5 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day

  1. Christopher,

    You had to think about it but I will admit the above picture borders on Genius. Love it !

  2. Thanks Mario. The illustration is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Id like to believe if writers of Constitution were here, they’d slap some folks upside the head for being stupid.

  3. Its simply called good old-fashioned common sense — an ingredient seriously lacking in today’s political world.

  4. Our constitution had some flaws that were corrected by amendments. Some of the amendments, in particular the very ambiguously worded 2nd amendment, could stand a little modification (clarification) today. The founders are rolling over in their graves at the antics of the modern tea-partycans.

    and pitifully accurate…someone please send a copy to the NRA, the Survivalists and their Reps in Congress.

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