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Cry For Me, Wyoming

Cheney Dicks Unlimited-2

This was predictable.

Liz Cheney said in a statement early Monday morning that her decision to abruptly end her Senate campaign was prompted by health concerns in her family.

“Serious health issues have recently arisen in our family, and under the circumstances, I have decided to discontinue my campaign. My children and their futures were the motivation for our campaign and their health and well-being will always be my overriding priority,” she said in the statement.

Once back-stabbing, bigoted, sister-hating, power-hungry Liz gets past the BS excuse of health issues for her failed campaign, she’ll turn to the old conservative standby, aka Plan B – blame the biased liberal media for her miserable performance in Wisconsin Wyoming.

The only unfortunate outcome of this vile little person’s decision to quit is that we won’t get to watch Cheney getting trounced in the Republican primary.


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Weiner’s Woe

Anthony Weiner - Carlos Danger  :

What more can you say about Anthony Weiner? The guy was given a second chance at a political career and had a damn good chance at becoming the next mayor of New York. Not now. Despite his vow to stay in the race, it’s just a matter of time before he bows out. The pressure for him to give it up will only intensify over the next while.

Briefly, here’s my take on the whole sordid affair. Weiner has issues…obviously. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their cell phones is their business and theirs alone…and that of the people in their lives who are directly affected. In this case – Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin. I feel for her, given the pain and humiliation her husband has put her through. It must be hard enough to deal with a partner’s infidelity in the privacy of one’s home, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to do so under the scrutiny of the world’s media.

And then there’s the man’s inability to control his sexual wants even though the same behavior cost him his Congressional seat last time around. Combining public fame with the Internet and nude photos of oneself is not a good idea…ever. You’d think that Weiner would have learned that lesson two years ago. He didn’t. Or can’t. It doesn’t matter which. He did it and and with that lewd behavior, gave up any chance of becoming the next mayor of New York this time around.

So be it. My advice to Anthony Weiner is that his time would be better spent on salvaging a marriage and attempting to make peace with his inner demons as opposed to doubling down on a mayoral race he can no longer win.


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Liz and Dick Cheney Make the Cover of ‘Dicks Unlimited’

Cheney - Dicks Unlimited   :

If you enjoy Republican catfights, you’re going to love the Wyoming Republican primary. Liz Cheney declared that she’ll take a shot at unseating incumbent Republican U.S. senator Mike Enzi who just happens to be her dad’s fly-fishing buddy. Lovely. Loyalty is obviously not a strong Cheney trait.

Given that Enzi is a well-liked Republican both in the state and the party, a civil war is brewing between cheneyists and GOPers opposed to Liz bullying in on a well-respected conservative’s home turf. One Wyoming paper summed up the animosity this way:

“Hey, Liz Cheney: If you want to run for U.S. Senate, try it from Virginia or some other state,” the Gillette News Record wrote in a Sunday editorial. “We already have a U.S. senator—one who has spent his life in Wyoming.”

Well, at least Liz brings a new and refreshing approach to conservative politics – something different from the stagnant and destructive obstructionism that Republicans have served up for the last five years.

“We’ve got to stand and fight, and we have to defend what we believe in. We have to not be afraid of being called obstructionists,” Cheney said.

“In my view, obstructing President Obama’s policies and his agenda isn’t actually obstruction; it’s patriotism,” Cheney said. “I think we have to stop what he’s doing, and then as conservatives, we’ve got to say, `Here’s what we believe,’ and, `Here’s the path forward,’ and that’s what I intend to lay out in this campaign.”

“…instead of cutting deals with the president’s allies in Congress, we can be opposing them every step of the way.

Just what Congress needs – another shithead from the dark side. Oh well. Let the catfight begin!


(Source photo-illustration image of Cheney is from the January 2007 cover of Texas Monthly.)

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Who Needs Immigrants When You Can Breed Your Own Voters

Bryan Fischer - Dick-of-the-Day  :

Sad day for liberals. The jig is up.

As much as liberals wanted to conceal the real reason they felt so strongly about immigration reform, they simply weren’t smart enough to outfox the likes of Bryan ‘Sherlock‘ Fischer of the American Family Association. Fischer revealed to his listeners the true motive behind liberals’ attempt at comprehensive immigration reform.

Conservatives are just outbreeding liberals and that’s a huge problem for liberals…because there’s just going to be more conservatives…10, 20 years down the road, they’re just going to be outnumbered. And that’s why they are so dedicated to amnesty.

We are breeding our own voters. We are conceiving our own voters. They’ve got to import them. They’re not producing them so they’ve got to import them. So, that’s why they’re so enamored with illegal aliens and amnesty for them is they’ve got to find some way to get these people on the voter rolls to just maintain numerical parity with conservatives.

Great point! Conceiving is always preferable to importing and as always another astute analysis by a conservative.

I need to ask again: why do conservatives get all the smart ones? Palin, Beck, Gohmert, Bachmann, Bush, Perry, Cain – the list goes on and on and on…


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Another Dick Cheny ‘STFU’ Moment

A Dick Cheney 'STFU' moment  -

From a political party overflowing with sociopaths and creeps, none other than Dick Cheney encapsulates to a greater degree what it is the Republican party has become. The blood of 4500 dead Americans and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis is on his hands. Lies and deception are his tools of trade.

Iraq was Dick Cheney’s war. Yet, the fabricated Benghazi ‘scandal’ is the worst incident he can recall.

War criminal and scumbag. Frankly.


The Dick Cheney source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from photographer Gage Skidmore.

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