Republican’s New Bubble Boy – Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal - In the Bubble   :

They still don’t get it. Here’s the full quote from Jindal.

“Anybody on the Republican side even thinking or talking about running for president in 2016, I’ve said, needs to get their head examined,” Jindal told “Fox and Friends.” “And the reason I say that is, we’ve lost two presidential elections in a row, we need to be winning the debate of ideas, then we’ll win elections.”

“We’re not winning the conversation, we’re not presenting our ideas, we’re not in that debate as well as we should be.”

For the last time, Bobby – you have presented your ideas. You are in the debate. That is not the problem Republicans are facing. It’s the ideas themselves. They suck in a big way and have been rejected by the majority of Americans! You lost the damn debate! You lost the election by 5 million votes…you lost the Senate…and you would have lost the House if it wasn’t for the gerrymandering by Republican-run state legislatures.

But hey, go right ahead and keep on looking for new ways and new people to articulate the same failed ideas. Liberals won’t get in your way.
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6 thoughts on “Republican’s New Bubble Boy – Bobby Jindal

  1. You are right about one thing – – Liberals certainly won’t get in their way because:

    If I was young again and had my choice of walking home from school through the local land fill or beside the little creek in the fragrant woods with all the wildflowers…. guess which route I would choose?

    I would choose the woods over the dump anytime and the way of the Republicans these days is more landfill than landscape, I would say.

  2. Wait for it — Cantor is coming out today with his “new idea” — that government can help. Of course he doesn’t believe a word of it, but he sure hopes the rest of us will fall for his bait and switch. it’s going to take them a lot longer than a couple of elections to make be believe they’ve actually learned something Perhaps when they start passing legislation to help people rather than spending their days posturing behind the microphone or being on vacation rather than working? The GOP no longer has any credibility as far as I’m concerned.

  3. As I listen to his Hermit the frog voice,I can’t stop believing Jindal is bringing the Republicans to an unreal Muppet world. He will convince everyone to say what the elector wants to hear but when they are in government,they will do other things.

    I still see them in action today and their obstructionism is too flagrant. Can’t believe anything they say right now.

  4. I say let them stumble along on their way to a “better conversation” with voters…and hope the majority of us will continue to see through their BS and not be fooled by their Luntz-laced rhetoric. I wish for many more years of progressively Progressive policy initiatives…and a majority in the House. We’ll see how the Senate shakes out with the recent retirement announcements. Oh, and good luck Karl on battling your self-inflicted Tea Partiers for “electable” candidates.

    Jindal is supposed to be smart….I see little evidence.

  5. What they have to do is get Frank Luntz to change their words so that they can pursue the same ridiculous policies, but make it sound as though they’re helping the average person.

    (Luntz is the guy who changed the “estate tax” to the “death tax.” I’m sure he’s got many more interesting word changes in that amoral brain of his.)

    On 2nd thought, the GOP is so out of touch now, I’m not sure any word changes will help. But I’m sure they’ll try that before actually changing their philosophy.

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