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Rush and Beck and Rubes and Their Money

The Con Artists - Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Coulter - Bill Maher quote  :

The more complete Maher quote:

“And con men, like Rush and Beck, are one reason the Republicans are in such dire straits today because they don’t care about winning elections, they care about separating rubes from their money. They’ve discovered there is a fortune to be made by keeping a small portion of America under the illusion that they are always under attack from Mexicans, ACORN, or Planned Parenthood, or gays, or takers, global warming hoaxers. It doesn’t matter. They don’t want a majority, they want a mailing list. A list of the kind of gullible Honey Boo Boos out there who think there is a war on Christmas and that the socialist policies of our Kenyan president have been so disastrous that the end of the world is coming.”

If you missed Maher’s New Rules last week, take a listen. This one is a classic.


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Jan Brewer – Liar and Cheat

I thought this interesting but not surprising. It goes along well with my belief that her contrived altercation with President Obama was about book sales.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) launched a special fundraising political action committee in October, pledging to use the money to fight illegal immigration and take on other issues she believes in. But based on financial disclosures filed this week, she has so far used it to do little more than buy copies of her own book.

The governor had raised only about $22,000 for Jan PAC by the end of 2011 and spent nearly a quarter of the cash buying books from Amazon and paying a bill at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel in Orlando, Fla.

And that’s how scum roll.


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On Pucks, Insurance and Getting Screwed


Here is why you should NEVER trust insurance companies to do the right thing.  Given the chance, they’ll screw you almost every time.

A fan who made an incredible shot for charity at an Indiana Ice minor league hockey game promotion (video below) will not get the chance to give his prize money to charity, because an insurance company deemed the shot illegal. Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life approves.

Richard Marsh hit the 3-inch-diameter puck an estimated 175 feet into a target slightly larger than 3 inches wide, winning the $50,000 prize in the team’s “Hockey for Heart” promotion for St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana. Making this an even better ending, Marsh had announced before the shot that he would donate all of the money to St. Vincent Heart Center if he won.

A third party insurance company voided the shot because it was not taken from the appropriate location (a foot further back) – something the shooter was never told.

After hearing the countless stories of health insurance companies canceling policies because of pre-existing conditions and other lame excuses, something like this should not surprise anyone. These guys are scoundrels and in bed with the Republican party which is why the latter are hoping to dismantle the Affordable Care Act so as to restore full authority over your health care to insurance companies.

Actually, I hardly blame the insurance companies in this regard. They’re being the one and only thing they know how to be: greedy, self-serving entities out to increase profits in any way they can. Asking them to be fair and honest is akin to asking a wolverine to act like a butterfly. It’s not going to happen no matter how many times you beg. It takes a fenced enclosure to prevent a wolverine from biting you and it takes a regulatory watchdog to keep insurance companies in line. Take that away and you end up with soaring premiums and canceled policies – the exact type of climate Republicans wish to go back to. The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect but it at least moves reform in the right direction.

Someone please explain to me how anyone with half a brain and a heart finds the conviction to vote Republican.  It would seem to me that one would have to pull a monkey’s ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil‘ routine to cast that vote.  Again, I’m assuming the voter possesses both intellect and compassion. If either are missing, then I imagine that voting Republican should pose no problem.

Here’s the shot.