Birther Posse Brings Down Obama (or soon will)

Make sure you circle March 1 on your calendars. It might very well turn out to be the most earth-shattering day in U.S. political history.

The results of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “investigation” into whether President Barack Obama is eligible for office are set to be announced.

MCSO spokesman Jeff Sprong tells New Times the findings are set to be released on March 1.

Arpaio’s been mostly hush-hush about the probe, but has promised his “birther” posse will deliver a “shock” with its findings on the conspiracy theory that’s been continuously debunked for several years now.

And it all comes down to twin babies and something you probably last heard of in a 1970s spy movie…microfiche!

Arpaio told New Times in November that the key to investigating whether Obama’s eligible for the office of the president deals with twins born at the same Hawaii hospital as the president (allegedly), just one day earlier.

The sheriff said the twins’ files could be found on microfiche — meaning Obama’s records should be there too.

One of the most brilliant and diabolical plots ever conceived will finally be brought down by a lousy piece of plastic film. Nice. Kudos to Sheriff Arpaio for taking the initiative and hiring a posse (did they have horses?) and finally putting an end to the black Muslim’s illegal reign of terror.

Orly Taitz should be given a medal for sticking in there when the rest of the world mocked her and referred to her as a crazy, racist bitch with a bad wig. Well, I’m thinking that while few people would argue the fact that Orly gives every impression of being both crazy and a racist, March 1 will be her day of redemption. Thank you, Sheriff Arpaio.

Stay tuned.


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25 thoughts on “Birther Posse Brings Down Obama (or soon will)

  1. I think you spelled it wrong – it’s not “posse” but “passe” as in “Birtherism is so passe”.

    passe n. a group of men on harses chasing a rabber.

  2. I am troubled by this insidious element in our society that can’t accept the fact that Barack Obama is President of the United States after three plus years in office. When the President took office our country was teetering on the brink of financial disaster and we were heavily involved in an ill-advised war in Iraq. Despite roadblocks thrown into his path at every twist and turn of this disasterous maze, he has taken the positive steps necessary to right this ship and set us back on course — all the while with one hand tied behind his back. Whenever a new report comes out regarding a lower jobless rate or there is good news coming out of Detroit, he receives no credit for the policies that have been instrumental in these improvements. The GOP members react negatively and do their best to thwart his every proposal from the get-go, and then there is hell to pay when he circumvents their authority and proceeds with Presidential directives to get the job done. You can see the disrespect to the President in the faces of those GOP troublemakers in attendance whenever the President is giving his State of the Union address to the nation. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be living in a democracy where we are free to think and speak our minds, however, we should be mindful of the truth in the old adage, “together we stand, and divided we fall”.

  3. This is so laughable. What is it about Obama that these people hate so much? Is it his name? Is it a combination of his name, his liberalism and his black skin?

    I’m sure anything this ridiculous sheriff comes up with will be just more conspiracy theory crap that doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  4. As the elections approach, I fully expect to see an enormous upswing in all anti-Obama propaganda from his detractors. If we thought we might have seen “Attack” ads so far– hold onto your hats! You ain’t seen nothing yet! Satan is raging against our duly elected President and He knows his influence is waning and he is bound to become angrier and angrier as his defeat nears. God establishes rulers and God establishes authorities and God establishes governments and God demands that we subject ourselves unto the authorities He has put into place. Unfortunately for the Far Right and their cronies, God has also put Obama in as our President and I think that is why those who would demonize him are so frantic in their efforts to spread whatever evil about him that they can. As I said..It is just beginning! It will wax worse and worse until God justifies Himself by seeing to Obama’s re-election. Why? Because our President is on the side of good and righteousness and he cares about people and his policies are working!

  5. Sheriff Joe wants Newt or rick to be president.
    He already has his job application to be the new ethnic cleansing csar.

  6. Let’s see, Obama himself says his father was not a US Citizen, making O a Dual Citizen at best, but then he gave up his U.S. Citizenship to live in Indonesia, etc. So he may not have U.S. Citizenship, and he may never have changed his name back, you know Barry Soetoro? So in the end we do not know if this President is even a U.S. Citizen or exactly what his leagal name is. But don’t sweat the small stuff. Who needs to see documentation right?
    I mean cuz you can tell he loves the U.S.A right?

