Face of the Day

I missed out last week, so here are a couple of pics of leena lovin’ life at 31 weeks.

leena 31 weeks

This next one is leena taking a first spin on her brand new Ladybug rocker. I’m told she fell in love with it the moment she saw it in the showroom.

Happy Monday.

leena 31 weeks


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5 thoughts on “Face of the Day

  1. AWWWW – she’s ahDORable! Since I changed ISPs back in October, I’ve missed watching “Her Highness” make her weekly debuts; but we’re back in sync now, and delighted to see her, in all her charming magnificence. You GO, Leena, GROW!!

  2. She’s growing up before our very eyes…and we’re loving it!
    Especially love the striped leggings….ROCK ON LITTLE LEENA

  3. That pic of her on the lady bug may be the cutest thing yet! I missed her last week, dammit Mario, you gotta stay on top of it and get us our Leena pics!

  4. Oh, wow! You can just see Leena’s delight with her ladybug rocker oozing from every pore! Those smiles could light up a room. Thanks for these wonderful pictures — we all were suffering from Leena withdrawal!! :)

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