10 thoughts on “America Reacts

  1. America reacts to Hurricane Sandy in New York. America reacts to the massacre of Sandy Hook Connecticut.

    Double punch from Sandy in the east. America will be the stronger for it. Do not flinch in what needs to be done.

  2. Nice catch , occupy!

    Rachel Maddow just read a statement from the NRA, who proclaim they’ll have suggestions on Friday at their news conference about how to avoid future incidents like what we’ve just witnessed.
    Could be the real breakthrough we need…or not.

  3. Could be the real breakthrough we need…or not.

    I’m giving odds it’ll be more of the same old, same old…anything the NRA offers will be just as repulsive as the status quo. I’ll be genuinely surprised if they say anything different and absolutely astonished if they actually do something useful.

  4. Don’t hope for much from the NRA. I just got a pop up petition on my computer from them screaming that Congress wants to take away your 2nd amendment rights!

  5. Yeah, yeah…so I’m an eternal optimist.

    Then I heard a spokesman claim that “free zones” leave people like sitting ducks.

    Silly me

  6. Has the world gone completely mad?

    The whole world? No. The right wing of American politics? Completely.

  7. New post on The Obama Diary

    ‘We are better than this’
    by Chipsticks

    What if we make this national movement a huge success?
    (Charles Pierce also writes here that the divestment in gun manufacturers is driving the NRA’s new-found sensitivity on the issue…)

    In past years I would buy my mother a gift…since she’s no longer with us, this year I’m donating her gift to a gun buy back program. There are many operations nationwide…perhaps some of you will join me.

  8. Diana Said:

    I cannot believe the some of the people I know who are wanting teachers to start carrying guns. Has the world gone completely mad?

    The people running the NRA have gone mad, but I think you (and everyone else) should take a look at this post at Daily Kos and this post at Israel Today.

    Note: Check the Daily Kos first, and make sure you check both posts.

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