My Illustration Wins An Award

Obama_American-Gothic-3  :

Here’s a little horn tootin’ for you.

Last year, Newsmax magazine approached me about using one of my illustrations for the cover of their May 2012 issue. I hesitated somewhat in that there’s not much Newsmax and I share in terms of politics…but hey, my work doesn’t get to make the cover of national magazines every day and I welcomed the exposure. Also, the negotiated fee wasn’t half bad.

So I tweaked the illustration over a period of a week and the result was this.

Obama Gothic - Newsmax cover

Newsmax was happy with the cover. I was happy with the cover (less so about the story that accompanied it but not a big deal). Then, last week, the Florida Magazine Association had their annual Charlie Awards which awards excellence for print and digital magazine publishing in Florida. Newsmax is circulated nationally but is headquartered in West Palm Beach.

The Charlie Awards competition “crowns publishers, writers, editors, artists, photographers, printers, marketers and others as the best among their peers in scores of categories.” One of those categories is Best Cover for print magazines with a circulation of 50,000 and more.

The envelope please.

Charlie_AwardNice. I’d like to thank the Academy…and my mom.


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27 thoughts on “My Illustration Wins An Award

  1. Bravo, Mario!

    Good illustration is good illustration.
    In spite of how Newsmax interpreted, its strength shone through.

  2. Your work speaks for itself, not for Newsmax. They put your name and work out there to an audience of people who were, until then, probably unaware of you and who are googling you as I type. As my mentors have always told me: “The only bad publicity is no publicity.”

    Mazel tov.

  3. Congrats, Mario! Even though I hold the publication in as high regard as you do, it’s good that the art director can recognize talent.
    Richly deserved. Keep up the great work.

  4. Congratulations, Mario. I like your art work. Very creative and you get the point across very well!

  5. Good going, Mario! We’re proud of you! . . .BUT, we who love this blog, don’t have to put up with a right-wing rag, to appreciate your excellent work on a continuing basis. Thanks for doing what you do, so well!

  6. Awesome, Mario! So wonderful to have your excellent work get this recognition! Go ahead, throw out your chest, and bust the buttons off that shirt — you deserve this accolade!!

  7. I shall bask in the reflected glory of having had my own musings which have been posted here illustrated by an award-winner, and I will echo the sentiments of MomCat of 7. We don’t need Newsmax to appreciate Mario.

  8. I can’t find any competitor of yours that comes to your heels in graphic digital design. Always looking forward to the next kick repub butt design.

  9. Just proves a magazine can suck with their content yet still reward us with incredible artwork. Maybe some of the nutjobs who read this rag will come round to intelligent discourse by checking out your blog.

  10. P.S. – I now have to change my name – we’ve been adopted, AGAIN! Gigi is a 10-week old bundle of unlimited energy, and laughs, for us. “Boredom” never happens here!

  11. Thank you, everyone.

    @MomCat: Congratulations on the new addition. Or should the congrats go to Gigi in that she’s the one that put through the adoption…

  12. Congratulations Mario, I would have replied earlier but I was at the VA Hospital enjoying one of those things that comes with age, my second colonoscopy.

  13. Mario,

    Your creative talent is both unique and funny; I can see why you have won. This certain piece of work was nicely done too, and respectful of Obama and Michelle. As far as Steve Moron; I cannot watch that man talk; his grin makes him look silly and idiotic and his words even more. Also, he should try telling that to those who are unemployed.

  14. Big fan of your illustrations, Mario. I should show it more, by purchasing more of your products! You deserve the award, and recognition. I share your blog every where I can. Can’t wait to see what next fabulous creation is going to make you famous. Hah! Hearts.

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