    And you call birthers crazy!

  7. O.K.! This is a non-issue with the majority of The American People. The “Birther” issue is kept alive by a few conspiracy theorists and those who continue to be unable to deal with the reality of President Obama. There are some of these. But nothing is going to change the fact that Obama is our duly elected President and that he was elected by one of the greatest outpourings of populist support in the History of the Nation. It is unfortunate that a few disgruntled remnants of Old Southern Dominionism and some incorrigibly Right Wing enthusiasts and supporters cannot face the fact that he is President and, because of Right Wing leadership deficiencies, will more than likely remain so for another 4 years.

  8. You tell it like it is John Liming, thanks!

    @ DanFromMO, Kenya does not recognize dual citizenship and requires anyone maintaining dual citizenship to forfeit their Kenyan citizenship or renounce their citizenship of another country.

    Where did you get your information that Obama gave up his citizenship to live in Indonesia? President Obama spent 4 years of his childhood living in Indonesia when his mother married an Indonesian student who had come to Hawaii to study. There’s no evidence President Obama was ever formally adopted by his stepfather. Indonesia didn’t allow children of his age to be adopted. Indonesia also didn’t allow adoption if it would create a dual-citizenship. Children can’t relinquish their US citizenship without proving to a US consulate/embassy that they understand the consequences of their decision, something no 6-year-old can do. Since there was no legal way for Obama to be adopted in Indonesia, he was and still is a natural born citizen of the United States of America and one of the best presidents of the last several decades.

    His leagal[sic] name as recorded on the birth certificate issued in the state of Hawaii is Barack Hussein Obama and he’s got my vote in the upcoming election.

  9. Thank God there are still people in this country that have their heads on straight! Thanks, John Liming and Charlie Sommers for telling it like it is! This country is starting to climb out of the dire straits we found ourselves in three years ago, largely due to President Obama’s forward thinking policies, and to change leaders at this point in our recovery, especially considering the choice of candidates vying for the Republican nomination, would be disasterous!

  10. Come on Dan, do you actually believe that crap?

    Obama was born in Hawaii and he’s shown his long-form birth certificate to prove it. No other president has ever had to go to such great lengths to prove he was born an American citizen and IS and American citizen. But, it doesn’t matter to those who wants to believe so badly otherwise because no matter how many times he knocks down one theory after another, you guys will just come up with some more.

    We sure didn’t hear all this crap from the Right when conservatives were talking about amending the constitution so Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for president. No, it’s because a black guy with a Middle Eastern name actually did become president and some just can’t accept that fact.

    As far as I’m concerned, Obama has proven to deserve the job he has after what he has done; taking a total mess that George W. caused and setting it in the right direction again.

    I have a projection for November – either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum will end up with the Republican nomination and the American people will see what kind of president either one of them would make and make a solid decision to give our current president another four years.

    Then Republicans in Congress will try to pull some cheap trick to impeach him for something ridiculous and waste our time with some more bull instead of serving the American people’s needs, as usual.

    I hope Democrats also get control of both houses of Congress too so that we don’t have to put up with all of that but I’m afraid that’s going to be tougher than getting Obama reelected again.

  11. O.K., these are some good insightful commentaries by people who obviously know what they are talking about. Now here is my take for a prediction as to what will happen: I think Americans have gotten a snoot full of the Republican contenders already and that a new one will be chosen during the Convention. This will give the Repugs some advantage because the American People will not have sufficient time to vet the Noogie (New Guy) prior to time to actually vote for President of The U.S. So, many undecideds will go for the Noogie because they want someone new (and for no other reason) and many Liberal types who are on the fence or mad about something will vote for the Noogie (Against their own self interests) just out of a sense of frustration.

    Here is a hilarious scenario although I hope that we get to keep Obama for another 4 years. The hilarious situation i am talking about is this: Suppose Obama were to be defeated by some airhead from the other side. If that were to happen, I would be more than happy to see The House of Representatives and The Senate taken completely over by Democrats so that we could be the new “Party Of No” for THEIR guy for four years. See how they like a dost of their own medicine. Heh Heh Heh!

