Get Your Guns While They’re Cheap


Between gun crazies, teabaggers, religious fanatics and other assorted nutjobs, it’s getting awfully scary out there in the land of the right.

Speaking of vetoes,  [West Virginia Governor] Manchin will be put in a quandary over a bill passed Saturday to have a sales tax holiday on firearms in October (HB4251).

Offering a tax-free weekend on gun sales potentially could get West Virginia booted out of the Streamlined Sales Tax agreement — an agreement between about 20 states, and retailers within those states, to collect and remit sales taxes on purchases (mainly via the Internet) that otherwise would go uncollected.

For West Virginia, that arrangement currently brings in about $3 million a year, which could be forfeited if the state violates the agreement by allowing a gun tax holiday, expected to save gun buyers only about $25,000 in sales taxes.

Legislators who voted for the bill not only picked up brownie points from the National Rifle Association, which was pushing the bill, but also knowingly put Manchin into a position of losing popularity points with some voters if he is obligated to veto the bill.

Apparently the ‘Obama-is-gonna-take-away-your-guns’ movement is picking up steam.  Is it obvious enough that the right has given up any attempt at rational thought?  It’s like one huge Glenn Beck Show out there…every hour, every day.


(Hat Tip: BalloonJuice)


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  1. What is it with the South and their gun toting ways? People, get a reality grip (and no that isn’t a type of firearm)

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