Fox News Battles Algebra’s Distributive Property

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I think it can be said with a good deal of certainty that Fox’s Eric Bolling has flown too close to stupid so many times that the damage done to whatever is remaining of his brain is now irreparable. When one start seeing a liberal agenda lurking in the shadows of algebra, you know that paranoia has taken a firm hold.

Any hour of any day on Fox is a study in unabashed ignorance and Bolling does not disappoint with his critique of Scholastic Books take on algebra. For those of you who have been away from algebra for a while, here’s a refresher on the Distributive Property compliments of CoolMath.


See anything political in the above property? You don’t? Then you definitely need to spend more time tuned in to Fox News. Here, let Mr. Bolling explain it to you.


See? President Obama’s socialist puppet, Scholastic Books, is doing the Kenyan’s dirty work and indoctrinating America’s children in the worst of ways. Fox News to the rescue!

A MediaMatters reader provides this insight into Bolling’s view of grade school math.

I remember distributive algebra from way back in the fifties. If Jane has six dollars and gives a dollar each to Dick and Jack and a quarter each to Bob and Martha, how many communists are there in the Democrat Party?

Bolling’s answer: too damned many!


And they call Fox News stupid television for little minds. I wonder why…


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8 thoughts on “Fox News Battles Algebra’s Distributive Property

  1. Good grief — gimme a break already! The propaganda Fox puts out is good for an occasional laugh — its only intrinsic value! A steady diet of it would be totally detrimental to one’s mental health, which explains the current faculties of its ardent followers. Scary!!

  2. Pssst… Mario, it’s actually Sharia Maths! Don’t let the Fox folks know where Al Gebra originated.

    Or the number zero.

    There will be rioting at the school board meetings and in the PTAs!

  3. Hmmm…..”Distribute the wealth” is bad? Let’s say your a small business owner, and you’re handing out paychecks on Friday. Isn’t that “distributing the wealth”?

    I guess the term can only have one meaning, and it BELONGS to the right wing.

  4. I think Fox News and other conservative news sources, would like to “dumb down’ the American public. How else can they assure that half the voters will keep voting against their own interests, and how better to vote against your interests than to vote Republican.

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