The Mayan 5 Day Weather Forecast

Mayan Weather Forecast

You can count on survival stores making a killing on sales of generators, ‘survival seeds’ and emergency crank radios. For some, there has never been an apocalyptic prediction they didn’t embrace after watching a ridiculous History Channel special on the latest doomsday scenario. If that’s you, and you want to know what to do after the the gamma ray burst or the displacement of the earth’s crust hits the planet on the 21st, you’d better hurry down to Where To¬† Survive 2012 and read up on how to pack that survival kit. More important, you’ll learn the best place on the planet to survive the Mayan apocalypse.

(Spoiler alert: It’s Turkey. Something about it being free of oceans and volcanoes…and has a high elevation with “friendly native populations” and lots of natural resources and wild animals. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?)

And then along comes NASA to spoil the fun. Enjoy. I’m off to check out my flight reservation to Ankara.


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9 thoughts on “The Mayan 5 Day Weather Forecast

  1. My God! We will all be baked like pizzas! This will certainly cast something of a pall on my birthday celebration the 23rd.

  2. Sure glad my trip to Salem OR was cancelled. I wonder how much I can get for my brand new unused generator that I have sitting in the garage? Bought it for the house out in the woods in Bellingham, but even there, did not lose power long enough to be a problem.

    Craigs list here I come!!

  3. Some of the stuff the “History” channel runs these days makes the cheesy movies on “SyFy” look like documentaries by comparison.

  4. With all the proliferate prognostications that have abounded over the centuries about the “Soon Coming Of The End Of The World” maybe we should declare a new national holiday and call it “End Of The World Day.”

    The “End Of The World” day would surely be a really great excuse to do some “last minute” shopping (snark, snark) would it not?

    If the world really should end on the appointed date, let us all take comfort in the fact that the problems surrounding the “fiscal cliff” negotiations will be solved and Obama and Boehner can breathe a sigh of relief because there will suddenly be bigger fish to – – – “fry.” (snark again.)

    Seriously though, folks – – – In the Christian Religion (If anyone reading this should embrace that particular Faith – – – and I do personally – – ) The Bible declares that no man knows when the end shall come; not even the angels of heaven will known when the end shall come and not even The Son Of Man (Jesus) will know when the end shall come but only God The Father knows when the end will come.

    Besides, if it is really going to happen, why . . . “sweat it?” (snark) – – – Nothing we can do about it anyway, right?

  5. After the Mayan Apocalypse does NOT come true, it will be time to figure
    out a way to blow off that fraudster, Nostradamus.

  6. It may not be the end of the world but Republicans may be ending our best efforts to deal with the fiscal cliff that will be the end of the economic recovery America was enjoying. Republican extremists have taken over this GOP party and they have confirmed that they are the party of millionnaires,of gun slinging lobby groups. It is the worse party out there. This may be the end of the Republican party.

  7. No, no! Not you too! That calendar in the background is an Aztec sundisk, not a Mayan calender. I’ve seen it too many times presented as such, and I can’t handle it anymore.

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