Hillary vs. Anyone in 2016

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The presidential election is four years away but it’s hard to not get a little excited when you read of numbers like this from the PPP.

Add Georgia to the list of states where Democrats might be competitive in 2016 with Hillary Clinton as their nominee. She has a 49/44 favorability rating in the state and would lead Marco Rubio (49/46) and Paul Ryan (50/45) in hypothetical match ups. She would lead by an even wider margin against Newt Gingrich (51/44).

We have now found Clinton competitive in polls in Alaska, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas.

The Republican brand is so tarnished right now that anyone Dems put up in 2016 would probably be favored to win. That’s true even if the right’s current golden boy (a little less so after his disappointing SOTU response speech), Marco Rubio, runs. The latest Bloomberg poll has the Republican favorability numbers at 35 percent. In comparison, Obama is at 55 percent. Ouch.

But having Hillary run in 2016 would just about cement the deal. It does not appear that Republicans are about to let up on their senseless attacks on women’s rights and minorities. As well, the Tea Party is dead set on getting a few more radical conservatives like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock to run. Nothing says “We’re the Stupid Party and proud of it!” better than having a couple of neanderthals like Akin and Mourdock representing your side.

The icing on the cake would be Republican’s reincarnation of Joe McCarthy, Ted Cruz, deciding that he was ready for the White House and run in 2016. I’d pay money to see that grandstanding, snarky bully going down in flames in a presidential election.


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13 thoughts on “Hillary vs. Anyone in 2016

  1. I worry about Hillary. The concussion and Benghazi are touchy subjects and she better take care for the next four years and prepare accordingly. That’s why Republicans wanted to interview her so they can get their pound of flesh and attack her in 2016.

    I am looking forward more to 2014 where Democrats can recapture the House if Republican keep hurting their own with exaggerated entitlement reforms. We need both Houses so that policies can be implemented.

    Mario,how about photoshopping the same blended imagery as you did with Romney and Rubio for McCarthy and Cruz. I think they look alike.

  2. Cruz will never be President, he was born in Canada. And I too worry about Hillary’s health and her age. And as much as I hope and will work hard to get Dems to retake the House in 2014, it’ll be nigh on impossible since they gerrymandered the crap out of it after 2010.

  3. Cruz was born to an American mother. Many legal scholars are saying there’s enough gray area in the “natural born citizen” requirement in the constitution to make him eligible to run.

    Besides, if a guy born in Kenya could do it, why not a guy born in Canada. /snark

  4. Hillary is 65. Reagan, the God of All Things Republican, was 70 when first elected – 78 when retired. Women usually live longer and in better health than men, as a rule. I don’t see the problem with her age.

    After watching her mop the floor during that hearing, I sure do not doubt her mental abilities.

  5. Marcus,

    Again rubbish from a Republican that will never get the women vote. You have reached a new level of stupid and thanks again for the bigotry that will never pass muster on the electorate. You are a real disappointment as a human being.

  6. If you think senility is a desirable trait in a president, go for it. I wasn’t pleased when old man McCain ran and I’d be less pleased to have Bill’s leftovers as my president. She belongs in a museum, not the White House.

  7. Funny that Marcus is against “senility” but apparently doesn’t mind Insanity being a prerequisite for a Republican nominee, lol !

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