Congress and the NRA Makes Sure That America Loses…Again

Congress, Guns, Bullets and the NRA   -

The vote came in at 55 to 45 in favor of expanding background checks for gun sales. In most institutes of democracy, that would have been more than enough to pass commonsense legislation of this sort. Unfortunately, it would be a stretch to describe the U.S. Senate as a democratic body of government. It is not. The senate is a dysfunctional branch of government with rules that allow NRA-bought fuckers with names like McConnell, Cruz and Paul to destroy and rip to shreds the last remaining vestiges of democracy from the once hallowed chamber. And for as long as there’s a Democrat in the White House, Republicans plan on keeping it that way.

That’s my rant. It’s John Liming’s turn.



Something happened in The United States Senate yesterday that I thought I would never live to see – A piece of legislation that was reportedly supported by at least 90 percent of The American People was thrown in the crap can by a bunch of elected officials on Capitol Hill who were reported to be more worried about their own re-election than about the best interests of the people who put them into office in the first place.

Those who desperately wanted the government to “do something” in the wake of all the senseless gun violence that had claimed so many innocent lives over the past few years got their faces slapped, their hearts broken and their confidence in their government shaken because of what I suspect to be no less than the power of a great deal of money and some powerful lobby interests – and I think that is a crying shame, totally unjust and a horrible sign of where this country might be headed if some people don’t get their heads out of their asses.

Some who dwell in the perpetual darkness of contemporary American Radical Far Right Wing Ideology are said to be virtually dancing in the streets because they reportedly  think they have won some kind of victory over the will of the majority of sane and sensible Americans who had placed some hope in the people they had elected to represent their best interests and who then got their rear ends kicked good with that vote up on “The Hill” – the vote that in my opinion, sends a clear signal to every murdering gun-sucking swine out there, “It’s O.k., you can buy your weapons with total abandon now and no one will even ask questions.”

Yes, folks – the gun-tards fought hard on this one!  They  fought hard, they lied about the proposed legislation and they spent enough money to get enough gun owners and other assorted nuts riled up enough to scare the bejeebies out of a few of what I consider to be weak-kneed elected officials – and they got what looks to me like some kind of a victory – for the time being.  It is my personal opinion they probably should hold up on their rejoicing because their glee is premature.  I do not believe Americans will take this incursion into their right to live free of fear from maniacs with guns lying down. This battle is not yet over.

Do not be deceived, my friends – I never did think this fight was about Second Amendment Rights because from my understanding there was nothing in the proposed bill that would have denied any law-abiding citizen their right to own guns – as many guns as they wanted to own – this was never about that but that is what the gun-tards apparently tried to make it about and their message of legitimization of carnage somehow gained enough ears to lead to the defeat of  what many who have their heads screwed on straight consider to be the most common sense legislation to appear before congress in a long long time.

The sad thing about all this to is that there are actually some over on the far right who truly believe that this invitation to disaster was actually a display of legitimate “leadership” on their part.

If those who have expressed such sentiments are alluding to some idea that their “leadership” was commendable because it opens the floodgates to future potential Sandy Hooks, Newtowns and Columbines they might be correct to some limited degree.  I think that is where their so-called leadership will lead – to more victims of more senseless violence somewhere down the road – the only result that I can even imagine coming from a non-restrained proliferation and totally unregulated access to the means to end life by God only knows who.

In my view, this “victory” by the extreme right was not a victory for The Bill of Rights or The Constitution or The Second Amendment.  This “victory” was a victory for insanity – pure, plain and simple and I think The American People ought to use the elections of 2014 to set the record straight on where they stand.


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19 thoughts on “Congress and the NRA Makes Sure That America Loses…Again

  1. John,

    I am not too familiar on Senate rules but I have awoke to this 60 vote rule to pass legislation in the Senate since only 5 years ago. Would you or anyone else tell me how a vote of 55 yeas vs 45 nayes became a non-victory. Since when does a minority government govern a country ? When did this 60 vote rule come into being and which Congress was stupid enough to pass that? Can Obama challenge the constitutionality of the 60 vote rule ? Democracy has always been the will of the majority and what is really shameful is the right of the minority to supercede the right of the majority. We go down that road and tyranny is only a few years away.

    We the people have been reduced since yesterday and we the people will need to show Washington that our power lies in the voting booth and if a majority of Democrats is needed for change then that is what we will do. We did it in the first two years of Obama reign and we will do it in the last two years of Obama’s tenure.We need political marines in Congress because our democracy has always been about doing the right thing at the right time.

