Fox Viewers: Fools or Marks?

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This take on the reason Fox let Dick Morris go is just about right.

Morris was so laughably wrong in almost everything he said that even many die-hard conservatives no doubt found him to be a buffoon. When he tells you over and over again that there’s no way your side can lose, and then they do, his credibility suffers even with people who want to believe him. But what really did him in, I think, was when it came out in December that he was, in all probability, running a scam on the Fox News viewers whom he implored to contribute to his super PAC to defeat Barack Obama. None of the money went to that cause, instead probably finding its way back into Morris’s pocket. It’s one thing to treat Fox viewers like fools—most of the network’s personalities do that every day. But it’s quite another to treat them like marks. If you do it as blatantly as Morris did, the entire brand is threatened.

In the end, it became too obvious that Dick Morris wasn’t working for the betterment of the conservative movement, or the Republican party, or Fox News. He was working for the betterment of Dick Morris. Once that became all too obvious, I’m sure Ailes had no qualms about showing him the door. After all, there’s plenty more where he came from.

Fox viewers – fools? Nah. Really?

Morris might have been more blatant in his ways than the many grifters who appear daily on Fox but there’s a fine line between Morris’ antics and those of say, a Bill O’Reilly. Truth and honesty would never take precedence over the $20 million O’Reilly pulls in each year in salary alone from Fox. Bill knows what his audience of low-information muppets wants to hear and he delivers without fail.

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4 thoughts on “Fox Viewers: Fools or Marks?

  1. I am sure that the foxbots didn’t mind being taken for fools, just thinking that they are doing something to hurt Obama is good enough for them.

  2. Morris’ campaign hurt the Republican and Fox brands. To think that Rove swallowed what Morris was telling him explains why both have been shown the door. Their polling machine was way out compared to the competent Democratic war room.

    Retribution happens far and wide in between but when this type of justice passes,you sit down and sip a glass of wine with relish.

  3. There was a moment, during the Jon Stewart/Bill O’Reilly “debate”, when Bill said something telling, in response to Jon’s assertion that the Fox people were nuts in their thinking. He said something along the lines of “not everyone believes what they are saying, it’s for the money”. I wondered if he was talking about himself.

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