Apocalypse Now – Glenn Beck and Food Insurance


You many not be able to afford adequate health insurance but Glenn Beck and his financial advisers are hoping you can afford food insurance.  Or as TPM put it:

If you ever find yourself in a post-nuclear holocaust environment and come across people eating beef stroganoff, odds are they’ll be Glenn Beck fans.

The latest scam making the rounds is Food Insurance, a company that counts on the apocalyptic messaging of Glenn Beck and other doomsayers to get you to purchase their food insurance package.  From their website:

Foodinsurance.com has designed an emergency pack and emergency kits to give people at least two weeks of great food and clean water until more permanent solutions can be obtained. Many of the meals are freeze-dried, which means they will last up to 10 years and retain their nutritional value. Also, unlike other survival food solutions that require you to grind wheat or employ some other 18th century skill, Food Insurance meals come prepackaged as lasagna, beef stroganoff, and a host of other great entrees. And to top it off, this food comes packaged in a high quality backpack so you can grab it and go.

While Foodinsurance speaks of natural disasters as a reason to sign up to their program (not an illogical thought), Beck has a much different reason he wants you to store up on food.

“I want to talk to you about the changing world that we live in. I want to talk to you about a company that I found called Food Insurance,” Beck says in a segment of his radio show featured on Food Insurance’s website. “We have health insurance, this is real food insurance.”

“I finished my food storage, and I couldn’t believe how relieved I was,” Beck continues. “I remember sitting down on the stairs of the basement and looking at it, and thinking ‘I could lose my job, and my family will eat.’ Sometimes guys don’t realize how much pressure is on them.”

“Do the easy stuff now,” Beck says, in conclusion. “Prepare yourself for what we all hope won’t happen, but probably will, if you’re not prepared. Thanks.”

Got that?  It’s a “changing world” – a changing world that in Beck’s devious mind began on January 20, 2009, the day a black, Marxist, liberal, socialist, Nazi, hater of white people became President of the United States.  The day when Beck and his cronies figured out that if you can scare the hell out of them, then getting the suckers to buy gold, hybrid seeds and food insurance would be easy pickings.


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6 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now – Glenn Beck and Food Insurance

  1. I store food just for the mere fact that I heat with electricity, and we have frequent outages, especially in winter. A natural disaster is never out of the question, especially here in the midwest,with tornadoes,or out west with earthquakes, but food storage will not do any good in the case of a disaster, unless you have a bomb shelter lol. In the event of a natural disaster,if you’re fortunate enough to be alive, you can’t take it with you. All you could carry would be a backpack with the necessary essentials inside.

  2. Being a country boy I have a few foraging skills, I live next to a river and do very well fishing plus I have no trouble kindling fires. I also have no money so that will have to be my “food insurance.” LOL

  3. this kind of innuendo is so disturbing. He is calling for revolution and is hawking food insurance just like he hawked those plant seeds he thought everyone should buy so everyone will be ready when the revolution comes. And yet this man takes no responsibility when some nut job takes his words to heart and goes on a shooting spree…

    Diana’s right, guns and ammo will be the next verts

  4. I keep a solid store of preserved foods, both those suitable for domestic use and those better for mobile or field meals. I’ve done so most of life. It’s simply prudent and responsible, especially when much of it is the product of my hunting, fishing, and gardening.

    And yes, I also keep a supply of weaponry, ammunition, and other material useful for defense purposes, either of the home or the family en route during an evac.

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