Ben Nelson Sticking It To The Unemployed…Again


Millions of unemployed searching for nonexistent jobs suffer as their benefits end.  Meanwhile, back at the zoo

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) last night prevented his fellow Democrats from finally passing legislation to extend needed unemployment insurance benefits to out of work Americans. It was the third time the legislation, which has been repeatedly pared down and reshaped in the hunt for votes, has failed to overcome a filibuster. But it was the first time that success or failure rested on a single deciding vote. And because Nelson, the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, joined Republicans and blocked the bill, it will likely not pass until mid-July, after the Senate returns from Independence Day recess. By then Robert Byrd’s replacement will be seated, and Dems will have the votes they need to pass their jobs bill.

That’s assuming Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins once again side with Dems on this one.  Don’t bet on it if Mitch McConnell has anything to say about it.


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8 thoughts on “Ben Nelson Sticking It To The Unemployed…Again

  1. Pay attention Tommy. It’s not a jobs bill. It’s legislation to extend benefits for the unemployed during the worst economic depression of the last 60 years.

  2. Umm, let’s see here. According to the latest stats, there are 4.77 applicants for every job position. (national averages).
    Doesn’t that mean that a whole bunch of folks can’t get work, let alone find it?
    At the same time, we have 50% of the population sharing just 2.6% of the economic wealth of the nation (U of C, Santa Clara).
    Shouldn’t we reconsider whether to starve ‘em out or extend unemployment benefits given the depth of this depression?
    Or, is the “social contract” no longer valid??

  3. To paraphrase the man you’ve caricitured: “Any man who hates the unfortunate and dogs must be a conservative”.

  4. From the land of Bring a Chicken to the Dr. now John Boehner wants to raise Retirement age to 70. If you are unemployed you are spoiled if you do not want to work for minimum wage.

    Those that advocate Drill baby Drill should head for the gulf and bring a big straw to suck up that free oil to fuel their global warming mouths to facilitate spouting more hot air.

    Defeat John Boehner 2010

    As a concerned American I have questioned the direction the Democratic party has taken in the 2010 Mid-term elections.

    I specifically want to know why the DNC, DCCC and Team Obama have not made unseating Representative John Boehner a #1 2010 election priority?

    Ohiodailyblog conversation w/ Justin Coussoule

    What is wrong with you people? Are you stuck on stupid?

    John Boehner is the General of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. He needs to be defeated in 2010.

    A national contribution campaign needs to be started to support Justin Coussoule the Democratic candidate running against John Boehner. A $5 donation is all that is required from every person on your mailing list.

    Let’s defeat all of the Republicans this November starting with John Boehner.

  5. Boner is only pissed because on July 1 they started taxing tanning salons. Boner is as fake as his “I look like I just got back from Hawaii” spray on tan.

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