Bachmann, the Constitution and Flogging

Constitution and Republican Flogging  :

Evolution of an idea.

For what it’s worth, here is how the illustration above came to be. I was going to do something humorous with Michele Bachmann’s idiotic statement about Republicans needing to give President Obama a spanking over immigration reform. I was thinking of a dark and moody SinCity-like illustration of Bachmann in a dominatrix outfit holding a whip, perhaps in an act of self-flagellation. As I began working on it, I decided I was in no mood for writing about Bachmann’s brand of teabagging stupidity. Maybe another day, but not this day.

So, Bachmann was out but I now had this lovely image of a leather flogging whip, cropped and trimmed and waiting to be used in Photoshop. What to do? Well, I looked up the definition of flogging hoping to get inspired.

beat, whip, punish, torture

Okay. What or whom gets beat, whipped, punished and tortured by Republicans on an almost daily basis? Well, aside from honesty, common sense, truth, fairness, tolerance, understanding, compassion, awareness, empathy and intelligence – nothing takes more abuse from the right than the Constitution itself. The right has reinterpreted the Constitution on issues like gun control, abortion rights, sexual orientation and marriage equality to fit their bigoted, narrow-minded, greedy little agenda.

Republicans, flogging and the Constitution. It’s a fit.

And why am I telling you all this? I don’t know but there it is anyway.


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4 thoughts on “Bachmann, the Constitution and Flogging

  1. I dreamed that I invented a time machine and brought President Lincoln to the present day so he could see how the Republic was faring. He watched Fox News. He checked out World Net Daily and the Drudge Report on the internet. He read the GOP’s recent platform and mission statements, reviewed interviews with Priebus, Cheney, Bachmann, Limbaugh and O’Reilly.

    Then he said, “Send me back – and make sure I’m on time for the play.”

  2. Thanks for sharing how you thought this together. I’ve always been interested in the creative processes of others because I don’t understand my own AT ALL!!!

  3. PERFECT FIT! You’re genius is showing, Mario
    Someone at another site suggested perhaps Marcus could lend Obama his pink tights for the occasion…

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