What if Mitt Romney Was Your Dentist?

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Is a trip to the dentist – painful but necessary – analogous to casting your vote for Mitt Romney? One of our conservative readers, Marcus, believes it is.

He writes…

You need to all admit that we’re going bankrupt and if we don’t start doing something NOW about entitlement reform, there won’t be any medicare or social security to support granny in 10 years. We don’t’ have to get rid of it all. We need to REFORM it.

And there is only one guy running for president who is serious about reform. You don’t have to like Romney to understand that we need him to be CEO of this country and get the books in order. Look at it as a trip to the dentist. You don’t have to like it but you know it’s necessary.

Well, that started a little meme going in the Comments.

“My dentist doesn’t slash his fees for his wealthier patients and raise them for everyone else.”

“My dentist doesn’t ask me to lay face down when I get a new filling.”

“My dentist doesn’t ask me to bend over forward and grab my ankles while insisting I wear a blindfold.”

“My dentist doesn’t tell me the plan is to simply fill in the cavity as he grips pliers in his filthy hand…behind his back.”

“My dentist doesn’t put me out, extract ALL of my teeth, and send them to China for a profit.”

“My dentist doesn’t tell his dentist friends that he doesn’t care about me at all.”

“My dentist doesn’t neglect 47% of my teeth because he thinks they aren’t worthy of his attention.”

Marcus shot back with…

“My dentist doesn’t keep replacing fillings in my molar when the tooth is rotten at the root.”

And on it went. See what you can come up with.


The Romney source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from photographer Gage Skidmore.

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31 thoughts on “What if Mitt Romney Was Your Dentist?

  1. My dentist doesn’t promise “hope and change” when I have an abscess then does nothing about the pain and tells me to visit him again in four years.

  2. Isn’t the poster supposed to read ‘was’, not ‘way’? Hey, Mario, you’re not letting those Tea Party sign makers do your lettering are you?

  3. Hell Marcus, I just payed my dentist $8,000 dollars that I really couldn’t afford, my savings for retirement are now almost gone and I’m only 70. Now he tells me I need another $3,000 dollars worth of work. I can’t afford it and I can’t afford Mitt Romney as POTUS either.

    I think our treasury would not be as near bankrupt if for instance the $3,175,000,000 in foreign air that went to Israel and the $1,550,000,000 given to Egypt in the year 2010 had stayed in this country. Maybe instead of electing a CEO to lead the country we should stick with what we have and the republican obstructionists could tone down their game a bit. The country didn’t fare well when it was run by businessmen, remember Bush II and Coolidge?

    If I have read statistics correctly that are posted in numerous places on the internet, Social Security has taken in trillions more than it has payed out since its inception. The problem isn’t Social Security, its the government’s habit of spending money on spreading hegemony and starting unnecessary wars.

    If you floss and brush daily and eschew certain enamel destroying foods from your diet you can life a life with happy teeth that require very little dental care.

    Obama/Biden in November!!

  4. My dentist doesn’t brag that some of his best patients are CEO’s of the company I work for and then drive off with an animal strapped to the roof of his car.

  5. I think it is apparent that Romney can’t even run his own election campaign. Why would I trust him with the country?

    Would I go to a dentist who’s own teeth were rotting out of his mouth?

  6. I wouldn’t go to a dentist that filled my cavities 12 years ago with faulty material that crumbled out of my teeth, leaving me in worst shape then I was in to begin with, and give him a second chance, because he told me that he really knows how to fix them this time.

  7. Mitt reminds me of a dentist I once took my son too — who tried to soak me with an extra anesthesia fee that he didn’t have time to do during the visit — a bill that was $400 for just that 15 min of service, way over the estimate he originally provided.

    Needless to say, I know how to read a code book and he removed the charge from the bill,.

    Romney will soak us with the bill and we won’t have any choice but to pay it.

    I can’t trust Romney any more than I can trust that dentist. I’m still trying to wash the golden shower off me from the last 30 years.

  8. I had a dentist one time complain about the high charges he received from his chiropractor for X-rays as he knows the low cost of taking them. Then I got his bill and he charged me a huge amount for, you guessed it, X-rays. Guess he forgot what he had told me.

    Kinda like Rmoney, he complaints about nearly half the country “not paying Income taxes”, yet won’t show us how much he pays in income tax. If he’s going to run on the issue of taxes, he should, at very least, show us he knows what he’s talking about based on his personal experience

  9. Sydney says:;

    “I wouldn’t go to a dentist that filled my cavities 12 years ago with faulty material that crumbled out of my teeth, leaving me in worst shape then I was in to begin with, and give him a second chance, because he told me that he really knows how to fix them this time.”

    You might add that he now decries the method he previously used and thinks dentist’s who try to use it now should be denied the use of the procedure.

  10. Off subject (sorta), but this is going on right now. Bain’s Sensata company is closing down a factory in Maine and moving it to China because “Chinese workers cost less”. This company has been making a profit in the USA.


    The workers are camping outside and invited Rmoney to visit them. If Obama was smart, HE would visit. We know Rmoney won’t show up.

    This group is getting ready to join the 47%, if they were not already. That appears to be Mitt’s job – to just keep increasing that 47%.

  11. @Cheryl – to add salt to a deep economic wound “The workers have to train their Chinese replacements BEFORE they are laid off.”

    This is a prime example of what a Romney presidency would look like. Bain and firms close to them would rule the country. Corporatism will run rampant. Everything will become “privatized” to “for profit” organizations, and life for the middle class down would be insufferable.

    Sound like a far off crazy theory ? I’m not so sure !

    Grover Norquist of which 99.9 of GOP pledges to wants to “drown government in a bathtub” and said that the country “doesn’t need a president, just someone with enough digits to sign” the legislation already set before him.

    Noe Romney all of a sudden is touting himself as a candidate concerned for the “100 percent” of Americans he AND the GOP must think we are ALL fools.

  12. My dentist doesnt say I need a filling and then 2 minutes later flip flop and say, you don’t need a feeling!

    My dentist doesnt stare out the window while he’s drilling my teeth and say “Those tree’s are the right height.”

  13. I trust a dentist to extract a tooth and feel the short term pain than one who will put you to sleep so he can prolong the fees to save it.

  14. Question:
    Can redState girl or Marcus explain to me how their guy Romney differs from the great failure, W ?? Talk policy and intent, spare me the talking points and rhapsodic generalities. Why would he be less of a disaster than Bush? I fail to see the distinction. Open mic for your case.

  15. As soon as redstate and Marcus are given that information from rush and fox news, they will get right back to you on that.

  16. Nothing wrong with that. Every once in a while a little snark is good. It keeps our heads from exploding. Snark on OC, snark on!

  17. Dentist Mitt would solve the cavity problem not by using carefully considered and appropriate amalgam fillings as are now being used, but by using the same candy covered tax cuts and deregulation that caused the economically devastating decay in the first place, thus significantly compounding the rotting problem. The irresponsible children that receive these candy coated “remedies” would sing his praises and be grinning ear to ear, until their teeth fell out, and they would then come back to the dental office managers (Congress) looking for a free new set of choppers(bailout).

  18. To finish RobGinChicago’s picture: To the children that Dentist Mitt decided were not worthy of the candy, he would yank out all their teeth, to build life-like choppers for the priviledged irresponsible children, when they needed it later.

  19. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

    Now if Marcus wants to try and say the owner of that quote is stupid, let him go ahead. It was Albert Einstein.

  20. My dentist won’t give me fillings, and then call me back the next day to yank ‘em out.

    But I hear THAT dentist’s assistant can yank 3,000 teeth in just under 7 minutes…

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