18 Children Killed in Connecticut

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Another gun related tragedy.

A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday left 27 people dead, including 18 children, an official said.

The children were all between the ages of 5 and 10. Is this a good enough time to have a rational debate on gun control and, if not, then when the hell would a good time be? How much longer will the NRA and gun nuts be allowed to have a stranglehold on this issue?

Meanwhile in Michigan

The most sweeping rewrite of Michigan’s concealed handgun law in more than a decade includes details that go well beyond opening so-called “gun free zones” to hidden weapons.

The state House on Thursday passed the bill 68-41 and sent it to Gov. Rick Snyder, one of many laws sped through a lame-duck session that did not conclude until early Friday morning.

Aside from allowing concealed pistols in schools and other places, a number of measures are aimed at streamlining a permit process critics say remains far from uniform statewide.

Private-property owners can still ban the weapons under trespass laws, but not schools and other public venues…



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19 thoughts on “18 Children Killed in Connecticut

  1. If this is another case of rapid firing devices,I await the President’s message this afternoon that will start a process to control gun/rifle/ak47/uzi acquisition. I don’t care that people kill people and not guns but if rapid firing guns were not available,not so many people would have died.

    Fed up with the reasoning by the NRA. This land is losing control of the nut cases out there and since we can’t properly evaluate the nut cases,we should be able to evaluate,examine and restrict their access to weapons of mass murder.

    Another sorry day for those families and a happy day should follow on control of killing machines.

  2. We can’t talk about it whenever anything like this happens, because that would be “politicizing a tragic event”. Unfortunately, since these events are happening constantly, so we can NEVER EVER talk about gun control. Pretty nifty how that works out for the NRA.

    MURIKA! We’re #1!

  3. The occurrence in Newtown brought tears to my eyes, all those little lives snuffed out so early. I am a gun owner myself and have several but I can truthfully say that I don’t bring one along when I go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and I don’t really want to be in there with someone who does.

    Tennessee recently passed legislation that allows you to carry a gun in a bar. As far back as Dodge City days Wyatt Earp realized that was not a good idea. Sure, the legislation stipulates that when carrying a concealed weapon in a bar you can’t drink but I don’t think a gun toting Billy Bob would pay a lot of attention to that. Already the state senator that pushed this bill has been arrested for carrying a gun while drunk.

    I think a few restrictions should be placed on the type of guns that can be owned and I would like to see better control of those that are sold. .

  4. via Google+

    How much does anyone want to bet that this kid was on some kind of antidepressant or other psychotropic prescription intended to cure the same things it has as side effects. Watch.

  5. via Facebook

    Its been long over due for this conversation on gun control!! Let’s see the NRA’s crocodile tears while they silence the politicians behind closed doors!!

  6. I am also a gun owner…and I’m concealed carry permit…
    BUT…I never carry a pistol anywhere…WHY…because I’m reminded of a story I read when Grabriele Giffords was shot in Tucson…one person who was on the scene and was legaly carrying…said…to the effect…
    He was running up to the scene with his pistol to provide whatever assistance he could and saw a person standing with his foot on top of a pistol which was laying on the ground…evidently this was the weapon involved…and his response was to the effect…it struck him that what would have happened if he or another armed person had mistaken the person supposedly standing on the shooters pistol as the instigator…and shot that innocent person…

    With all the excitement, confusion, even policemen who are trained in these situations…make mistakes…I would be more afraid of everyone carrying than I would be of the individual involved in shooting someone…

    I am of the opinion that anyone who wants a concealed carry permit MUST purchase insurance to cover events and actions…go thru the SAME small arms training that police officers go thru…and MUST repeat the training
    every 3 years…

    Carrying a concealed weapon is a SERIOUS responsibility…if you should ever be involved in trying to protect another with your weapon…if you are going to take the action of a polive officer, which having a permit to carry implies you essentially are…you should be subject to any and all laws that apply…

    We need to have a serious discussion about gun policy in this country…but will it happen…only if a bumch of Senators and Congressmen should suddenly lose their loved ones in some kind of mass killing situation…

    I know of no other country in the world that has a gun problem like our country…

  7. via Google+

    It’s simple– we live in a country where it is easier for a 17 year old boy to get his hands on a gun than a pack of cigarettes, a country where the mental hospitals were all closed by the REagan Administration and where community based mental health care is non existant. I’ll bet you anything the shooter’s mother( the one he murdered) knew her son was crackers and was basically providing private custodial care for him because she couldn’t get any help for him from mental health authorities. How many school shootings does it take for this nation to get the message and stop arguing and start doing something about getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill??

  8. I fear that the FBI guy said it best when he said that after the grief of the moment is past and after all the posturing and positioning is over – – – nothing will happen . . . just like nothing always happens in cases like these.

    As long as the American Public allows the national conversation to be controlled by Big Business and their Gun Lobbies, nothing will happen because I think their attitude is, “What is a few lives lost when there are billions to be made in arming the nation?”

    Then there are the “Patriot” nut fringe cases who think that the government is out to get them and they must arm for some imagined future “Revolution” to “Take America Back.”

