Greedy Lying Bastards

Koch Brothers - Tea Party  :

When historians look back at the defining issue of our time, it won’t have anything to do with the failing economies of European nations or the wars and revolts plaguing the Middle East. It won’t be about nuclear threats or terrorist threats. It’ll be about none of these.

It’ll be about climate change.It’ll be about a generation of leaders who were coerced into not taking action on global warming even though scientific consensus warned of the catastrophic consequences of not doing so.

And it’ll be about a small group of greedy lying bastards who used money, power and influence to thwart the will to save our planet. It’ll be about David Koch, Charles Koch, CEOs of the fossil fuel industries, politicians like Jim Inhofe and the conservative media who without fail, have done their bidding.

James Inhofe  -

A new documentary, Greedy Lying Bastards, opens today in theaters. It deals with those very issues.

Kert Davies of Greenpeace:

ExxonMobil, the American Petroleum Institute, the Koch brothers, electric companies like Southern Company and a new posse of anonymous donors have collectively dumped millions of dollars into front groups and think tanks they could prompt to say and do things they couldn’t be caught dead saying or doing themselves. The corporate puppeteers knew that sowing doubt and uncertainty would buy them time. A stay of execution. The free market front groupers had hit pay dirt and feel that taking action on climate change is some UN conspiracy to shackle their god given free market freedom.


Treat a denier to a screening of the film. It might not help but it beats doing nothing.


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8 thoughts on “Greedy Lying Bastards

  1. The sad truth is there may not be any historians around to tell about these times.
    Or if there are, damn few left to tell them to.
    These greedy bastards should be jailed for what they’re doing for our grandkids’ future.

  2. Yep. We allowed oil companies and very, very, very rich old white men destroy the planet. Men who won’t even be here in 5-10 years are deciding the fate of our planet and 7 million species on it. And the pathetic media, who chooses to air “clean” coal, gas and oil commercials every 30 minutes and never has news about climate change is just as guilty.

  3. And life goes on with everybody looking after themselves and their families.It is easier to look the other way because otherwise it will cause people pain they are told. I have heard of people making tires that can last twenty years but were given their millions to shut up. I have heard that that nuclear fission is available but does not cost much to produce so it is put on the shelf. I have heard that inventors can drive a car on a sugar based fuel and they were bribed to sell their patent.

    As long as the love of money pursues in this society,the less that can be done. When money is used for propaganda and money to respond to falsehoods does not argue the propaganda,the less that can be done. We can cry wolf so many times and I assure it was more than three times and we know what happens ultimately.

    Bloomberg is doing a great service for gun control and safety. Where are the ilks of Bloombergs that will fight for climate change ?

  4. From the heart of coal country (WV)…only ONE of our Senators even approaches the truth, advising that we need to look forward to the changes to come…and yet he remains firmly supportive of the dwindling number of miners and the idea of “clean coal”…otherwise he’s been a reliably “liberal” vote…AND he’s retiring, with his seat likely to be won by Shelley Moore Capito, long-serving Republican House member (and good friends with our “D” Senator Manchin…yep, the one who shot the cap and trade bill (literally) in his locally famous ad while running for the Senate.)

    LOVE THE IDEA OF “TAKE A DENIER TO THE MOVIES!” But can we get enough of them into the theater?

    I take heart in the fact that the majority of Americans, whether they’re “true believers” or not, agree we need to address the problem, man-made or not. The President wouldn’t have added it to his agenda if that were not the case…Dems are notorious for relying on polling. Perhaps we can distract Bloomberg after he appeals the Big Gulp ruling and runs out of Congressional candidates to support AGAINST the NRA …seems he has plenty of dough to spread around, bless his heart.

  5. We can’t stop it at this point. It’s too late to change the habits that have helped us come this far. We can prepare for it, possibly slow it down? Doubtful, but hope is eternal. Myself, I can’t reach anyone about the issue of our planet problems. I guess if they don’t hear about it or see it happening directly to them where it hurts, it’s better to live in silent, ignorant bliss. It makes me very sad at times. We have so many beautiful things about the earth, and our resources are dying because mankind can not stop the powers that be from this ongoing destruction. My view now, is to just try and live my life the best I can. Find ways to be ready, if I can, considering my circumstances. I’ve already lost many friends, family members believing I am just another nut in the pile. I’ve heard all of the people about the things that gave us warning to our future as a race on this planet for 40 years, and so little of what I learned to try and be effective to slow the process of climate change down is lost. It’s scary to think on. I don’t know what else we can do, if we can’t help in the now when we know it’s coming. I have never been a fatalist, but all of these planetary changes, and so little being done about it, really does scare me. When the giant oil leak began in the gulf sea, and all of the sea life came out gasping, dying, and was kept largely in secret, I knew we were in serious trouble beyond that point. No one will read, listen, try to understand. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m lost.

  6. Janet. We are lost together. I feel that it is too late. The damage is done and will roll on to it’s final conclusion. And there is nobody with any authority that will do anything to stop it.

  7. There is one thing you all should keep in mind and that is ,after we destroy the human race as we know it, the earth will still be here.The same thing happened after the dinosaurs died a new species developed and that will happen again,maybe a smarter species maybe a dumber one,but,not to worry things will get worse.Happy days !

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