Wisconsin Victory Goes To The Highest Bidder


In the age of Citizens United, outspending your opponent by and 8 to 1 ratio with the help of out-of-state billionaires, does have its benefits.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker retained his seat in the election that sought to recall him from office, defeating his challenger Tom Barrett in this election (as he did in the 2010 governor’s race). Walker won with strong support from Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party supporters and a majority of votes from independents.

On the bright side.

At this point, nearly all Barrett voters (92 percent) would support President Obama in the fall, while fewer – 76 percent- of Walker voters plan to back the Republican, Mitt Romney. Seventeen percent of Walker’s supporters said if the presidential election were held today they would vote for President Obama.

Voters in Wisconsin also give President Obama the edge on improving the economy — 42 percent said he would do a better job on that issue, compared to 38 percent who picked Romney. By a wider margin, voters said the president would do a better job helping the middle class (46 percent), while fewer (37 percent) gave Romney the upper hand on that.

As for last night, Walker won the auction. Wisconsin lost.


(The source image of Scott Walker is a Creative Commons licensed photo by Megan McCormick available via Wikipedia.)

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6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Victory Goes To The Highest Bidder

  1. Yaa the “anti-labor” people won !! – Republicans high-fiving themselves at various forums around the nation.

    uhh what did they win?? – the right NOT to collective bargain?? The right NOT to have benefits and pensions in exchange for YOUR hard labor??

    How can you say you “won” something – when you reap no benefits??

    With each piece of legislation passed, Republicans have taken away legal, moral or ethical rights of the American people and called it “Freedom”. Yes, they say, now you are more “free” !!

    Yaa Republicans won and we now have MORE freedom !!!

    So far, thanks to Republican policies, you have the “freedom” to….
    NOT to have affordable healthcare
    NOT to have a voice in your job and work environment
    NOT to allow the wealthy to contribute one cent to the economy that made them rich
    NOT to have a voice in your politics because of Citizens United
    NOT to have a voice on your bodily freedoms if your a women
    NOT to have the right to marry if you are of a certain sexual preference
    NOT to have our meager safety nets as we age or get sick or for children and others
    NOT to have affordable contraception available to help with family planning
    and now strip searches and trans vaginal probes …
    Republican “freedom” means “you have nothing else to lose”.


    Someone answer me this – What Have Republicans Ever Done for the Average American People that Has Not Benefited the Rich Many Times Over ??

  2. Great graphic, per usual. I was hoping you’d do a “Koch Machine,” theme (Things DO NOT god better with Koch), but this is good.

    “As for last night, Walker won the auction. Wisconsin lost.” Sadly, this is quite an understatement. The country lost, because this is the first real test of the effectiveness of the Citizens United ruling in a real-world election. And man, did George Bush’s Supreme Court legacy payoff.

    My concern is that democrats will take the high road try to ignore the very real fact that it’s going to take more than activism, but money, and LOTS of it, to stem the tide of the new Billion Dollar Babies (http://groobiecat.blogspot.com/2012/06/new-billion-dollar-babies-koch-machine.html)

    Cheers and keep up the amazing work. This fight is far from over, but we had better realize what we’re up against, because the astroturfing that was done in Wisconsin? There are plans to do that across the country, BIG time. And when you combine this with the disenfranchisement of the voting public by Rick Scott, et al, we’re facing a seriously uphill climb…

  3. Golden Sun, that was one heck of a great comment! How anyone views this as a “victory” is beyond me.

  4. Thank You Babblonia…it is truly incredible how the right has lost all common sense.

    It boggles the mind trying to comprehend how, mainly Republicans, can believe this administration, which inherited the WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION, is such a so-called “failure” in their minds, despite 27 straight months of private sector “job creation”, and albeit slow but significant economic recovery….BUT…

    give a TOTAL PASS to the administration which inherited the BEST ECONOMY EVER and left it in MASSIVE ECONOMIC SHAMBLES !!

    There is no rhyme, reason or common sense – to give the keys to your house AND a book of matches – to the same people who Burned It Down In the First Place !!

  5. I commented on HuffPost yesterday that America lost yesterday. The response I received was that no, America didn’t lose, liberalism did.

    And that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives — my lament was for all Americans. His joy was us, not them.

    Unless enough people stand up against this, yesterday will go down in history as the first day we lost our Republic.

    http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/226567/republican-stimulus-plan/mitt-romney# — just on The Last Word – this is the link to Mitt’s article in December 2008 promoting an immediate stimulus by the new administration involving assistance to the states, infrastructure spending, investment in alternative energy….all the thing Romney now opposes and all the things the GOP has blocked.

    Traitors to this country – one and all.

  6. Sadly it’ll probably have to get worse before it gets better. Seems folks aren’t that concerned till it affects them. Republicans will keep reaching till they reach too far. They can’t help themselves.

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