Obama Wins!

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Was it ever in doubt?

Although every poll and statistical study had Barack Obama ahead these last many months, politics can be screwy and you can’t ever be sure.  Obama killed it and he crushed Romney.

I’m not watching Fox but the story is that Karl Rove had a total meltdown and is insisting that Fox take back it’s projection that Obama won. Rove believes that Ohio was not yet lost as of 11:30 PM EST. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox all disagree with the mad man. Amazing…as is the Romney campaign’s refusal to accept the Ohio result as of this writing. The wingers are refusing to accept that they lost to the black guy…again.

Love it.

My joy this evening comes as much from the Romney loss as it does from the Obama victory and knowing that heads are exploding throughout wingnuttia.

Great night.


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25 thoughts on “Obama Wins!

  1. Poor Rove & Romney – It’s called (as former President Clinton reminded us) “arithmetic.”

    Even without VA, OH, & FL, – CO or VA , NV and IA put him over the top. He’s 65K plus ahead in VA having overtaken a 100K deficit when this first started. All VA counties still reporting are Democratic. The few red precincts in other counties don’t have enough numbers to make up the difference.

    The hubris of Romney not to prepare a concession speech! Typical. They thought they could buy this election and to be sure attempted to suppress to vote to tip it in their favor. It all backfired just like his Jeep to China ad. Turns out people don’t like to be told they can’ vote. LOL

    Three seats on SCOTUS and we turn back the right wing agenda for 40 years.

    If the GOP refuses to come to the table to solve immigration, they will be left behind purely based on the demographics they have so denigrated this cycle. People not only don’t like to be told they can’t vote, they also don’t like to be told their not worthy of representation.

    We can only hope the Wall Street fat cats call in the GOP leadership and figure out how they’re going to neutralize their RWNJs or the GOP will continue to lose the Senate and the House will be next. 4 more years and TX will turn blue again. AZ won’t be far behind. NC will also be in line.

    You can’t win elections without the voters…doesn’t matter how much money you have.

    After all these years of dividing the country, they’re running out of people they can split off from the majority. The Latinos are a growing population while the old white guys are dying off rapidly.

    If the continue dividing us, they will lose. Now they have to figure out how they’re going to go forward. Their move.

    Go Obama / Biden !!!

  2. WAHOO!

    It is a sad indiciment that the race was this close.


    Obama should have curbstomped Romney and the Democrats should have regained control of the House and increased their majority in the Senate.

    This election proves that fear, hatred, ignorance, jealousy, lack of education, and a propaganda machine (FOXNEWS) that the Nazis would have been proud of can make up for a candidate’s total and utter lack of morals, honesty, ability to do the job, and ethics.

  3. Some of the states thought lost have actually come through. Amazing. I’m between laughing and crying, but so gratified. We did it America. I hope that Romney can suck it up, because Karl Rove can’t save his party through Ohio, this time. Romney acts just like I expected him to. I feel like we saved our country. At least for now.

    Mario, that is a beautiful graph! I really Love it. That I want.

    Good night, and sweet dreams everyone.

  4. My faith is restored…after all the sturm und dram these past months, my tender emotional system is all worn out and I’m feeling some self-recriminations for having been sucked in to at least some of it…I must learn to stay away from the media more often!
    BTW…I think my hero Nate is off by a state…but hey, WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?

    Where’s our little troll when we need him to eat his words?

    NEED A POSTER OF THIS MARIO!!! Tomorrow…I mean later today?

  5. Congratulations to everyone concerned for the election of Barack Obama ! Nice to see that the Republican millionnaires did not get a return on their billion dollar advertising program and on top of that they will have to pay their fair share.

    I am going to bed tonight with the best potion for sleep : The American people saw through the illusions of Karl Rove and sent a serious signal that votes are not for sale regardless of SuperPacs money.

    I pray for Barack Obama because the biggest challenges lie ahead.He will need the wisdom of Solomon to guide this country to better equality,fair immigration and enduring prosperity.

    Great graphics Mario. My eyes may be too old but I think ” Visionary” would be appropriate for Barack.

