Climate Change Isn’t A Joke

Powerful stuff.


I remember watching the Republican convention and hearing Romney speak those mocking words about Obama, rising seas and climate change. I also remember thinking that if there was but a single reason to send this soulless creature packing on November 6, it was that statement.

Three more days and it’s a done deal.

But the saddest part of that entire spectacle is not Romney’s pandering to the idiots in his party. We’ve become accustomed to that behavior. No. the saddest part is that the idiots who cheered his words and laughed at climate change will still be around after November 6.


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6 thoughts on “Climate Change Isn’t A Joke

  1. Another tidal wave will come on Tuesday and carry that laughter into oblivion. Only Obama has the vision to inject the remedy to climate change and Americans must let him and other democrats on their journey. We have another 50 years to go to heal this planet. No money or profit will save us if we don’t act now. Coal is not the answer but sun and wind are

    May the clean up begin on Wednesday

  2. The great tragedy in all of this is that the media tells us the candidates are in a “dead heat”.
    The media doesn’t lie, do they?

  3. I can’t stand that lying sack of s—! I am totally reviled by the way he rolls his eyes, surveying the audience for a response following his idiotic, pandering statements. If I never see or hear from him again after this election, it will be far too soon. Yuck, and double yuck. I hope I’ve made my point — LOL!!

  4. As much as I don’t like O-bomb-em, I am really afraid that Romney and the Rethuglicans might win the election. If I lived in a swing state, which I don’t, I would be very conflicted about how to vote.

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