Face of the Day


Grandma Joyce sewed matching ladybug dresses for leena and her dolly in preparation for the little one’s 1st birthday bash coming up in three weeks. Leena was delighted with the look which is nice because the party’s theme will be…you guessed it…ladybugs!

Happy Monday.


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6 thoughts on “Face of the Day

  1. How adorable is that! Grandma did good and Leena looks so sweet in her ladybug dress with her dolly to match!! Looking forward to birthday pictures and maybe a video???? Hope you are feeling better this week, Mario!!

  2. That is just darned cute. Can’t believe she’ll be 1 soon. Your wife could make a mint selling patterns for a girl and her doll, or a boy and his Teddy Bear. (Sorry, made an assumption there, Grandma Joyce could.) I’m keeping my sewing machine for that purpose, even though I haven’t sewn anything in years, I wanna do adorable things for my future grand kids. So kudos to Joyce!

    Love the Lady Bug rocking chair too, Get a pic of Leena and the doll in their matching dresses on that

    I gotta tell you these weekly pics make my Mondays. So good on you too grandpa! And thanks.

  3. AWWWWW. . .how totally precious! Does she have any idea what a huge fan club she has? Or, even, what a fan club is? Probably not, but I doubt that she would care, ’cause she’s obviously having enormous fun, just being Leena!

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