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Another Day, Another Hail of Bullets

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John Liming takes a look at the latest gun shooting to hit the news and writes on the importance of electing Democrats into office before sensible gun laws can ever be enacted.


Is it just me or is this kind of thing becoming more and more commonplace in America?

So when we send our kids to school this morning is there a possibility they won’t come home tonight?

Is the kind of America we are becoming and is it the kind of America you want for yourself and your generations?

October 21, 2013 came and went in Sparks, Nevada and a shooter at a Middle School opened fire with a gun, killed a staff member who was trying to protect students and then turned the gun on himself and ended the tragedy.

The shooter was reported to have been a student at the school and so far I haven’t heard a word about what the motive for the shooting might have been.

There were apparently a lot of eyewitness reports on the local news out there in Nevada and all the usual talk about how sad everybody was about the “Horrific” event – – – but I will almost guarantee that there isn’t going to be all that much discussion about the tragedy in the Halls of Congress.

The reason I don’t believe there is going to be all that much noise raised in Congress about this particular horrible event is that I think some of the big gun interests have more or less caused all that to be tamped down now and Americans are supposed to accept all these gun-related tragedies as both “unpreventable” and part of the “new norm” – – – or some such crazy shit as that.

If the government that is supposed to protect its citizens can’t even agree on a budget or on government spending without shutting down completely until some wing nuts get their way about things, how in the Hell do you even imagine the government is going to be able to do anything about gun violence?

Republicans, wing nuts, radical righties and all the gun nuts are more than likely more than pleased this morning that there is damned little possibility the Fed or anybody else is going to get their two cents worth in about these kinds of senseless tragedies.

“Gotta Pertek Them Secund Mendmunt Rights” after all – – – right folks?

“Ain’t No Way To Prevent Them Gun-Shooting Tragedies” – – – right folks?

“The Best Way To Pertek Agin Guns Is To Have More Guns” – – – right folks?

“Big Gubmint” has been there and done that and all attempts to get gun violence control legislation have completely failed in The United States – – – for the time being!

You see folks – – – I think we are living in a time and place when “Guns” are far more important than the people who are killed because of them.  What other impression could anybody have than something like that seeing all the resistance the big money, the gun lobbies and the dumb assed radical righties have put up against getting anything done to prevent this kind of awful crap from happening?

Well – – no need to go on blathering about that subject, I guess!  What the hell good does it do to talk about it?  Let’s all just put our heads in the goddamned sand and maybe there won’t be any more of these dreadful events in the uncertain future.

I mean after all folks, we gotta perteck them there secund mendmunt rights at all costs, don’t we?  I don’t think these kinds of things even make an impression on wing nuts because I think if they did, the wing nuts would be doing something about them – – – unless it is as I have always suspected . . .the wing nuts don’t have a clue about how to govern.

And that raises another question in my mind – – – “If they don’t know how to govern, what the Hell are they doing sitting in cushy elected offices in Washington and in various state houses around the country?

I personally think America is better than that, deserves better than that and can do one helluva lot better than that!

The next chance to make improvements on our “Gubmint” comes in 2014 and 2016.  Mark your calendars!


– John Liming


John publishes American Liberal Times

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When Is It A Good Time To Talk About Gun Control?

Republican - Guns Over People :

David Frum:

Gun enthusiasts say it is inappropriate to talk about gun violence at the time it occurs. Better to wait … and wait … and wait … until time has passed, and the weeping next of kin have vanished from TV, and it’s safe to return to business as usual. The idea of the gun enthusiasts is that the way to show respect for the victims of gun violence is to do everything possible to multiply their number.

Yet the gun enthusiasts do have one point on their side: for all the horror of these massacres, they are only a small part of the story of gun violence in America. Most casualties of gun violence will not die at the hands of a mentally disturbed killer seeking random victims. Most gun casualties occur in the course of quarrels and accidents between people who would be described as “law-abiding, responsible gun owners” up until the moment when they lost their temper or left a weapon where a 4-year-old could find it and kill himself or his sister.

Not a damn thing got done when 20 six-year-olds were gunned down at Newtown so what chance is there that anything will change with the shooting of 13 adults at the Washington Navy Yard? Little to none.



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When Will the Insanity End?

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Another mass shooting. Is it okay to bring up a plea, again, for sensible gun laws? Is there ever a good time to do so?

You know the NRA is meeting behind closed doors at this very moment planning their latest all-out assault on snuffing out any possible talk of gun laws. We’ll soon be hearing the entire litany of bullshit from gun nuts. You know, stuff like…’guns don’t kill, people do’ and ‘don’t blame guns. blame video games’ and “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Sadly, nothing is going to happen.  After a whole bunch of shouting, the gun crazies will win out. They always do…which is why they get to applaud jerks who walk into a Starbucks with an assault rifle strapped to their backs. They also get to mock people like David Frum who put out a snarky tweet to illustrate how ludicrous the gun debate has become.

“In wake of this most recent mass-casualty shooting, it is important that we all respect the feelings of America’s gun enthusiasts.”

If today is a typical day in the United States, then 30 people will be killed by firearms and another 162 will be wounded by guns. When does the insanity stop?


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Can’t Afford a Gun? Sell Your Clothes.

NRA's Jesus -

It just gets crazier and crazier and never more so as when a passion for guns and religion finds a home in the same sick mind.

Gordon Klingenschmitt is a former Navy chaplain and here’s what he had to say to his conservative internet audience.

“I think Jesus would favor the Second Amendment. This is my opinion, that the Holy Spirit would allow the citizens to protect themselves rather than delegating that to a government to go out arm themselves against the citizens in the name of protecting the citizens.”

“If you don’t have a gun, I’m telling you as a Christian chaplain, sell your clothes and buy a gun. It’s time. The government persecution will be coming against you and you need to arm yourselves and defend your family when that time comes.”

Question: If you sold your clothes to purchase a gun, how would you carry a concealed weapon?

Question 2: How insane does a person need to be to believe that any number of citizens, as well armed as they might be, could ever take on a government that just happens to be in possession of the most powerful army and weaponry the world has ever known? Really.

I have this image in my head of a 1000 naked hicks, guns blazing away in each hand, running across an open field and screaming “Jesus!” as they face off against a single M1 Abrams battle tank.

Good luck boys.


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