Romney Adopts Obama’s Foreign Policy in Third Debate

Mitt Romney - Horses and Bayonets   :

Some random thoughts on the third presidential debate.

1. Obama won. CNN’s poll indicates that undecided voters thought so too. 48% Obama, 40% Romney.

2. Romney once again lied his way throughout the entire debate – a feat only capable by a man with the ethical convictions of a slug.

3. Where were the tough followup questions? Note to future presidential debate organizers: more Martha Raddatz type moderators and fewer dinosaurs like Lehrer and Schieffer.

4. Romney let the Taliban know that he intends to pull out of Afghanistan by 2014. This is the same Romney who last February said the following about the President. “I think the biggest mistakes he’s made in Afghanistan were one, announcing the specific date we would withdraw.”

5. Romney’s obvious strategy tonight was to come off as a commander-in-chief who any suburban mom would feel comfortable with. All that neo-con-ish crap of the last many months was not visible tonight. The New Mitt now wants a “peaceful planet”. The guy who supported the war in Iraq and believes that there should still be American troops in that country said this last night, “We don’t want another Iraq. We don’t want another Afghanistan.” The guy is a black-belt bullshitter.

Romney was in no mood for a fight and for the most part, spent the night agreeing with the President’s foreign policy. Best analogy from the talking heads describing the Romney debate plan was that of a boxer who believes he’s ahead on points so he spends the last couple of rounds clinging to his opponent hoping to avoid an errant punch knocking him out. That was Romney last night.

6. Best line of the night was delivered by the President when he admonished Romney for being out of touch on how current warfare is conducted. Romney had stated that the Navy is smaller now than it was in 1917 which led the President to say:

We also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers and planes land on them. We have ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.

Best response to the new horses and bayonets meme was the person who tweeted, “You guys realize that unicorns are basically horses with bayonets growing out of their heads, right?

7. Romney was caught again with his pants down at his ankles over the government bailout of the automobile industry. Romney’s call for letting Detroit go bankrupt never happened…or so says the lying sleazebag.

Is there no lie too big for Mitt Romney to utter?

In summary, Mitt Romney walked out on that stage last night and reversed just about every position he’s held on foreign policy. Neo-cons be damned, Romney was now a man of peace.

Romney denied ever holding any positions other than those he now expressed. He spent the night pretty much parroting Obama’s foreign policy of the last four years.  Iraq? Bad war. Afghanistan? Time to get out. Iran? Sanctions good. Osama bin Laden? We don’t need Pakistan’s damn permission. War? Bad. Peace and diplomacy? Good.

Sure, Mitt. Whatever.

Essentially, Mitt Romney made the decision that there are enough low-information Americans out there that he’d be able to pull off that stunt in all three debates. And he’s right. There are enough voters out there who either don’t care to get informed or who rely on propaganda and lie factories like Fox News to get their information.

Ignorance is a shyster’s best ally.

Your thoughts…

UPDATE (via Balloon Juice)

Sean Hannity :

“Some of our troops rode horses in Afghanistan and the Marines still carry bayonets. Maybe someone should tell the President how the military actually works.”

Oh my. And our friends on the right get offended when we point out that the average Fox News groupie is an ignoramus. How can they be anything other than a misinformed monkey after listening to the likes of Sean Hannity on a daily basis?


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13 thoughts on “Romney Adopts Obama’s Foreign Policy in Third Debate

  1. Yeah – Mitt said he had a plan, but did he deign to share it with America? Maybe he would have, had he had one. Which puts the lie to every word he uttered last night. Thank goodness these debates are finished – I’m so tired of watching Mitt’s pasted-on smirk and his rapid-blink “I know I’m a liar” stare. He needs to leave for the Cayman Islands with his $15m-$115m ill-gotten gains from shipping the jobs of 29 Delphi automotive plants to China, and never darken our shores again.

  2. “The guy is a black-belt bullshitter.”

    Oh…I WISH I could use this EXCELLENT line when talking to voters!!!

    I CAN share your EXCELLENT illustration, Mario!

    and I can’t erase “that face” (smirk) from last night from my mind’s eye fast enough…I almost enjoy the confrontational “wrinkled forehead” GOTCHA of the Benghazi Blunder more!
    POTUS almost seemed TOO STRONG for the wimp that was sitting through the debate with him, betting on a so-called “momentum”…yet, as you warn, Mario, ignorance abounds. Pity US if the Modern American Warrior pulls this off.

  3. I believe that Romneys biggest problem with undecided voters was that they saw that he was another W. And like all good republican propagandist they are quite aware that if the voters actually KNEW what they had planned, after changing their diapers, they would run (not walk) to the polls and vote for ANYONE but the republican canidate.
    Romneys attempt to fix this problem was to come across to low information voters that he would be a safe choice, and continue with the correct policies that Obama put in place and would never ever never take this planet down the road to nuclear disaster which would lead to the painful deaths of 70% of the population. I don’t know how successful he was but between the lies, the propaganda, the stupidity of the American people, the Obama haters, voter suppression and the flippable electronic voting machines owned by rightwings, including Romney himself, a president Romney is a possibility. And the thought of that gets me physically sick.