  2. Dear Alwaysoccupy,

    I have personal fears that the Radical Right may be on a continuing campaign to eventually establish themselves as the permanent supreme government of the U.S., dissolve the democratic republic entirely and replace it with something more on the order of a Theocratic Oligarchy where instead of an elected congress there will be a “divinely-appointed” triumvirate of supreme leaders – – – a Holy Council – – – who will govern according to their interpretation of Old Order Mosaic Law. When I consider all the gerrymandering of districts, voter suppression attempts, re-districting, and the idea of changing the way the electoral college works – – – among other things, it gives me chills up and down my spine. That is where I think they are trying to go and if America isn’t very vigilant, they just might get there some sweet day – – – like thieves in the night. But all this just may be nothing more than the paranoia of an old Liberal like myself.

  3. For one we’re a Democratic Republic because the Constitution was created to protect liberty. Through fear people give away liberty (Bush’s Patriot Act). The majority of people don’t know or don’t even care, so we need to have a representative democracy to protect us from ourselves. Our forefather knew the cycle of history. Heck right after we won the Revolution the majority of people wanted Washington to be our new King. Majority Democracy is doomed to failure all throughout history. I don’t like the Senate anymore than anyone else, but we must have checks and balances. There’s a secret war going on right now and it’s not between Republican or Democrat it’s between the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch. History teaches us that without a government of checks and balances comes a Totalitarian State.

  4. I think they finally over-reached. The next massacre (and unfortunately, there will be a next one and a next one and a next one) will bring out anger like never before towards those senators.

  5. We traded 4 Dems for 4 Republicans or there-abouts…and the story some are telling is that they’re going to pass Immigration so they didn’t want to give the Administration 2 “wins” in a row…no mention of the additional losers across the country! More Republicans were supposedly onboard, listening to their consciences for once, until the NRA, who’d told them it was a “free” vote, changed their mind.
    I too think they’ve overstepped…or we can make this failure into over-reach and sink them into the dust bin of history. Some sensible hunters and sportsmen are considering forming a new gun partnership…returning to the days of old when the responsible gun owners promoted gun safety and common-sense restrictions…no mention about assault weapons or clip capacities.
    There’s more and more $ gathering to oppose and annihilate the NRA…they are said to have spent less than the opposition on this vote. I’m scraping my pennies together and hoping Bloomberg will continue to pour his millions.

  6. In my home state, Texas, we are ruled by the morally bankrupt ie., Perry, Cornyn, Gohmert, Stockman and Cruz. Our kids are taught that the only letter in the alphabet is “R” and the proper way to settle any argument is with a gun.
    These stooges for the gun manufactures are well on their way to total control of the U.S. congress.

  7. The great Mr.Liming is correct – “the Radical Right may be on a continuing campaign to eventually establish themselves as the permanent supreme government of the U.S.” Thus the “TEALIBAN” !

    Mr. Liming is also correct – ” if America isn’t very vigilant, they just might get there”.

    They already have a great foothold on just that very goal because of ” all the gerrymandering of districts, voter suppression attempts, re-districting, and the idea of changing the way the electoral college works – – – among other things”.

    The horrible elections of 2010 where Democrats, Liberals and sane Americans of all stripes, allowed this Tealiban to overtake American government by establishing themselves in every level of office but the Presidency, will live in infamy as the catalyst to this hostile take-over of our American Government by Theocratic Oligarchy.

  8. Yep, that piece of paper will stop these crazy people won’t it? People with “gun permits” by definition DON”T have criminal records! Maybe you need to do some world history reading so you can see that each time gun control is started, all guns are eventually taken away leaving woman defenseless against predators, the people defenseless against our government, should should the need come to stop it and all people less secure in their homes! Our government, once let loose on any direction, never stops where it started! They mean to “control” the people and not “govern” them! I am sorry you cannot look around and see how out of control “BOTH” sides have gotten in more concerning areas than whether or not someone can shoot 7 rounds or 20 rounds! HAve you ever watched a pistol competition? These guys can reload a new magazine in a fraction of a second so this means that someone else can learn to do the same! The gun size of the magazine is irrelevant! The other laws in this bill are irrelevant as well! If you truly want to stop people, and not just make yourself “feel better” then go and do something about mental illness! All you seem to do here is rant like a baby because of your misguided attempt at solving a problem that this bill, or any other bill will not solve!

    BTW, we are a republic and not a democracy even though some have tried to lean us that way! A democracy does nothing more than give an angry mob control which can end up in them harming liberty,human rights,etc! We elect leaders to do the necessary work of being level headed when deciding our laws! The Republicans are going by the laws of our constitution, the Democrats are going by the headlines of our liberal news and the angry mothers of a few kids who were sadly killed! What about the mothers of all those kids who are killed over drugs? They took all the guns away in Chicago with very tough gun laws yet look at the homicide rates! Look at the numbers of homicides in the major cities of Texas where they have conceal carry permits as opposed to Chicago where no guns are allowed!

