Homosexuality and the Bible

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There are three possibilities on how one deals with the Bible’s take on homosexuality.

a) Religion isn’t your thing, so you don’t really care what the Bible has to say on any issue because you choose to not structure your belief system on writings of fiction.

b) You’re religious…and bigoted, and you agree with homophobic dicks like Bryan Fischer who make a living from spewing hate to frightened, little people.


c) You’re religious…and compassionate and smart and stop to listen to what people like John Corvino have to say about the subject.


Corvino has also put out an intelligent little video titled Born This Way?, for anyone who has ever found themselves defending homosexuality by saying stuff like, “Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle choice. We’re born that way!

If you do have a favorite homophobe (religious or not) in your circle of family and friends, consider getting them Corvino’s new book, What’s Wrong with Homosexuality?

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4 thoughts on “Homosexuality and the Bible

  1. My son is a homosexual. I suspected this when he was only about six or seven years old but didn’t give it a lot of thought because I am one of those who think sexual orientation is something you are pretty much born with and have no real choice in the matter. I neither encouraged nor disparaged him because the last thing I wanted to do was lower his self esteem and possible ruin his life or even cause him to end his life out of remorse for something over which he had no control.

    He married a wonderful man in the city hall of San Francisco before proposition eight reared its ugly head. He and his husband have lived together harmoniously for about twenty years now and are poster children for domestic bliss. I wish all married couples could be as devoted and as compatible as the two of them.

    Homosexuality is not just about sex like so many seem to believe, it is also about commitment and love. Here is a portion of the eulogy given by Saint Aelred, on the death of his homosexual lover, Simon. This brings tears to my eyes and puts homosexuality in perfect perspective for me.

    “He was the refuge of my spirit, the sweet solace of my griefs, whose heart of love received me when fatigued by labors, whose counsel refreshed me when plunged in sadness and grief… What more is there, then, that I can say? Was it not a foretaste of blessedness thus to love and thus to be loved?”

    I have been with my wife for over fifty years and would not deny anyone the wonderful companionship we have shared over the years.

  2. Charlie…..I am so thrilled that your son found happiness. You have a wonderful family. God bless.

  3. Charlie,

    That was very touching and I will bet that there are many gays who would envy your son for the father he is so fortunate to have, including myself.

    I gave up defending my gayness a long time ago and decided it did not matter to me what others thought of me, only what I thought of myself and what God thought of me.

    A good way to explain homosexuality is to explain how someone is born as an intersex individual, or in other words,someone with both sexual organs. If God only intended that men fall in love and marry women and women to marry men, then why did He allow someone to be born an intersex? It is more difficult to explain off something that is physically and medically evidential.

    Just because something is not visible, such as a person’s sexual orientation, it’s easy to say that it just does not exist and homosexuality is just a lifestyle that someone chooses. I know many LGBT members who would love to hand off their gayness so that they could live a normal life like heterosexuals do. Being gay is not always gay, if you get my meaning.

  4. So beautifully put Charlie.

    It is important to make people understand that it is about love, not just about sex. I believe very strongly that we should all have the same right to love openly and if we wish to marry ( the adult ) that we love. I also believe that all marriages should be equal in the eyes of the law with all the same rights and privileges. There is no reason that gay couples should settle for part, but not all of the same rights that my husband and I enjoy as a committed couple.

    It is time that Christians start reading their Bibles for themselves ( not accepting what others tell them about God and what he wants, loves or abhors ) and realize that Jesus did not hate anyone. He never admonished his followers to hate or to shun or to exclude anyone. He taught love and compassion and understanding among all men. If you belong to a church that teaches anything other than love and understanding and compassion you might be in the wrong church.

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