    It will take a sustained populist movement from a nation fed up with big money bullshit to get any movement toward reasonable gun control in the United States of America – – – and I think it will take a lot more tragedies before we can ever hope to see this transpire.

    I am of the opinion that a lot of people sympathize with victims and their families at times such as these, but I also think that many of those same people do not really grasp the horror and potential of such insanity until such time as it visits their own door step.

  9. I was heartened to see a spontaneous gathering of Americans at the White House carrying signs that read:

    Now IS the time…

    I believe the President opened the door today…please do what you can to support Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Brady Campaign and other organizations with strong voices. We have to begin the conversation whether the NRA wants to or not. We also need to give greater voice and funding to mental health initiatives.

    My heart aches as I struggle to imagine getting the call that my young son was shot at the elementary school down the street…

  10. Obviously, Congress is unable to do anything other than bicker – and sometimes name post office branches.

    I didn’t realize that the mayoral effort was 70+ strong. They may be the group to back up and push forward.

  11. We need Grassroots America to get on the horn to their representatives and to keep the pressure up— we need blogs and tweets and letters and phone calls and marches in the streets – – we need placards and visits to congressional offices – – we need churches to get involved – – civic organizations – – labor organizations- – – activists – – if our passion over issues is great enough there is nothing that can quell an outpouring of that great American spirit of determination to obtain just results for righteous causes.

  12. John is absolutely right. The driving force behind any changes to insane gun laws will not originate from the political class. It’ll have to come from the masses, or as John calls them, Grassroots America. There will have to be an outcry of such proportions that it drowns out the noise that will soon be coming from the NRA and gun lobbyists. Then and only then will politicians be willing to listen…and maybe, just maybe, do something.

  13. For those who think it’s only the person wielding the weapon that does the killing and the damage from holding a gun…please consider a few things….in order to kill 20 children with a knife, club or other instrument that necessitates getting in close and doing the killing by one’s own hand, it would take so much time and personal commitment to go to each child and adult, look them in the eye and then decide on taking their life one at a time. Most mental cases could never really confront someone to their face one at a time and do the deed with the force of their own body parts. Having either a semi-automatic or automatic weapon allows one to stand back at a great distance, never have to really see close up the faces of those being killed and never having to feel that life leaving as one just numbly pulls a trigger.

    It is the convenience of the distance and speed of action that allows such mentally ill people, or any one, to do so much damage in so short a time. The NRA must be confronted with these facts over and over again. The distance, the speed and the impersonality of the choice of weapon allows these tragedies to occur. Whether the shooter is a terrorist, a mentally ill person or a person simply caught up in a moment of lack of self-control and great and overwhelming rage or tremendous lack of judgment, a gun tremendously amplifies the affects of the shooters intentions and emotions. A gun is a means of amplifying the intents of a killer. A gun makes any situation worse in terms of outcomes and a gun gives way too much power to people who are often not trained in their proper use and who have little or no real awareness of what their decision to bring a weapon to their emotional hotspot will do to so many lives. They are beyond thinking rationally and a gun gives so much added magnitude to the void in their thinking. The tragedy and truth beyond not wanting just anyone to be able to carry a gun, concealed or not lies in the fact that we humans have not caught up in our maturity with the power of the weapons we create!

    Not every weapon available should be given to every human just because they want one. Wanting something does not make it wise! Greater wisdom is in knowing when to say no to our base desires for things that threaten our very survival as a species. Guns are one of those things most of us have no business owning or carrying. I was trained in their use. I have done target training as a child in my dad’s NRA oriented home. But I will never own or carry one myself in my own life. I know that I could be easily overpowered by someone and my own weapon would be turned against me! So much for protection! I know that guns are so dangerous that even those trained in their use in law enforcement pray that they never have to use their training! Many have nightmares after even a so-called “righteous shoot”. Loss of life, even unintended, is so serious that to own a gun is to say that you are willing to accept that in order for you to make use of what you have purchased,you are willing to take life from someone else. You are ready to make a decision about who lives and dies on this planet. That is a power I think we should abhor as people who say we are dedicated to creating a planet filled with love and peace and understanding. Until our choices match up with our stated beliefs…..we will continue to lose our children and many others to acts of gun violence every year. Give Peace a Chance!!!

  14. Eloquent, thoughtful and factual, Melody. Thank you.

    I’m beginning to have concerns over the “fact” that the killer was on the autism spectrum….if so, it pains me to hear the adjectives that fly across my TV screen. Today we learn his Mom fought for him and eventually withdrew him from the local school system…is this a clue?

    We know too little to pass judgement yet…many older children fall through the cracks and out of support systems.
    Parents do not always act quickly enough at signs of trouble, even with their “normal” children. Lanza confided to friends that she was worried for her son’s mental health. Who was there to support her?

    I urge all to get active and stay active on this gun issue…please engage, Grassroots America (thanks John for the terrific framing)…it’s how we get things done and may be how we get some control over these violent acts.

    I find it interesting to note that the Republican Party had no one to send to Face the Nation this morning to chat with Chuck Schumer…huddling to figure out just how they’re going to protect their benefactors and not completely annihilate themselves? (poor choice of descriptive…) In listening to various conversations, we find that the NRA backs some of the initiatives we do…so let’s START THERE.

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