The Fox and the GOP

Fox News - Lies, Spin & Bullshit   :

Ana Marie Cox has a great piece in the Guardian on the changing relationship between Fox News and the Republican party. She captures the essence of the current relationship in this wonderful observation on how Fox and the GOP play off each other in fabricating conspiracies – in this example, Benghazi.

Witness the coverage of Benghazi, where conservative outrage on the channel remains strident and forceful and in harmony with Republican officials, despite the willingness of most of the country to move on to matters closer to home. It’s a positive feedback loop that spirals into irrelevance: Republicans pursue a conspiracy that only Fox viewers believe, based on reports only Fox airs, and new information gets hammered into a shape that fits the existing narrative.

Exactly right. Cox’s entire piece is well worth the read.


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3 thoughts on “The Fox and the GOP

  1. I have always wished for the demise of Fox News. I hope this is a small step to the ultimate collapse of this unworthy station.

    ”By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

    Oscar Wilde

  2. I do hear too much talk among reporters and Republicans about Benghazi and those four people dead. You would think they were talking about it on the scale of the Iraq war.

    It’s like Bush only took us to war but Obama allowed those four innocent people to die, it’s all his and Hillary’s fault. Hang em High!

  3. What will the Patriots do without the “Fox”? We’d better expand our mental health services in a hurry to treat their withdrawal…they won’t be happy at having been “out-Foxed”…

    My favorite question (Turkey?!?!?) at the Benghazi hearings was prefaced by comparing this incident to 9/11…and worthy of being fired…thank you Rand Paul. He acted like this is the VERY FIRST AND ONLY incident at all our embassies across the world.

    Try as I might to watch Fox at any time of day or night, just to see how they’re spinning, I just can’t get beyond about 10 minutes…

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