21 thoughts on “Save Your Marriage and Oppose Gay Marriage

  1. This might be a spoof but it’s closer to reality than most of us would like to believe. I know people who actually feel this way. They’re convinced that traditional marriage is endangered by gays.

  2. This video is a spoof for sure but it points out something interesting to me – – in kind of an inverse manner:

    I believe there are under-informed and uninformed people out in the vastness of the hinterlands who have been convinced by some source of right wing propaganda ( church, TV, radio,magazine, etc.) that such things are possible.

    In my opinion the dissemination of any such propaganda as the right is known for spreading about the virtue of keeping America discriminatory is – – – evil!

    America has never been about inequality and discrimination regardless of the wet dreams of a limited number of dominionist ante-bellum-style elite supremacists – -but they keep on trying to peddle their corrosive and hateful messages, don’t they?

    Couold somebody please tell some of these nord-wollongers that legalization of gay marriage does not mean criminalization of heterosexual unions?

  3. “Couold [sic] somebody please tell some of these nord-wollongers that legalization of gay marriage does not mean criminalization of heterosexual unions?”

    They would not accept that because that’s what their worldview demands: it’s not enough to allow their own point of view – it must be done at the cost of suppressing any alternative point of view. It’s because the nord-wollongers don’t see life as a field for co-operation; it’s more like a Monopoly™ board, where one player only advances by suppressing and stamping out all the others. There is no “loyal opposition”; any and all others are enemies.

  4. This is soooooooooo stupid. I’m against gay marriage but not because I think it’ll destroy my marriage. I’m against it because giving homosexuals the right to marriage will devalue the meaning of traditional marriage. Everyone is free to love whomever they want but they have no right to walk all over my beliefs. If the government sees no difference between traditional marriage and gay marriage, then it has essentially demoted my marriage down to the level of a same-sex union.

  5. Re the comment, ” I’m against gay marriage but not because I think it’ll destroy my marriage. I’m against it because giving homosexuals the right to marriage will devalue the meaning of traditional marriage. . .”

    The fact of the matter is that statistically most “Traditional Marriages” fail and are crap canned before they ever really get off the ground – – such are the moral values of much of the traditionalist Right!

    I happen to believe that giving homosexuals the right to marriage will enhance the meaning of the sacrament because it will bring the sacrament closer to the natural affinity of The Creator for having all things work in harmonious relationships and in what I believe to be His ( Her) (It’s) abhorrence for discrimination in any form among Humans.

    I have read of times past in history when some folks might have objected to inter-racial marriages on much the same cockamamie mindless grounds.

    Thank God we have gotten beyond that.

    Most of us have, I think!

  6. Dear Ron M:

    Define. “Nord Wollonger”

    Being endowed with super intellect and infinitesimally perceptive depth of understanding on most all philosophical
    subjects known to civilized humanity, I am uniquely qualified to speak to a select elite group of thinkers who can go beyond the finite limits of normal objectivity and occasionally create new terms to fit heretofore only partially explored subjects that might be of some interest to – – – the rest of us. Heh! Heh! Heh! (I got my Master’s Degree in Humility from The College of hard Knocks.).

    A “Nord Wollonger” is a Nord who Wollenges.

    A “Nord” is, of course, an advanced form of “Nerd” and the art of “Wollenging” is akin to what I see as a clearer vision of pigs wallowing in mire . . . except that wollenging is far filthier and therefore far more satisfying to a certain nuance of psuedo intellect that I like to think of as “Far -Too -Radical Psuedo-Christianized, neo-Conservatized Right Wing-ism” which I often view as more of a treatable condition than an ideological reality.

    It is a conceptualization for the adventurous and the imaginative and is a coinage. The term proposes that those who stand on the rim of Right Wing Hell do not always have to accept the illusory visions being pump[ed up to them from the sulphurous depths of rightist deceit and treachery at face value, but that it is incumbent upon those who actually seek truth to delve further, to explore more and to find “facts” that have not been scraped through the radical rightist’s particularly revisionist propaganda machine.

