The Scott Brown Cosmo Action Figure


It didn’t take long for people to start making a buck off this male bimbo.

I’m still stunned that Massachusetts voted this guy in as a United States Senator.  On the bright side, cartoonists, comedians and satirists are going to have a field day for at least the next two years.

Brown, Palin, Bachmann, Steele, Beck, Limbaugh, the entire Republican congress for crying out loud…there’s gold in them thar hills.


(Hat Tip: Foolocracy)


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3 thoughts on “The Scott Brown Cosmo Action Figure

  1. Tommy,

    At least Franken was mature enough to champion the cause of Jamie Leigh Jones where the Republicans were protecting their jewel in the crown, Halliburton. Franken has shown to have a character based on principle and willing to do the right thing.

    Up to now,Scott Brown is mush and overrated.Something tells me the sideshow will go on in the months to come. He might not be what he personified himself to be.

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