  12. There could be actual footage of his birth and it wouldn’t be enough for the Birther Crazies. Yes DanFromMo or wherever you’re from, I said “Crazies.” And I’m actually being kind. More like downright mean and STUPID.

  13. I have always considered Radical Conservatism to be a disordered affliction. It may have been something in the water they drank as children or it could be that they have been trapped in some kind of time warp and never grew up. I really think it is not so much mean spiritedness as it may be an agonizing need for attention and affection. It might be libidinal too. But you are right– they never seem to be able to accept anything at all unless it is spun to them through their alternative reality machine…their own fantasy media.

  14. @JohnLiming In regard to previous post, Pres. Obama losing and Dems taking back Sen. & House, it sort of scares me a little given the fact many Democrats are nothing more than either, “spineless wimps” or “enablers.” Just seems GWBush/Cheney sort of pushed them around, with help from FOX and others. Just my opinion. Anyway Obama2012 & Take Back Congress.

  15. Re: The comment—“it sort of scares me a little given the fact many Democrats are nothing more than either, “spineless wimps” or “enablers.” — so what is the difference? Many Republicans are nothing more than either Frustrated Old-Order Southern Dominionists or White Nationalist Racists. I guess one is as bad (Or good, as the case may be) as the other….hmmmnnnnn?

  16. My prediction (you heard it here first):

    RomneyBot 2010 wins the nom. The newt team up with S Palin (remember her?) and together they form a third political entity.

    The Tea Party will then self-destruct, losing the election and irretrievebly splitting the repub party down the middle.

    I believe that, given the unbelievable clown facts so far, this prediction is valid.

  17. @john liming;

    “I have always considered Radical Conservatism to be a disordered affliction. It may have been something in the water they drank as children or it could be that they have been trapped in some kind of time warp and never grew up.”

    I wonder what causes the condition myself, I have three sisters who are all rabid right wingers, I think they have all had their minds made up for them by the evangelical church they attend, I, on the other hand, saw through the many fallacies perpetrated by organized religion and started making up my mind myself at a relatively young age. I have traveled widely, in military service, seen other cultures and even adapted to them and married a woman from one of them.

    I oppose the death penalty and war while my sisters crow in jubilation when a felon is put to death or we invade another country to further expand our hegemony. I cringe at the very thought of Santorum as president but my sisters would rejoice if he were elected and tried to turn out country into a theocracy. Even though they are not Catholic they see him as a good christian man and could be bent easily to support his dangerous views on birth control and women’s rights. In short if Satan were a republican, which he very well may be, I’m sure they would consider him over Obama.

    I love the definition of conservatism vs liberalism given by the 19th century British Prime Minister William Gladstone, “Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear. Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by caution.”

  18. I, too, have a radically conservative brother. I recently went on a ten-day road trip with him and his wife. He listens to conservative talk radio and watches Fox News on television 24-7. I had Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other conservative radio hatemongers blaring in my ears from the backseat speakers ( you couldn’t even block it out with my music and earphones) all of the time we were on the road. We had Fox News on the TV every minute in our hotel rooms which was sickening to me. Sean Hannity was about the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I had to keep my opinions to myself. My brother and I are senior citizens, he is older than me, and is very explosive. You cannot have any opinion that differs from his about anything. I was their guest on the trip so I bit my tongue for ten days to keep the peace. I could not begin to share my viewpoint with him and that feels so wrong.

    I have never heard such vicious commentary and biased news reporting as I heard on that trip. Fair and balanced?? What a joke! You would have thought that Barack Obama (who I voted for and will vote for again) was the devil himself! By the time I returned home I was so saturated with propaganda, I was almost physically sick.

  19. I love the definition of conservatism vs liberalism given by the 19th century British Prime Minister William Gladstone, “Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear. Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by caution.”

    I have my own definition, which I think echoes Gladstone’s sentiment: “Liberals are people who believe that they are right and those who disagree with them are misguided; conservatives are people who believe that they are right and those who disagree with them are wrong.”

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