Presidential Nominee Clarence Thomas?

Oh yeah, this is definitely a wonderful idea.

With the Republican presidential nomination still up in the air, the possibility of a brokered convention is looking increasingly likely. Under the party’s rules, the delegates won by Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and the others in the primaries and caucuses are obligated to vote for their assigned candidate only on the first ballot. If no candidate wins the required number of votes, the delegates can throw their support to anyone. There’s speculation that party insiders, unhappy with the current field, might float the candidacy of someone not now in the race, like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or Jeb Bush.

While Christie and Bush might be fine candidates, perhaps the Republicans should consider a more inspired and game-changing pick: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Far-fetched?  Maybe. But a Thomas candidacy would energize Republicans in a way that few other Republicans can and would steal tremendous media attention from President Barack Obama.

Has Republican desperation now reached the point where they’re forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel in search of a savior? Clarence Thomas? President?



(The source image for this illustration of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a photo in the public domain by Steve Petteway and availble via Wikipedia.)

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9 thoughts on “Presidential Nominee Clarence Thomas?

  1. Ooooh! Bring on another game changer. Sarah Palin with a mustache and a robe but with a law degree. Now you can vote for their black or our black. Ann Coulter will tell you that her black is better. Talk about a political party tearing itself apart. This is what unrestricted money in politics gets you. Everyone can buy their own candidate now no matter how wacko.

  2. First, Clarence would have to check with Justice Antoine Scalia to see if that was alright. He has voted 99.9 percent with Scalia over the course of his Supreme court career. I don’t really think he has a mind of his own but just votes however Scalia votes. He makes such the perfect Uncle Tom black man after all.

    Mario, I really don’t see this happening. I also don’t think he’d get support of women.

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