    You seem to want to go with ideas that you “thnk” will work as opposed to ides that are “known” to work! Landes and Lott did a study on the subject of mass murder and found that the only policy factor to influence multiple victim public shootings was conceal carry permits and why the laws reduce both the numbers of shooting and the severity!

  9. I understood the vote to be 54 – 46 but one vote does not make much difference, at least in this case.

    I personally feel fury at the idea that 90 percent of we Americans want universal background checks but yet it is not enough to get a bill through this Congress because of the fears of a bunch of weak-kneed Republicans. Don’t they know that they’re going to lose their jobs anyway?

  10. Bobby Myers, very well articulated. Too bad your words have fallen on the deaf ears of the mindless indiscriminates. Ideology before all else. How does one debate an ignorant opponent who believes we live in a democracy? The founding fathers hated democracy and were very careful to make sure we didn’t have one. Don’t you think if we did live in a democracy we would be able to find the word “democracy” somewhere, anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution or the constitution of the 50 (57 for Obama) states? Yet, it doesn’t appear once.

    “It does not require many words to speak the truth.”~~Chief Joseph

  11. Speaking of “mindless”…

    A “Republic” form of government merely means, in it’s basic definition, that we are NOT a…
    “Monarchy” (ruled by King and Queen” or a
    “Plutocracy” – Government by the wealthy” (although it seems we’re getting more Plutocratic every year.) or a
    “Oligarchy” – rule by the few

    A significant number of countries have a “Republic” government including ….
    People’s Republic of Korea
    The Republic of China
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    So those “mindless indiscriminates” believing a Republic form of government is “special” are a little mistaken.

    “Democracy”, however (the system set up by the founding fathers} is special and is another form of a Republic.

    The United States is a “Democratic Republic” BECAUSE..

    Since the USA has elections, free speech, and accountable government, it is a DEMOCRACY.

    Since it has no queen, and all of its political leaders are elected by the people or the representatives of the people, it is a REPUBLIC. There is no contradiction.

    Although not described as a democracy by the founding fathers, the United States founders also shared a determination to root the American experiment in the principle of natural freedom and equality.

    The United States Constitution, adopted in 1788, provided for an elected government and protected civil rights and liberties.


    [PS – Re the 57 “states” gaff of the 2007/2008 primaries by, now twice elected President Obama, the ones Republicans love use so much –

    The Prez wasn’t too far off as “Republicans” should have learned by now – the US is comprised of fifty states a Federal District & Five Territories = 56, AND 57 if you count Wake Island which has fewer than 300 occupants, mainly related to activities of the United States Air Force.]

  12. Sir you have lost sight of the document that is most important in our country, the Constitution. As far as the laws of our country are written the government cannon pass a law that is in violation of that. Then only single piece of constitutional legislation that could be proposed would be a constitutional amendment that repealed the second amendment. If as you claim 90% of the American population was behind this as you so claim this would not be a problem. The real problem is that the fundamentals of our country are lost on people who feel self-righteous and idealistic to the point that they are above the constitution. While the power of the people may me diluted through the present system on the area of gun controls the law is clear and firm. I have the right to bear arms. Period.

  13. Hi Fred,

    The argument has never been about you bearing arms. That is a given but misinformation from the NRA has skewed the message somewhat. In as much as what you should bear as an arm is in question and Justice Scalia has rendered that decision some while ago and I think the government should bring that right back to the Supreme Court to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

    Sir,your right to bear arms is honored but for you to have weapons of mass murder and mass destruction like the Boston massacre should be a subject of scrutiny and legislation.If it’s not 2014,it will come back when the Democrats have 70% of the House and Senate,and you will succumb to the will of the people. We are tired of being hated across the world and the world wanting our destruction. We have to go by example and the killing needs to stop.We need to honor life over weapons that go beyond the right of self-protection.

  14. Fred,
    I agree with what alwaysoccupy said completely. Though I have a little to add:

    This gun control bill has nothing at all to do with the Second Amendment. There is nothing in it that would limit guns from law-abiding citizens. Anyone who doesn’t have a criminal record or a record showing them to be violently mentally ill or on a terrorist watch list, can buy a gun, any gun they want. That’s unfortunate because I think it should have included a ban on high powered assault rifles that should have never been allowed in civilian’s hands in the first place. Those kinds of weapons are for military use and the mass killing of enemies in combat, not for ordinary civilian protection or the hunting of wild animals.

    This jerk reaction to the bill really is about fear that the government is going to come and take away everyone’s guns? It is so funny that the idea that certain conspiracy, anti-government militias actually could take on the United States Military.. Think about it; assault rifles against black hawk helicopters and guided missiles? Obviously these guys are not thinking clearly.

    That legislation was about putting some control on the availability of guns to those who should not have them, period.

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