Face of the Day

Are we allowed to post Monday’s Face of the Day on a Wednesday? I think so. Here’s leena at 29 weeks visiting with her pediatrician.

leena 29 weeks

After numerous attempts at pulling off the doctor’s eyeglasses (a trick, I’m proud to say, leena learned from me!), she decided to tug on his stethoscope instead. He smiled. Leena weighed in at just under 16 pounds which puts her right on target for a 6-month old.

I’m making a slow recovery back to health. This illness is holding me back from resuming my Power90 fitness program which I am determined to take to completion and beyond. No excuses this year.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season.


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2 thoughts on “Face of the Day

  1. The curiosity shows her intelligence. She’s doing some intense thinking and wondering in this shot! Love watching her grow — she’s a sweetie!

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