Weiner’s Woe

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What more can you say about Anthony Weiner? The guy was given a second chance at a political career and had a damn good chance at becoming the next mayor of New York. Not now. Despite his vow to stay in the race, it’s just a matter of time before he bows out. The pressure for him to give it up will only intensify over the next while.

Briefly, here’s my take on the whole sordid affair. Weiner has issues…obviously. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their cell phones is their business and theirs alone…and that of the people in their lives who are directly affected. In this case – Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin. I feel for her, given the pain and humiliation her husband has put her through. It must be hard enough to deal with a partner’s infidelity in the privacy of one’s home, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to do so under the scrutiny of the world’s media.

And then there’s the man’s inability to control his sexual wants even though the same behavior cost him his Congressional seat last time around. Combining public fame with the Internet and nude photos of oneself is not a good idea…ever. You’d think that Weiner would have learned that lesson two years ago. He didn’t. Or can’t. It doesn’t matter which. He did it and and with that lewd behavior, gave up any chance of becoming the next mayor of New York this time around.

So be it. My advice to Anthony Weiner is that his time would be better spent on salvaging a marriage and attempting to make peace with his inner demons as opposed to doubling down on a mayoral race he can no longer win.


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11 thoughts on “Weiner’s Woe

  1. I have mixed emotions about this as I did when Bill went through Monicagate. A male homo sapiens’ sex drive is only secondary to his instinct for survival. Look around the animal world and you will see lots of lust on the part of males of most species. I have often wondered what Ken Starr would have done if he had glanced down and seen a cute little chubby girl under his desk. I think Weiner’s biggest mistake was in not being a bit more discreet.

  2. I think his incredibly poor judgment makes him a disaster in the making for any public office. He is obviously a troubled man, not just a normal guy with an ordinary sex drive. His behavior, accompanied by pornographic pictures of himself in social media and self-proclaimed grandiose moniker suggest a type of perversion that needs some intense therapy. I feel for his wife, too, but I think she may be co-dependent and enabling him through her support, acceptance, and forgiveness. What’s to stop him from proceeding with his lewd acts if the little woman stands by her man???

  3. As much as I can figure, he was doing this throughout his wife’s pregnancy and maybe past the birth of his child.
    Now I’m a liberal from New Jersey, and I wouldn’t vote for wiener. I used to really like this dude when he was in congress. He was smart, tough and spoke for me.

    I’d be afraid to put him in Gracie mansion now. Could you imagine what the GOP would do if he was caught sending dickures then? It would be Anthony’s wiener, 24/7, all day, everyday. I would have to pass this time. And I had high hopes for his comeback and the dude let me down.

  4. A man’s integrity is his badge of courage to deal with responsibility. I can’t see Weiner in a high office and wielding power over the great city of New York. The man is troubled and has surpassed the bridge of forgiveness by the public. As with Hilary,Huma is also thinking of her future. The forgiving good wife shows fortitude just in case the husband makes it. He won’t make it and she will finally dump Weiner to the psychiatric ward. Huma is strong and she can have a good life in public service.

    Weiner’s dick brain penetrated the deepest recesses of sexual deviance and it is normal that he should pay a price for his lewdness. With proper therapy,he will be forgiven but the reward should not be public office.

  5. Sure why not…..I can’t for the life of me understand why we would want any of our leaders to have an ounce of moral fiber…..*sic

  6. Moral fiber? Not an issue. Lacking common sense? Yup. But, people know what they are getting. And, does this mean he won’t be a good mayor?

  7. I would suggest that the reason this country is in the mess it’s in is largely due to a lack of moral fiber not only in it’s leadership but in it’s citizenship.

  8. When Mark Sanford and David Vitter (and others of their ilk) leave Congress of their own volition, I say that is when the Weinerman should go too. Whenever someone calls him out for his little transgressions, he should use it as an opportunity to illustrate the hypocrisy of the media (or whomever) in calling for him to go but not giving a rat’s ass about the likes of Sanford and Vitter.

  9. The difference between a personal reaction to the professional screw-up of a public figure, and in this case, Anthony Weiner, and the reaction of one public figure to another, is that while an individual may “feel” for Huma Abedin, a public non-clown commentator has a responsibility to point out the problematic actions that led to — in this case — Weiner’s screw-up without its effect on private individuals, such as his family and individuals members of his family.

    Sure, you can say and write whatever you like, but Weiner screwed-up because of decisions he made and actions he took, and those decisions and actions render him unqualified to be the mayor of New York City. The lesson to be learned from the actions of my former Congressman and former City Councilman is NOT that such screw-ups should be avoided because they create problems for family members, but that such screw-ups render Weiner, as a public figure, incapable of a acting in a position of public authority.

    Huma Abedin, while a public figure as well as her husband, is NOT running for anything, and is not part of the Anthony-Weiner-for-Mayor debate. Every time I see, hear or read something that indicates sympathy for Abedin, I see concerns that are wholly besides the point in Weiner’s case.

  10. This is a totally inappropriate comment and I am sorta ashamed for posting it but has anyone considered the tittering that would have ensued if Huma Abedin had not kept her maiden name after marriage and had to be introduced as Huma Weiner?

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