Fiscal Deals and The Disintegrating GOP

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If you’re just now recovering from your New Year’s Eve bash and missed the latest installment of America Does Another Fiscal Crisis  (aka: The GOP Does Stupid), here’s a summary.

  • The Senate signs a compromise bill after an agreement was reached at 2 AM January 1.
  • 89 yeas. 8 nays.
  • At 10 PM on the same day, the House approved the deal. While only 85 Republicans signed on to the deal, it was enough to push the vote through the House.
  • Taxes go up for individuals earning more than $400,000 and couples bringing in more than $450,000. In all, $600 billion in new tax revenue.
  • Everyone else? The Bush tax cuts stay in place permanently.
  • Unemployment benefits are extended for a year.
  • Dems get a few other goodies they battled hard for (e.g. wind-industry tax credit) but the deal is not close to what they had hoped for. The $620 billion in new tax revenue over 10 years is a far cry from the $1.6 trillion they wanted.
  • As for Republicans, they got a few of things they were looking for – an end to the payroll tax break as well as no new stimulus spending. But for many in the party, it just wanted enough. A civil war has broken out in the party with many conservatives believing that Boehner needlessly caved in to Dems demands. Boehner and Paul Ryan voted for the deal, BTW. Eric Cantor voted against it.
  • Conservative Todd Starnes’ view of the deal kind of sums it up for Malkin, Drudge, Gingrich and the rest of the clowns who are screaming bloody murder.

For a full-on study of what a right-wing nutjob sounds like, take a look at Starnes’ twitter feed. Not pretty and typical of what delusion, ignorance and Fox News can do to a mind.

So that’s where it now stands. The immediate crisis is over but a new one will soon begin with the debt ceiling extravaganza right around the corner. A number of teabagging Republicans will do their moronic best to once again bring American and global markets crashing. I like how mistermix over at BalloonJuice describes the fools.

…we have a third party in DC. It has 150 votes in the House and 5 in the Senate. They stand for nothing, are led by nobody, and will obstruct everything, and we’re stuck with them for at least two more years.

So true.


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7 thoughts on “Fiscal Deals and The Disintegrating GOP

  1. If I remember correctly,some tea party members from the previous Congress have been replaced by Democrats so thank God the new Congress should have new blood that will be more open to compromise.

    The disaster continues and it’s not Sandy. It’s the weeper Boehner closing the House last night before voting on a Sandy 60 billion dollar aid bill to victims of New York and New Jersey. Republicans have been bashed by Republicans all day today because other disaster victims in the USA were better treated than they were.I say it was payback for Democratic states to pay for the passage of the fiscal cliff finance bill that Republicans were cornered to pass in legislation. The first time in 20 years they voted to increase taxes on the rich. OMG what a horror.

    Obama has a lot of challenges ahead but I do hope that he can address balanced debt reductions and social justice waste programs

  2. Now the Repub politicians – federal and state – are coming down hard on the Repugs on the Sandy relief delay. They are eating each other now.

    Hell, by the time 2016 arrives, Chris Christie may be running as a Dem.

  3. Sorry Diana,but I think Canada will invade with love of economics for they hate guns and I am sure they would hate to deal with redneck NRA members of Congress. As a matter of fact,Canada is starting to look for trade deals with other countries as they were burnt with NAFTA on the billion dollar loss in softwood lumber. If America continues to be polarized and paralyzed,Canada would prefer to dissociate from USA as too much of their economy is linked to the USA. If things don’t change with the Republican Tea party,America may eat or kill itself from within and return to the Wild Wild West main principle of only the strong survive.

    Like President Obama said ”Things have to change ” and America of compromise needs to burst through the Tea party bigots who have no interest in government or even the people who made it great.

  4. One thing I think we can all count on, the Tea Party will have their day and that will be the end of it. They lost some of their representatives this last election and it will be much more if they continue to obstruct the needs of the People, and I do mean those who go to the ballot box.

    I do believe that Americans are getting tired of the extremism, though it be left or right. They want compromise and people in Washington that works to take care of the things that needs taken care of. Ideology gets bottom priority when it comes to disaster relief for storm damaged areas and jobs so that people can feed their families.

    I do think that there is a movement in Washington toward a more middle-ground congress but it will take at least another election cycle. I also think the Tea Party will sink in their own mud before it’s all said and done, we just got to give them time to show America who and what they really are.

  5. Through Facebook, I realize what the real problem is – Fox News. Too many have their entire world views shaped by FOX. As long as these people are manipulated into believing an alternative reality, they will continue to vote in lunatics. They may not be called Tea Party – but the end result will be the same.

    These are the same people posting photos of those little children mowed down in Newtown, along with captions about how terrible the tragedy – and their next post is Obama can’t be allowed to take their guns.

    May Rupert be given so many problems this year that Fox suffers. I already have heard that the viewership has really dropped because the election turned out so different than what they had been lead to believe would happen. Possibly the distrust has started.

  6. Let’s hope so Cheryl — I honestly don’t know if the country can survive two more years with these people throwing a wrench in everything.

    One good thing — has anyone notice our resident GOPers/Libertarians haven’t show up in quite some time. No ravings from Tommy in months. RedState and Marcus have also disappeared.

    Hope they have plenty of tissue handy.

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