Republican Thanksgiving   :

I looked back to what I posted a year ago on this Thanksgiving Eve and it turned out to be the above illustration. I’m posting it once again because it has more relevance now than it did twelve months ago. Could you imagine what a presidency under any one of these clowns would be like?

The middle class would be crucified and religious convictions would take precedence over science. The possibility of war in the Middle East would be greater than ever while women’s and gay rights would be under siege for the next four years. There would be no possibility of ever enacting the Dream Act and the Affordable Care Act would be slowly dismantled bit by excruciating bit.

A Republican win would have emboldened the Tea Party to carry on with their madness and strengthened the Koch brothers’ belief that if you pour enough money into it, even the White House can be bought.

Well, it didn’t happen. Common sense prevailed and you can rest assured that there will never be a President Bachmann, Perry, Santorum or Romney.

Yes, you have much to be thankful this holiday season.

May your Thanksgiving be happy and safe.


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21 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Mario, may you and yours have a wonderful and blessed holiday! Truly so much to be thankful for! I am thankful right now for you! And to all the regulars and commenters here….Thank you for your words and for making this a great site to come to and be a part of! Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

  2. You read my mind, Mario — No. 1 on my list of what I am thankful for this year. Also thankful for all of your hard work here with your clever and creative illustrations, excellent commentary, and space to share our views openly and honestly without censorship unless we step wa a a a y out of line! To top it all off, we even get a sweet treat every Monday with the latest pics of baby, Leena. It doesn’t get any better. :)

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    P.S. We thought it was fitting to name our big turkey “Mitt”.

  3. I am an incorrigible nontraditionalist when it comes to holiday food. I was swayed by my eight years in Japan and my wife and I have opted for fried oysters, rice, miso soup, and kimchi for out Thanksgiving Day feast. I wish all of you a great day no matter your choice of food.

  4. The Whole World breathed a huge sigh of relief, when sanity broke out in The USA Elections.
    Mario, thanks for all the wonderful caricatures that kept me sane and fairly calm for the duration of a trying year. To the rest of the posters on this site, thanks for the laughs, insight and support. To all of you across The Pond, have a Very Happy Thanksgiving. Try not to strangle your wingnut relatives over the holidays, and remember to boycott Walmart on Black Friday!

  5. Also let us be thankful that we don’t have flying rockets overhead exploding somewhere in USA cities. Before American states start separating from American democracy,let them remember that conversation is better than guns and armaments. We have endured much and let us be thankful that an enlightened future is always better than a fiery past.

  6. A Christian friend of mine asked this morning how I could be thankful on Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow.
    I don’t get it.
    Why do I have to be thankful to their god to be thankful?
    I am very grateful for, and in awe of nature, science, common sense, reality and love of family & friends. And I can be so year around – not just during the holiday season.
    Whether you are thankful to a god or not, I sincerely hope the holiday season is blessed with fond memories and hope for the future to you, your family and the secret society we have on your wonderful blog.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made here.

    Thankful for all of Mario’s wonderful illustrations and commentary.

    Thankful we have re-elected our President.

    Thankful for those who serve our country in war and in peace; at home and abroad.

    Thankful I have a place to rant and rave on occasion!

    And thankful most of all for family and friends.

    Best wishes to everyone and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and beyond.

  8. When I was in my mid-20’s, all those many years ago, I saved a collection of house plans from the once-a-month offering at the end of one of my favorite magazines, dreaming of building one day…nothing huge like the 3-4000 Sq-foot monstrosities of late but a comfortable home just a bit outside the box.

    As a teenager growing up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, I used to occasionally enjoy a ride away from the city to the surrounding “country”, through small towns and horse farms, fantasizing what that life would be like. After I married, I had the chance to live the “country life” for ten years in Oberlin, Ohio and found that even among the international atmosphere of the college, life was slow and unpretentious, sometimes boring for a city girl and yet, comfortable.
    We moved three times after that, mostly to cities.

    In the early 90’s, we came here to Buckhannon, WV (for a job), and having met a friend with a horse who gave my disabled daughter rides when our search for a local adapted program ended in disappointment, I was convinced I could take on the responsibility of horse ownership and purchased my mare…quite a challenging foray into the unknown as I had a nearly lifelong fear and knew very little about the wondrous creature I had “fallen in love with at first sight”. I studied voraciously, learned a bundle and eventually earned her friendship and respect, surviving unscathed in the process.

    After 7 years of living in town and driving 50 miles/day to feed and “play” with my mare at the lovely boarding barn with the “crazy” owner, we had a chance to move out of town, to find a little property with a small barn. My search proffered perfection…yet with no house. An acquaintance suggested I call one of her former boyfriends who was eager to sell…turns out it was just up the road across the property line from the “perfect” barn/pasture I’d “chosen”. As I toured the structure with the “boyfriend”, I struggled to identify the feeling of familiarity…the discomfort persisted until I revisited a folder I kept with the remaining house plans, a favorite poem and other odds and ends of great importance. The house was indeed one of the 3 remaining plans I had saved for 25 years! Both sales went smoothly and we found ourselves with the 10-acre parcel I’d “asked for”, complete with a stream and some woods, living in a house of my imaginings.