  7. The fact of the matter is that most cancer treatments fail. Should we stop treating cancer because of that fact? And don’t try to compare gay marriage to inter-racial marriage. That’s absurd. A black man and a white woman are capable of having children and consummating a marriage as it was meant to be. The same cannot be said about Bob and Ted exchanging marriage vows.

    John, be careful about bringing God into this issue. Unless you’re reading some liberal version of the Bible, we all know what our Creator has to say about homosexuals.

  8. Dearly Beloved Red State Girl:

    I remember when there was only The United States. Those were wonderful days but the nord-wollongering far right wing extremist mindlessness arose and divided us into Red and Blue.

    Nevertheless, your admonition to me to avoid comparing gay marriage to inter-racial marriage is going nowhere with me because like quite a lot of other people I believe that there is such a thing as a “Homosexual Race” and that it is not simply some kind of “choice” made at some point in life.

    I will not try to expound on that farther because I sense it would be fruitless.

    As to my relationship with God, it is no one’s concern – – that is between The Creator and me.

    And about the “Liberal Version of The Bible?”

    I do not believe that God’s word can be constrained within the definition of “Version” because there are many administrations but the self same Spirit who worketh in them all.

    I think what you might want to say is that my “Interpretation” of the Bible might be different than yours. That is alright too because we are all entitled to our own opinions and, in the end . . . God meets every person at the limit of their understanding and accepts them just as they are and just as they come.

    If God hated gay people as much as some of the right wingers seem to want Him to, He certainly would not have troubled Himself to see that one eighth of the human race is, in fact, gay.

    End of discussion.

  9. By redState girl’s standards, then, I should not be allowed to marry a woman my own age because chances are that she is post-menopausal and, therefore, such a marriage could never produce children. By her standards, my marriage to my late wife should be declared null and void because neither of us wanted children and we took steps to ensure we wouldn’t have any. Any man who has a vasectomy should not be allowed to marry (which, since sex without marriage will also send the world into a fatal sunward spiral towards doom and destruction, makes the very reason for the operation moot). Any woman or man who are biologically sterile for other medical reasons should not be allowed to marry. Any married couple in which one or both partners becomes biologically sterile due to artificial or natural means should be forced to divorce and be forbidden to marry.

    Of course all that’s a crock of shit. redState girl is a perfect example of what I mentioned in my previous comment. She bridles at the notion of other people having the freedom to do things that do not affect her in the slightest, and reacts by trying to force her own standards on others, threatening them with supernatural consequences. It is only her own dehumanization of same-sex unions that denigrates her own.

    I prefer the attitude of my many-times-great-uncle Tom: “…it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” If the married couple next door are two men or two women, it does me no injury unless it is of my own making.

    I defy anyone to present a legitimate, rational case for asserting that the state of someone else’s relationship (which relationship is completely outside that person’s family, thus exempting a cheating spouse’s playing around) threatens their own. This reason must be applicable to anyone of any religious background and not grounded in the narrow dogma of a single religious cult denomination.

  10. I say, “Three cheers and a hip! hip! hooray!” for a truly reasonable and enlightened response. Thank you E.A. Blair and bless you for your compassion and understanding. But I counsel – – do not tarry too long on the porch of the Temple of Intellectual Emptiness trying to speak to the Oracles of Nowhere and Nothingness because they will quickly wear one down and suck away the very soul in their attempts to make proselytes more worthy of Perdition than themselves.

  11. John brought God into this discussion, not me. And your uncle Tom could not be more wrong. What if your neighbor is a politician who has the power to remove prayer from school, to make the teaching of Creation a crime and to grant women the right to kill their unborn child? What then Mr. Blair? My neighbor then does me and every other devout Christian living in this nation an injustice.

    Giving gay marriage the same legal status as traditional marriage lessens the value of all marriages between men and women. Give it all the legal protection you want. I don’t care but don’t dare call it marriage. It is not no matter what liberals want to believe.

