The Right’s Irrational Hate

Republican Warning Sign -

Now that Republicans have been soundly beaten at the federal and state levels, and President Obama has won a decisive second term, will the right allow compromise and reason to enter the political process?

Don’t count on it.


They’re filled with pure irrational hate. There’s no reasoning with them. There’s no…hell, let me just quote Kyle Reese from the film Terminator.

Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Same thing.


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11 thoughts on “The Right’s Irrational Hate

  1. And like the oozalum bird flt round and round in circles ’til we disappear up our own arsehole!

  2. @Peter Hockley: Well, even if the oozlum bird disappears, there will probably be some stalwarts who try to Carry On.

  3. Keep up the war as there won’t be an America to take back if you don’t settle the fiscal cliff. The fiscal cliff is the most important budget ever in the Republic’s history. You muff this up and you see the world’s speculators start attacking the US dollar,the world leader will lose faith in our ability to police world events and Americans will lose more jobs than what could have been.

    Heritage action is unpatriotic and reduces the very principle of democracy that was built in this country. The reason you have two houses is to check each other so that you don’t behave as a monopoly. The President has a veto on top of that, Know this. The people of America would never allow your ilk to do the devastation that you want to create.

  4. Because John, we are AT WAR – he just declared it on us. And there are enough crazy people who believe their crap to make this really scary…especially when the Heritage Foundation is behind them with all the money in the world pouring into them to spread this stuff.

    They’re using “Heritage Action Sentinel” as their full name. Website is full of language meant to scare people and make them afraid — the GOP playbook.

    They’ve told their lies so much they now believe their own lies.

  5. We have to have the same organized ground game when the midterm elections roll around. The more Americans that come to the polls to vote, the better the dems do. Everyone who was involved in the Obama campaign, making phone calls, ringing door bells…..must come out in full force in 2014. When the vote is suppressed, either by laziness, lac k of interest or republican tricks, it benefits the wingnuts.
    Watching this video…….is just sickening. When the republicans are wounded, like they are now, we have to finish the job. Everyone knows that a wounded animal is dangerous.

  6. I can’t help wondering: since (according to the right wing) the budget deficit suddenly became a big issue on Jan 20, 2009, would it have just disappeared on Jan 20, 2013 if Romney had been elected?

  7. As a gay man, I must say they chose a rather cute guy to speak their message, though that message is distorted.

    One thing I do know, Democrats need to get working on 2014 because Republicans are going to come out fighting and try taking the Senate. We can also count on possible impeachment proceedings in the House over something or the other. These guys fight dirty and stepping all over democracy is not beyond them.

    We really need to be ready and don’t let them find us with our pants down in the Mid-Term. Democrats need to start getting ready to motivate voters and not let it be another 2010.

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