    So, as I walked back from the barn, under a clear sky in the crisp midnight air, the sweet smell of horseflesh with winter coat lingering after my tuck-in hug and smooch to both (they don’t like to be alone so I HAD to adopt a second!), stars glimmering and partial moon glowing, I tell myself I’m one of the luckiest people in the world.
    The house is still, the new pup tucked in her crate, my husband and daughter breathing contentedly in sleep.

    Over the course of my 65 years, I’ve suffered life’s insults and abuses and survived. I struggle with sciatica flare-ups, a thyroid that can’t find a norm, sad days from the inevitable losses life brings…and yet, in my little world, I am content.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  9. Carol, Just had to write in again to thank you for sharing your wonderful “place of your heart plans” and the horses and all else that you love. I grew up on a farm with lots of horses and other wonderful animals and I too have known that magic! I sit here at 4 am with my beloved Golden Retriever at my feet, Christmas music playing in the background from my internet radio and thumbing through my “lyric notebook” filled with words I hope to turn into complete songs and my mind filled with my own dreams and plans for the coming year. I am grateful that you have found your dreams and I am grateful for the dreams that are just beginning. My wish for all is that dreams come true and love and light fills your hearts. Thanks, Carol, for being who you are!. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Carol — I was mesmerized by your lovely post this morning. A great life by anyone’s standards. After long, hard, stressful work careers and raising our family, my husband and I, too, live the quiet life — up a winding lane, in a secluded contemporary house with killer views, overlooking a creek on three acres of woods in rural Indiana. We are surrounded by wildlife of all kinds in the most peaceful setting you could ever imagine. We are not wealthy — just enjoying the fruits of our labor. President Obama has been reelected — life is good! Hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season.

  11. We sure dodged several bullets there, didn’t we.

    John Huntsmann wouldn’t have been too bad, though I much rather have Obama.

    I do believe that if Republicans could have seen past their own extremes and chose Huntsmann instead, Obama may have lost. Fortunately they didn’t have the brains to do that.

  12. Melody…thank you for your “hearty” response…and 4 am??? Guess that’s when the best thoughts come, right? (you’ve got me beat there and I’m happy to concede!) I find animal lovers often enjoy sharing the “magic”.
    As I scan backwards, I conclude that Autism and conquering my fear of dogs then horses…not just conquering but UNDERSTANDING…are numbers 1 and 2 respectively in the “Life’s Greatest Challenges” column. The autism appeared unsolicited of course and the dogs and then horses were a conscious choice but all have demanded my focused attention. As autism research advances I find myself immersed in “liefelong learning”. Having raised/ trained numerous Irish Setters, I had to search for the philosophy that suited my understanding of the natural way to interact with each and not simply operate on the “use their fear against them” style so regrettably prevalent. Sounds rather REPUBLICAN doesn’t it?!?!?
    Do you also play an instrument to accompany your lyrics? and has anyone been privileged to contemplate singing them?

    and Karen…thanks for a lovely response to my personal musings. How fortunate that you can enjoy and more importantly, appreciate the life you’ve built. There are pros and cons to living anywhere, but I struggle against the thought of living in close quarters again in the “out” years.
    I rather purposefully strayed from the chosen topic but now feel compelled to express my great relief and gratitude at the results of the election…my computer wallpaper is a repeat cartoon of the back of the Oval Office chair, dark head and “remarkable” ears atop, with the caption “This seat’s (STILL) taken” and I thank America.

  13. Hi Carol! I grew up in a musical family so I have played several instruments over the years as well as singing and songwriting! I had my greatest challenge in overcoming at least to some extent, the ravages of being hit by a drunk driver and sustaining numerous injuries including TBI. I still struggle with that one along with CFIDS. Every day is a day of making choices and overcoming. I too raised dogs since childhood and also have done animal rescue through the years. I now have my wonderful Golden Retriever, Lucky Lady! Dogs should be trained through love and being the Alpha who leads them as a pack and shares life with them as a family unit! I am so glad that you found your own way of coping with your Autism! I do something similar in that I find my own ways of overcoming TBI problems. Our own inner wisdom truly leads the way to a better life! So too does having better leadership and vision in government! I am so grateful for the outcome in this election! May you and everyone here experience a wonderful and joyous holiday season!

  14. Melody…what a story YOU have! I must plead ignorance on CFIDS…please elaborate a bit. I so respect your courage and fortitude! There’s a local couple who have produced a few CDs…they keep Appalachian Folk music alive…I sing in the car with the volume up HIGH.
    (the autism part of my story belongs to my daughter, Robin. Sorry to have misled, but it’s a challenge we share)

    Re: the animals…I agree! I remember proudly entering a training class with my latest Irish Setter to be met with an instructor who said aloud to the class, but directly to ME “You don’t really think you’re going to train THAT do you?” So I found the class that operated on the principles you describe and had much fun working into level 2 obedience with 2 of my “untrainable” Irish.
    I got some distasteful “advice” from many in the horse world too…until I discovered Natural Horsemanship…I’m a HUGE Parelli fan…it WORKS!!! It’s FUN for both of us and it is a huge force in overcoming fear.

