owner licensing and created a successful buyback program. From 1986 to 1996 there had been a number of mass shootings in Australia accounting for 100 deaths. Since the law got enacted there has not been a single mass shooting in Australia and the odds of being killed by a gunshot has dropped by 50 percent. [link]

    As for your stats, try linking to a legitimate paper that supports your claims. Sorry, WorldNutDaily does not count.

    In fact Snopes has a piece on your bullshit stats. And if you care to know, the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the percentage of robberies involving firearms dropped from 27.8% in 1995 to 14% in 2000.

    Your stats are bogus and intentional or not, it points to the delusional ways of gun nuts like you.

  13. Patrick writes as if his comments are being paid for by the NRA. Perhaps he can tell us if Wayne LaPierre signs his paychecks in blood.

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