  4. Illustration – good as always – but inaccurate, Mario. Remember, Mitt & Family never, ever, ever fight in wars themselves – they just like them for the money-making – and let other people actually fight them.

  5. You nailed it!

    You nailed it down to the bare essentials!

    The horror is that your comment about the uninformed and the underinformed and those who live in a fog of Patriotist Paranoia – – – the clinically-certifiable-nut wads on the far reaches of the extreme right might just be enough of a force to take this kind of crapola over the top and – – -“win” (tongue in cheek for the chosen verb here) the election.

    What kind of tragedy would that be?

    How about “Irreversably Exponential?”

    Does that work?

    But – – – you nailed it most expertly and most thoroughly and most undeniably!

    Good job!

  6. As polls all showing your boy losing this election, I’m reminded of a line from the movie Rounders. I dedicate the quote to all liberals who thought they really had this thing wrapped up months ago.

    “It hurts doesn’t it? Your hopes dashed, your dreams down the toilet. And your fate is sitting right besides you.”

    I feel for you all. I really do.

  7. You keep on believing that, Marcus. Just make sure you drop by here the day after the election. Then you can tell us what hurt really feels like.

  8. There is that “Your Boy” line again! I wonder why this commenter doesn’t have what it takes to say something more on the order of “Your Man” or “Your Candidate” or “Your President?”

    The only polls I know of that are showing “Our Boy” losing are those being fabricated by the extreme right wing on their ever-blaring propaganda mills. The polls in the real world where most of civilized society lives show Obama to be ahead if only slightly sometimes. I think the radical right believes sometimes that if they scream some myth long enough and loud enough that it will stick. But most Americans are smarter than to swallow such hogwash. Most people in America can actually get past the 5th grade in school and most of them have more depth than a mud puddle in a parking lot at the mall.

    My hopes were not dashed by this debate! I felt good to watch the commander in chief reduce the opponent to insignificance by the use of reason, incontrovertible facts and experience at the helm.

    My dreams may yet be dashed because of the power of big money (Super PACS) and dirty tricks (Voter Suppression, confusing robo call campaigns, lying brochures in the mail and other such things) but I felt darned good last night about this debate.

    If the under informed and the uninformed go ahead and kick themselves in the rear end by voting the Right into full power again in 2012, I would suggest that they well earn whatever is coming to them because of their decisions.

    I think that if that happens, the first lesson they will learn is that their revered icons and masters will run over the top of them also regardless of whether they wear the symbol of “True Believing Rightie” on their foreheads or not.

    Such is the nature of that particular beast!

  9. What a strategy Mitt ! Agree with everything that Obama says so that Americans believe you are a pacifist and your chameleon smile will carry the momentum to the Presidency. Only one thing wrong with that and its believing that americans would fall for such a lame excuse of a man that you think you are. Americans have seen you all over the map and you represent the very wolf in sheep s clothing in your Mormon bible. Shame on you. Power has corrupted you absolutely and if there is a God,may retribution on Nov 6,2012 be severe and definite.

    Return where you came from. America deserves better than an unethical two-faced lying exporter of jobs.

  10. I consider myself an independent (fiscal conservative, social moderate) and was intrigued by your website when I read your “about” tab, especially when you said you were interested in all views and that people would be treated with respect. How is name calling, like in the article above (e.g., “ignoramus”) being respectful of anyone? (That’s a rhetorical question–it’s NOT respectful at all.)

    And quite frankly this is an common problem with talking to people who identify themselves as “liberals.” They’re only tolerant if you agree with them.

    You asked for thoughts, so I’ll give you this. Romney is far from perfect, but Obama is WORSE because he is incompetent The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and we’re headed right to Hades on the Obama train.

  11. Re: “…And quite frankly this is an common problem with talking to people who identify themselves as “liberals.” They’re only tolerant if you agree with them. ..”

    John Responds: “Sounds like a little “projection” going on to me. Liberals are very tolerant when they are not dealing with “locked-in thinking from the far right.

  12. Willow, first of all, thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts. I’ll keep this short and sweet.

    1. People who comment on this site are always treated with respect unless they get abusive.
    2. People in public office whom I deem liars and/or fools fall into another category. I have no need to pretend I have any respect for them. e.g. Palin, Santorum, Bush
    3. I’ve wasted too much of my time debating right-wing crazies. I’ll sum up my position by quoting me

    Their version of reality, fostered by years of Fox News and wingnut media indoctrination, is not of this world. Hell, it’s not even of this universe. They speak a language which only makes sense to others of their kind. To you and I, it’s sheer madness. To them, we’re the loons.

    The key, I think, to communicating with those on the right is to be able to identify those conservatives who have not yet abdicated their right to think for themselves. For the others who have turned over control of their rational minds, at least on certain issues, to the likes of O’Reilly, Beck and Limbaugh, you’re wasting your time.

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