Iraq, Iran and Wankers

Thomas Friedman was named Atrios’ Wanker of the Decade precisely for saying stuff like this.


That was back in 2003 and lest you think that Friedman learned anything from telling other countries he doesn’t like to “suck on this”, here’s the advice he had for Barack Obama in 2008 in regards to Iran.

“Mr. Obama‚Äôs gift for outreach would be so much more effective with a Dick Cheney standing over his right shoulder, quietly pounding a baseball bat into his palm.”

Yes, because warmongering insanity worked so well last time around.

Wanker of the decade – a much deserved award.


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3 thoughts on “Iraq, Iran and Wankers

  1. Telling hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians killed by Cheney’s adventurism to suck on anything is the epitome of wankerism.

  2. Well he sure gives us a good honest look into the real republican mind, doesn’t he? Fear and hate really make people stupid and dangerous, don’t they.

  3. He really had to think about this to explain why Bush had to lie to go in IRAQ and as an experienced Republican journalist,used creative eloquence to explain why Bush did what he did. It was OK to spend 1 trillion dollars on the middle east wars because Bush said it was OK.

    Everything is OK on both sides and it all depends on how you look at it. But it is never in the public interest but in the national interest that we can scare people to do things. Disgusting.

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