Face of the Day


Leena – 34 weeks.

The word out is that theĀ  munchkin will be crawling sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll post some video when she does. We’ll see if we can get her to speak for the camera.

Hope it was a good Monday at your end.

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5 thoughts on “Face of the Day

  1. She’s practicing her moves, getting ready to kick it up a notch!
    These Monday treasures make me want to get out the baby pictures and smile at my own adorable two!

    Thanks so much for this Monday distraction! “Oh, what a relief it is”

  2. I’m another bragging grandpa. My youngest grandson is graduating from high school soon and he is number four of about three hundred in his graduating class. His older brother was number ten and my son and daughter graduated number five and six respectively. I like to think my genes may have had something to do with this but it’s probably all my wife’s doing.

    You have a beautiful munchkin Mario, give her a hug for me.

  3. There’ll be no stoppin’ that sweet baby girl now! When they start getting around at will, it takes mom and dad from placid to high alert!! You go, Leena!

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