Right-Wing Fanaticism Run Amok

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Elections do have consequences but I don’t think anyone had this in mind.

Police say a woman who was upset over the outcome of the presidential election ran over her husband because he didn’t participate in his civic duty.

Holly Solomon, 28, chased her 36-year-old husband Daniel Solomon with the family Jeep SUV on Saturday night over a political argument stemming from the fact he didn’t vote… She pinned him between the underside of the SUV and the curb when he tried to run for help.

The husband told investigators that Solomon believed her family was going to face hardship from President Barack Obama’s re-election.

Witnesses told police that Solomon followed her husband in her car through a parking lot while screaming at him. He hid behind a light pole to protect himself while Solomon circled several times. She struck him as he tried to make a break for the main road.

There were no signs Solomon was impaired either by alcohol or drugs, KPHO said.

She was booked on an aggravated assault and domestic violence.

Her husband remains in critical condition at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center…

There’s no need for drugs or alcohol when you have Fox News, Limbaugh and most of conservative media to fuel right-wing crazy.


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8 thoughts on “Right-Wing Fanaticism Run Amok

  1. Her prophesy of “believing her family was going to face hardship” has been self-fulfilled. What a bonafide nutcase!

  2. Although the debt has been creeping from billions to trillions because of wars and bad financial regulations created mostly from republican governments, this lady should have known that hard times would be had from either party policies. IT IS TIME TO PAY THE PIPER.

    We need to sit down and adjust our budget for the worse. I do believe that the Republicans will come to the table of compromise because reelection is in two years and the electorate will have their revenge if we don’t settle the fiscal cliff.

  3. Gee and I thought the billboard near where I live was a joke. It reads, “WTF? I can’t take another four. Fellow Repubs meet me at the town bridge for a jumping off party.”
    Silly Teapartiers. Don’t they know that bridge isn’t high enough?

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