Climate 101

Our Footprint on Earth   -

“Now, explain it to me like I’m a four-year-old.”

-Denzel Washington (Philadelphia)



This next video from the Climate Reality Project outlines the parallels between the tobacco industry’s campaign to deny cigarette-related cancer and the oil industry’s role in climate denial. The exact same tactics are being used.

(h/t: Slate)


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  1. alwaysoccupy says:

    It is very evident that those men who cry wolf will allow the wolf to eat Little Red Riding Hood,Grandma and the rest of the cast. We have noticed increased activity in tornadoes,hurricanes,melting icecaps and forest fires since our youth and just by that assessmernt I really don’t know how we can reverse it.

    It has become a big elephant and the momentum is probably impossible to control and adjust in time. How many more calamities will America need before it wakes up?

  2. Sue Rolfe says:

    Down to even using the same PR firm. have you seen Gasland 2 yet? You should.