  6. Just heard from a friend in The British Geological Survey, Karl Rove’s meltdown along with Wingnut heads exploding all over The USA have caused the eartquake monitors to register 9.8 on the Richter Scale!

  7. We, the people, have dodged a bullet! Thank you America for not buying into the lies, and for giving us back our President — a leader for the 100%!! Love you, Mr. President!

  8. As an old white guy (who voted for Obama), I woke up at about 2 am to make my nightly trek to the bathroom… Yeah, TMI I suppose. But on the way, picked up the iPad to see how things went, and was elated to see that our President had won! I had a hard time getting back to sleep. :-)

  9. I am still wiping away tears of relief. Americans proved we still have a voice and we have spoken loud and clear. We are NOT a corporation. We are a people.

  10. Bill Clinton’s convention and rally speeches told it like it is in plain language — he was a marvel! I am grateful to him and Hilary for their service and selfless support of President Obama!

  11. The majority completely repudiated the conservative rightwing agenda.
    They prayed and prayed, the evangelicals, the Mormons, the tea partiers. They prayed together for a Romney win. And God heard their prayers. And the good Lord answered their prayers.

  12. It is truly a Happy Day !

    The re-election of Barack Obama will have major historical significance for decades to come and the repudiation of GOP ideology, agenda and political misbehavior will hopefully shout a loud message to the Republican Congress to finally work with the President on resolving our Nation’s many problems.

    Thank You all American’s who voted for sanity…
    Thank You Mr. Mario Piperni and your informative website and wonderfully produced graphics for providing a forum of encouragement to fight the good fight…
    Thank You everyone who posted on here through the month’s and years and other sites and thereby doing your part in promoting Democracy with your comments of inspiration and support and
    Thank You hardworking volunteers and people on the ground who made this win possible

    I couldn’t be more Proud and Happy – GS

  13. Love the graphic, Mario. And boy howdy I’m still so elated!

    Now, we re-take the House in 2014!

    And I really want to work on federalizing Federal elections. Standardize all Presidential, Senatorial and Congressional races. Let states and municipalities do anything they want for the local elections, but we’ve got to stop the sort of chicanery we saw this election season. NEVER AGAIN!

  14. Mario,

    Although I did believe the polls, I still felt a lot of stress since the first debate and the sheer number of Americans that remain gullible. Your amazing art and humor helped me through it.

    I cannot thank you enough!

  15. I totally agree with your thoughtful post, MT — Mario’s illustrations, his commentary, and the comments of his fans, helped me personally weather the ups and downs of this very trying election. When I was brought down by those times when the President’s re-election effort seemed to be flailing, I always found comforting and encouraging words of wisdom here. Being able to vent my frustrations here, too, was invaluable in keeping my blood pressure under control. It was like having your own “Presidential Election Support group”!! I appreciate what you do and do so well, Mario.

  16. Mario, you know what I have been going through personally. Your friendship and your website keep me hanging on! So glad that we have 4 more years to make things better and because of it, I will finally get healthcare in 2014!! That is the part of Obamacare that I I look forward to most right now! Thanks to all for your words and inspiration and education here! Now on to taking back the House in 2014 too!

  17. Watching this Presidential Election, listening to a majority of pundits, newsstations, individuals etc. it is a shame as much as it is a sham, that a minority of BOBBLEHEADS who have figured out how to talk, think by lying right into a camera, having their voices transcend over the airwaves, that is is OK to spew LIES & DECEIT to our citizens! It is outragious that someone, the likes of a Bush Limpballs, or Crazy Karl Rove can get away with their particular brand of bovine defecation in this day & age! How a four legged predatorial newstation can, for a 24 hour period, spin story after story until the candidate of choice looks like a serial killer on America”s Most Wanted! There ought to be a law! But, I guess in the end, and that end being the one with the tail on it, happens to be what these people look like, after the fact, when the election dust settles !

  18. In Canada they have a LAW that news must be truthful, and that is why there is no Canadian fox news station.
    We did have a rule (law?) that reagan did away with in the 80’s. News stations had to present both sides of a political argument, giving them equal time. With that gone, the GOP nutjobs came out if the woodwork, and we are seeing the results now. Does anyone remember the name of that law? I can’t think of it.

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