  12. Dear E.A. Blair:

    I am afraid that there are so many who call themselves “Christians” but who are so conformed to this present world they have lost the principle of renewing their minds in Christ and have become rather high minded judges willing to lay condemnation at the feet of others but rarely seeing the beam in their own eyes.

    I am afraid that a lot of these have forsaken mercy in favor of judgement when God Himself demands that all human kind be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another… and, if it be possible, as much as lies within them, to live peaceably with all men (mankind) (humans) (people.).

    I am afraid that some poor souls who still think they serving Christ have gone astray unto their own way which may seem right unto them but the end of which is . . . shall we say, “Uncomfortable or Unfortunate” and instead of overcoming evil with good a lot of them have overcome good with evil and have decided to hate everything and everyone who are not exactly the same as themselves.

  13. So you want to force any children I might have to pray the kind of prayers you think are appropriate in a public school? You want to force schools to teach a mythology as science? There are lots of so-called Christians who would like to jail people for teaching evolution – I have a feeling you are one of them.

    If two gay men or gay women get married in a legal ceremony, I will dare to call it marriage because not only do I not consider them subhuman, as you do, but I also do not feel threatened by their relationship, as you do*. You have stated in other comments that you don’t trust the government, yet you want that same government you hate to enforce religion on the country. If that isn’t big government, tell me what is. Your religion is probably the most personal thing in the world to you, yet you want the government you hate to control and administer it** and indoctrinate brainwash teach it to the nation’s children.

    Who gave you the right to tell anyone else what they are and are not allowed to believe?

    *I also get a small amount of childish satisfaction in knowing that, by doing so, I piss you off.

    **Or for religion to control government, which is the same thing.

    By the way, my multi-great-uncle is Thomas Jefferson. That quote is from his book Notes on the State of Virginia, published in 1781, and considered by some to be the most important book published in America before 1800.

  14. I’m looking forward to the statistics that are sure to come out, detailing how many “traditional” marriages have been ruined by gay marriage (snark).

    This issue does illustrate one basic difference between Democrats and Republicans:
    Democrats: let everybody have the same rights
    Republicans: if you win, I lose

    I wish they’d get it through their thick heads that acceptance of the rights of one group does not automatically mean the reduction in rights of another group.

  15. I think I love EA Blair and John Liming. I want to marry both of you. Sorry I can’t offer to gay marry you, since I’m female. LOL

  16. Dear Dee Loralei:

    I am grateful for your kind and loving words.

    Of course I am much too old to think of getting married again. I had a wonderful, lovely, beautiful lady as my wife for more than 33 years and we have three children ( all boys and all grown now) and she passed away about 10 years ago. I have remained single because I considered my vows to be eternal when I made them.

    I would not be interested in a gay marriage for myself but I sure as Hell don’t want to be one of those nose-in-the-airs who think they are privileged to force their views onto other people. For all the years that my Sandy and I were together, I never once felt that our relationship was ever challenged by the idea of gay people getting married.

    I think that if people become concerned that their marriage might be jeopardized because gay people might someday get the right to marry, then I think those that are concerned in that manner probably ought to go to some kind of marriage counselling to see where the weak links are in their relationship – – the weak links that could cause a failure of their marriage because someone else exercised the right to have their own happiness with someone they might be in love with.

    I am a great believer of “Live and Let Live.”

  17. Dee,

    What an interesting prospect. Of course you couldn’t gay marry me, but, as several commenters have noted above, just because gay marriage exists does not mean that it’s mandatory (although some might think otherwise). At the very least, we seem to be politically compatible.


    My late wife’s name was Sandra, and although we used to joke about growing old and decrepit together, it was not to be. We only had five years, and in that brief time, we had many gay friends who would have liked to ba able to formalize their relationships. She would have been glad to see things begin to change as they have. You have been a fortunate man to have had thirty-three happy years.

  18. HA! HA! HA!

    Honestly, I am still laughing and I can hardly write this comment after watching that commercial.

    When the guy asked, “Why do gays want to destroy our civilization?” I could not help but say loudly, “It’s because we are evil and we want to take over the world!”

    Thanks for sharing that Mario, you have made my day.

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