Abortion and Guns – The Link You Didn’t Know Existed

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Just when you thought you had heard every vacuous argument against gun control possible, we are now told that there exists a link between universal background checks, abortion and mental illness.

Conservative columnist, Star Parker appearing on Hannity’s show.

“…they’re saying if you’ve had any mental problem in your background, well, does that mean that they’re going to ask questions about abortion? Because people who have had abortion, according to studies, have a tendency to have mental challenges later on.”

“Are we going to start asking about divorce? Because when you look at what happened at Sandy Hook, the woman who bought the weapons that her son stole, she had gotten a divorce and she had been drinking…”

In truth, the “according to studies” part of this winger’s argument is total bullshit. The studies actually find, as expected, that there is no link between abortion and mental illness.Obviously, no lie is too ridiculous for Hannity’s show if it helps support whatever right-wing crap-du-jour they’re pushing.

But Parker wasn’t done doing stupid. Gun control, she claims, is a carryover from the days of slavery with the intent of keeping guns out of the hands of blacks.

“I thought it appropriate to remind Americans that we’ve been here before. How is it that 5 percent of the population, the KKK — six million people in a country of more than 100 million — how is it that 5 percent were able to wreak havoc over 4 million new citizens, the former slaves? And one of the ways is because they systematically — the Democrats in power, the Democrats in political power in the South — systematically passed gun control laws in black code so that blacks would not be able to exercise their right to bear arms.”

Any call for a background check on Star Parker to determine a history of mental illness would be a totally reasonable request.


And there you go – just another episode of Fox’s Fact-Free Zone where race, slavery, the KKK, abortion, divorce, alcoholism and gun control are all somehow linked and not a single attempt to validate any of it is made.

One day I’ll learn to stop reading any article that starts with, “On Fox News today…”

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5 thoughts on “Abortion and Guns – The Link You Didn’t Know Existed

  1. Nice to see that conservatives care so much about slavery – 150 years too late.

    Also, the fact that Parker mentions “Democrats” a couple of times in her screed – while ignoring, of course, the facts that (1) the Democratic party was the party of Southern racists before the passage of civil rights legislation, and (2) the Republican party was more than happy to appeal to these disillusioned racists after civil rights.

    Of course, Fox viewers probably don’t know those facts. And Fox isn’t going to tell them. They just say what they usually say – anything to make Democrats look bad.

  2. And then there is Michele Bachman who lied through her teeth at the CPAC convention on entitlements for President Obama and would not answer questions on the validity of those statements by CNN reporter,Jessica Yellin. Republicans just spew misinformation on Fox or anywhere without evidence and they hope it sticks in the psyche.

    I am forever amazed how people vote for the stupid party ( Gaffs Only Party ). Republican politicians should submit to background checks as most exhibit mental aberrations that do not follow mainstream thinking.

  3. I had an acquaintance of mine tell me the other day that he only watches Fox News because they tell both sides of the story. He said those “other” news networks are biased! He is an intelligent retired CEO of a large, successful company. I didn’t counter because it would have been futile, but I couldn’t help but be amazed at his viewpoint!

  4. But it was funny, watching Bachmann running away from reporter Dana Bash, trying to avoid answering for her lies! What puzzles me, is, why on earth do the voters of her district ignore all common sense, and re-elect her?

  5. MomCat of 7, Bachmann only squeaked this last election out by 4,000 votes and she is in a seriously RW district. She could be gone 2 yrs from now with any luck at all, but her replacement won’t be a centirist republican, maybe just not another nutbar.

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