    I too believe in our inner wisdom…and respond to people that I’m occasionally “persistent to a fault”…what is the alternative, really? Giving up is too distasteful.

  15. Hi Carol! In answer to your question of CFIDS, it is something poorly understood by most folks. It usually starts like a form of the flu or a really bad cold. the difference being that it doesn’t go away for quite awhile, increases in intensity and when it finally leaves, it leaves a level of fatigue and a multitude of other symptoms that almost defy description. The fatigue is not corrected by any rest or sleep, the fatigue also makes tiredness seem like a light joke. This fatigue makes bones feel like they have turned to jelly and even the simplest functions can seem overwhelming. Exercise can actually make it worse! I tell most people to imagine that there is a disease that has 5 main parts to it. It has symptoms that can attack any body system at any time, there is no predicting the body area or system it will hit, it will vary drastically in type of symptom, level of intensity, frequency or duration of symptoms. This will go on and has no cure. that is what I deal with every day and have for the last 25 years. It also makes any other illness or injury already present to be often exacerbated. So having asthma, body injuries, allergies, degenerative arthritis, etc can add to the pain levels and discomforts and even the nuisances of life! Are we having fun yet?!! Add to this the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury and having no health insurance and it gets trying some days.

    I am so looking forward to 2014 when the other part of Obamacare kicks in and I can finally get health insurance! It will do away with all rejections for pre-existing conditions and will guarantee coverage for me with government assistance! I can hardly wait and I am so glad that Pres. Obama was re-elected so I can look forward to this exciting development in healthcare! One of the things I am most grateful for this year is the hope this gives me for the future!

    I too have had an Irish Setter and I find them to be very intelligent…..just have minds of their own a lot! lol! I’m glad you are having success with yours! I so agree with you about persistence in this life and that we can never give up! So here’s to a wonderful rest of 2012 and a wonderful New Year full of hope and possibilities!

  16. Melody…I am humbled by your response. Humbled, saddened and angry for your ongoing struggle, amazed again at your perseverance and oh, so grateful for OBAMACARE…for you and the millions of others who face similar and not so dramatic days. Healthcare is a HUMAN RIGHT. PERIOD.

    So CFIDS is chronic-something-infectious disease syndrome? It’s a new one for me…do you do any alternative medicine?

    Sharing our stories is cleansing….and always improves our outlook. Thank you so much.

  17. Hi Carol! Thank you for your kind words. They lift me up! I do agree that health care is a human right! I guess I forgot to say what the acronym stands for! Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It’s like this virus that gets inside the cells and hides there so it can’t be killed. Then it changes or alters the function of the cell it invades without killing it. That is why the symptoms can be so varied as this virus invades cells and changes what they do and how they do it. Alternative therapies are the main way that I cope day to day and have made far more differences than anything else. I hope that Obamacare will embrace more of this as part of overall health care strategy as it often helps and does not harm. I am grateful for your caring about my story of my life and I am deeply moved by your story as well. I agree that it strengthens us all when we share our knowledge and our truths with each other. As Obama says so often….we are all in this together! Thanks for being who you are and thanks for being here!

  18. You’re so welcome…
    I think one of the things I like best in OFA training is “telling your story”…I felt people at the first meetings who didn’t know me had a positive response…and it opened the door for them….it creates a bond and strengthens our common resolve.
    Thanks very much for sharing…

    I have an image of you and your name…and understand why your parents chose it for you. I hope your music is therapeutic as your melody emerges day to day. It’s always been an important part of my life and helps me identify feelings/moods and use the power of the notes to enhance my existence, to hum my way through the hard times and dance with the good ones!

  19. Hi Carol! Actually, my name was of my own choosing back in 1991 and it was indeed chosen with a purpose! OFA is a great group and I’m glad you were part of making a difference in this world! I listen to music every day and right now my 3 faves are Barry Manilow (check out his Radio Manilow on , Everett Harp (amazing jazz saxophone), and Paul Collier (the coolest mellow soft music to relax to!). I hope these will help make your holidays wonderful! Again, Carol, Happy Holidays to you are yours and I am Thankful for you!

  20. Thanks for the share…I remember Barry…haven’t heard him in years but now his tunes are floating through my mind! I’ll pass along your jazz pick to my son who listens regularly, and I’ll check out Paul Collier.
    I’m thankful for you too…and to a friend for sharing a Mario post many weeks ago…the conversation here is lively, informative and keeps me sane some days…and the art’s not bad either!!! :=) Looks like we’ve lost the others in this thread…and I’m glad we had a chance to have our conversation…

    Be strong.

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